The PERFECT Total Body Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

Setting up a single excellent complete physique workout is a problem when you think about all the muscle teams that you will want to hit in that workout. That stated, I’m going to ship precisely that on this video. If you wish to attempt only a single complete physique workout routine in case you are new to this sort of coaching, then you’ll want to do the A workout. If as a substitute, you need to undertake a extra rigorous complete physique cut up workout routine, then you’ll want to pair this up with the B workout and carry out them in alternating style on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

First, it helps to debate the advantages of complete physique workouts. Such a workout cut up lets you prepare the larger muscle tissue of the physique using the extra compound exercises. These are the exercises that lend themselves to elevated power at a sooner tempo and in addition assist to coordinate a number of muscle teams into one motion, making them extra athletically based mostly and purposeful.

Given the truth that science will assist the truth that stimulation and re-stimulation of a muscle each 48 hours produces essentially the most quantity of muscle progress with the least quantity of wasted time, one can find that complete physique workouts make the most of this. By permitting you to coach your complete physique each different day you might be getting extra frequent stimuli for protein synthesis, extra accrued quantity and extra periods in over a given time frame.

On this complete physique cut up, we focus not simply on selecting the compound exercises however somewhat on conducting particular actions. We need to carry out a lunge, hinge and squat for the decrease physique; a push and pull for the higher physique; and a corrective and carry to spherical out our workouts. The mix of those 7 elements is not going to solely hit all the main features of human efficiency however will lend themselves to choosing the right exercises for getting the job finished.

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That stated, let’s begin breaking down the workouts.

Right here is the way to assemble the proper complete physique workout A:

1. 3D Lunge Warmup – 2-3 x 7 reps every course
2. Barbell Squats – 3 x 5
3. Barbell Hip Thrusts – 3-4 x 10-12
4. Barbell Bench Press – 3 x 5
5. Weighted Chin Ups – 3 x 6-10 to failure
6. DB Farmer’s Carries – 3-4 x 50 steps with half body weight
7. Face Pulls – 2 x 12 (utilizing 12 units of 1 mentality)

Right here is the way to assemble the proper complete physique workout B:

1. 3D Lunge Warmup – 2-3 x 7 reps every course
2. Deadlifts – 3 x 5
3. Barbell Squats or Barbell Reverse Lunges – 3-4 x 10
4. Barbell OHP – 3 x 5
5. Barbell Rows – 3 x 10-12
6. DB Overhead Farmer’s Carries – 3-4 x 50 steps with one quarter body weight
7. Face Pulls or different corrective – 2 x 12 (utilizing 12 units of 1 mentality)

In case you are doing this workout simply to attempt it out, then I’d recommend you select the workout A variation. That stated, should you choose to do a extra complete complete physique cut up workout routine then you’ll want to both incorporate workouts A and B right into a twice per week plan or, even higher, alternating A and B on M, W and F every week.

Different complete physique splits exist as nicely. These embody doing a whole push (together with each higher and decrease physique) and pull that merely will get alternated six days per week. There’s additionally essentially the most complete and efficient of all and that’s the TOTAL BEAXST program that I created and supply on our web site at This plan is designed to not simply construct as a lot muscle as attainable in 90 days but in addition assist to construct your athleticism and stop undesirable harm that happens typically with different complete physique workouts.

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When you’re trying to grow to be a beast with a step-by-step plan based mostly on complete physique cut up coaching, then head to the positioning by way of the hyperlink under and prepare to let the positive aspects start.

For extra movies on the way to design the proper workout program and workout cut up in addition to different full complete physique workout routines, make sure to subscribe to our channel on youtube on the hyperlink under and switch in your notifications so that you by no means miss a brand new video when it’s printed.

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  1. Been doing this for a few months and really enjoy it. Only problem is I’ve altered it adding extra sets and exercises to the point where I’m in the gym longer than I can afford and I’m rushing through the workout! So back to the original now and stick with it. It can be hard as I want to make some gains on my calves and grow a thicker neck, do feel like I should throw some ab work in. Anyone else have those issues. Is it best just to stick to the blueprint and not change anything?

  2. What about exercise specific warmups? I guess you should not go straight to a weight that you can do only 5 reps off (weighted chinups/squat etc)?
    How much exercise specific warmup should be done per exercise?

  3. Hey Jeff, what’s the best way to reach you about a business proposition. I understand you probably get inundated with a whole bunch of crap but your team went ahead and built a veritable Fort Knox-like wall around you that I can’t seem to penetrate. Please reach out. Thanks

  4. Been doing these exercises for 2 months. They are very good for getting stronger and I think you can add one or two more exercises for specific muscle groups i.e. shoulder, arms, ABS and chest as per your request.
    Thanks a lot Jeff!!!

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