The Most Common Gym Injury (FIXED | PREVENTED!)

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The commonest fitness center damage can be the one which we’ve the least quantity of understanding of how we’re doing it. That creates a serious downside. On this video, I’m going to point out you what the primary workout damage is and most significantly, the actual explanation for it and how you can forestall it from occurring within the first place.

The supply of the ache we’re speaking about is within the elbow. The all too frequent burning, knife-like ache that you just get on the within your elbow when doing any pulling train like chin ups, weighted chins, rows and even pullups is exclusive and debilitating. Ask anybody that’s coping with this ache presently and they’re positive to inform you they’ve both needed to modify the exercises they’re doing or cease figuring out all collectively.

This doesn’t should be the case. If we are able to perceive the best way the physique is being overloaded right here and assist to take the brunt of the pressure away from the muscle mass that aren’t geared up to deal with them then we may be effectively on our technique to stopping this damage from occurring and a step nearer to by no means having it occur once more.

The formal time period for the damage is medial epicondylitis or golfers elbow. Some will inform you that that is an overuse damage and I might strongly disagree. That is positively extra of an overload damage and one that may happen or reoccur with a single rep on a single set of a workout completed with heavy weights on a pulling train. The mechanism is one which the flexor digitorum superficialis is unwell geared up to deal with the stresses positioned on it by having the bar or pullup bar too distal in your fingers slightly than in your palms.

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In the event you enable the bar to sit down in your final two joints of your fingers then you might be asking the SDF to bear the load and resist extension of the fingers that’s induced by both the load of the bar or the load of your physique in the course of the train. That is averted by merely shifting the bar decrease into your palms and greedy it with a stronger grip, a lot much less of a false grip. One of many guidelines of thumb I exploit is so that you can test how seen your finger ideas are to you if you look down at them greedy the bar.

In the event you can’t see all your fingernails, and ideally even the primary knuckle of each finger, if you have a look at your hand gripping the bar then you’ve too weak of a grip and are more likely to have it drift on you in the course of the later reps of the units because the bar begins to really feel heavier with mounting fatigue. You want to have the ability to see all your first knuckles to make sure that the bar is wrapped tightly in your hand throughout the callouses.

Once you make this tweak you’ll immediately discover that the ache will subside. Additionally, you will need to develop into extra conscious of the quantity of strain you might be placing by way of your 4th and fifth fingers (the ring and pinky fingers) if you seize a bar or pullup bar. The tendency is to need to grip these very tight with the final two fingers however it’s best to deliberately ease off with these two and enhance the pressure you press by way of the fist three with.

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If the damage has already occurred and also you at the moment are coping with the stabbing like signs that include doing sure exercises the very best recommendation can be so that you can ice the realm, stretch it as I present you within the video, and lay off the actions which can be tough for the subsequent 6-8 weeks. Whereas that is robust for some to swallow, it should make it easier to to get again to baseline from which you’ll construct again up and stop this from ever occurring once more by following the recommendation given right here.

We put the science and anatomy in all of our coaching movies as a way to take your coaching and understanding to an entire new stage. Once you need to seem like an athlete it’s important to prepare like an athlete and take your coaching severely. I supply you an identical precise step-by-step workouts and vitamin plans that I do my professional athletes at throughout the ATHLEAN-X Coaching Techniques.

For extra movies on how you can do extra pullups and one of the best ways to repair elbow ache from figuring out, remember to subscribe to our channel right here on youtube at

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  1. Thanks a bunch, Jeff. I have been going thru a lot of stuff looking for some answers and solutions for my elbow pains. Yours is the 1st one that seems to be getting to the crux of the issue. I think/hope this is finally going to give me a proper framework for working on my problem.

  2. I've dealt with this pain and just become so frustrated with it to the point that I've been ignoring it and pushing through it just to carry on training, thanks so much for this video Jeff! I'm going to take time to work on the injury and try to fix it.

  3. This is exactly my problem and it’s the best video on the YouTube that helped identify pain origin. Very well explained. Thank you 🙏

  4. I only have the pain in my right arm. Which happens to be the arm where the hand is missing the second and third digit. Guess that explains it.

  5. Been watching videos from OTHER channels for months… All garbage. Stumbled on this… Day 1 fixed. I thought I needed a cortisone shot. Just needed to understand proper grips. Amazing. Thank you!

  6. This happened to me as I was getting back into the gym.
    Doing 2 sets of 10 pull-ups every morning and evening, weighted chinups, etc. and no real forearm work.

    Pretty sure I did a bad rep, (or a few) doing rows with poor grip. Then trouble.
    Got bad pain in my left medial elbow gripping anything tightly with my left arm.

    Watching this made me really understand what was going on and gave me the reality and ego check I needed so I could properly rest it.

    6 months after that injury of rest,, back in the gym..
    And a little over a year later, wiser, more careful, stronger than I ever was before that.

    The fact that you put this kind of detailed knowledge on YouTube for free is awesome, and I'm incredibly greatful for it.

    Thanks a ton Jeff.

  7. Had this problem. Had to stop regular curls for 2 months. But had zero pain while doing hammer curls so just did those instead and after 2 months biceps and forearms got better development from the hammer curls.

  8. I bloody love this guy – if only every gym in the world had a clone of you, I've learnt an insane amount from you! You have such detailed answers to every question I have – thank you.

  9. THANK YOU!!! I Got a bit of Right Elbow Pain while doing Push Ups & I knew that I was messing up my Right Hand Grips. Now I exactly know that messing up was 4th Finger. Because I was onto only my Little, Ring & Middle Finger while trying do complete the Push Up.


  10. Thank you for all your great videos!

    I’m a heavy TRX user and my elbow pain is preventing me from working out. With your tips in mind, what do you think are good TRX exercises and how should I do them, and what should I avoid? Big thanks!’

  11. I love the detailed explanation. I'm going to try this along with the other tips on elbow stabilization. One question though, at the same time my elbow pain started, I'm also having a pain on top "crease" of my elbow when I do curls, perhaps bicep tendon or anular ligimant, almost like a rubber band snapping feeling that shoots up through my arm. Is this related to the same issue, or there is something else I'm doing wrong? Only very prominent when doing biceps curls (barbell, dumbell, cable or Z-bar…) Thanks

  12. I'm not always a fan- but credit where its due. I've been working through this problem/the pain for the past month and now I know what it is and how to deal with it. So cheers for that 🙂 I look forward to making the changes tomorrow

  13. Great video! I started using the false grip because I wanted to avoid calluses, but is makes perfect sense what you say. How can we avoid both calluses and the overload on the forearm? I am thinking about wearing gloves.

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