The PERFECT Push Workout (PUSH | PULL | LEGS)

The proper push workout is a part of a push, pull, legs workout cut up which is likely one of the most typical coaching splits for constructing muscle and energy. On this video, I’m persevering with the right workout sequence and bringing you the right push workout to construct an even bigger chest, shoulders, and triceps. Not solely am I going to supply the exercises, however I’m breaking down all of the units and reps to be sure to don’t miss out on any muscle positive factors.

A PPL cut up is a pull, push, and legs workout program that may be laid out a couple of other ways, however I’m exhibiting you my favourite. One factor to notice is how one can sequence this coaching cut up; repeating every workout day twice in sequence for six straight workout days in a row earlier than a relaxation day. This selection permits for a predictable schedule however compromises relaxation within the course of.

The opposite strategy to carry out a PPL cut up is take a relaxation day after the primary 3 workouts. Carry out one other 3 days after which relaxation as soon as once more. This asynchronous cut up causes unpredictable relaxation days, however permits for extra restoration which results in general higher muscle positive factors.

Beneath is Push Exercise 1:

– Bench Press – 4 x 4-6 (go away 1-2 within the tank)
– Hello-to-Low Crossover – 3 x 10-12 (post-pressing adduction)
– DB Shoulder Press – 4 x 8-10 (standing motion)
– 1.5 Facet Lateral Raises – 3 x 12-15 (direct aspect delt activation)
– Mendacity Triceps Extensions 3 x 10-12 into DB Waiter Curls – 3 x 10-12
– Rotator Cuff ER – 3 x 15-20 (rotator cuff strengthening and shoulder stability / well being)

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With any push workout, it’s important to incorporate a heavy compound motion and on this case, it’s the basic bench press. This explicit exercises permits for overload on all 3 main pushing muscle groups, the chest, triceps, and shoulders collectively. With 4 units of 4-6 reps, ensure that to decide on a weight the place you may carry out within the given rep vary with 1-2 reps left within the tank.

Subsequent on this push day is the hi-to-low crossover. This train offers adduction of the chest that the majority urgent actions don’t as they don’t enable for the arms to journey throughout the midline of the chest. Taking the chest by means of its full vary of movement is important to get an even bigger chest in the long term.

The DB shoulder press is carried out standing as an alternative of sitting as a result of urgent your again within the bench whereas urgent overhead interferes with scapular motion. The utilization of dumbbells on this explicit workout not solely permits for the bench press to be the compound train of selection, but it surely additionally helps to reveal any imbalances one might need.

The 1.5 aspect lateral raises enable for direct aspect delt activation that’s ignored within the earlier exercises of this good push workout, all of that are closely influencing the entrance delts. This direct deal with the aspect delts will assist to construct general larger shoulders.

As we did within the Good Pull Exercise, we’re together with each triceps and biceps as a superset right here in our push workout. The arms get focused with a superset with the mendacity triceps extensions right into a DB waiter’s curl. Together with each biceps and triceps on a push day accrues for further quantity that’s crucial for constructing muscle.

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To complete up this push workout, I included the banded rotator cuff exterior rotation as our corrective for the day. It’s a phenomenal strategy to construct shoulder well being and stability, one thing crucial for any efficient push day workout in addition to selling basic shoulder well being and security.

Here’s what Push Exercise 2 appears like:

– Barbell Overhead Press – 4 x 4-6 (go away 1-2 within the tank)
– Underhand DB Bench Press – 3 x 8-10
– Abduction Rows – 3 x 10-12
– Ground Flys – 3 x 10-12
– Triceps Shut Grip Bench Press – 3 x 6-8 into DB Curl of Alternative – 3 x 10-12
– Pushup Plus – 3 x F

Using each of those workouts will function your push workout within the PPL workout cut up. Alternate these two workouts at any time when the push day of the PPL cut up reveals up on the calendar. Keep in mind to pick out weight that may enable for failure within the prescribed rep ranges, aiming so as to add extra weight every time the workout seems.

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  1. Jeff, can you help me with 'saggy' moobs? I've been workin my chest an it's grew, upper… but my nipples still look E&W, what can you recommend!? Based off your advice the lower seems like the problem?

  2. Hi, can someone help me here. I’m doing a PPL split along with 4-5 abs workout everyday. Can I do Leg and abs everyday? Is it ok to do Leg everyday? What are the pros and cons of doing Leg everyday ? Abs can be done everyday, I’m aware of that.

  3. Hi, I just have a question. Due to the my work environment, I cant even spare 03 days in a week regularly for workout. Can I do push pull and legs the same day for twice/ thrice a week depending upon the time I get from my work. I understand I wont have the significant amount of gains as doing push pull legs on different days but my concern is – can it cause injury or confuse the muscles doing opposing movements the same day?

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