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The chest fly is unquestionably not one in every of my favourite exercises, at the very least not if you happen to depend on your shoulder for a dwelling. That stated, there’s a means that you are able to do this chest train in a a lot safer means with out compromising your good points within the course of. On this video, I present you why the favored flooring fly different is a greater motion that limits the potential threat to your shoulder capsule, ac joint and pec muscle.

Past that nevertheless, I’m going to show a variation of the chest fly carried out on the ground that turns common flies into an inferior different in the case of constructing chest muscle. Typically instances, you hear folks let you know that you are able to do the chest fly safely if you happen to merely carry out it with good kind and with lighter weights.

Whereas that is actually sound recommendation in the case of the suggestion to make use of good kind, the lighter weights could not give you the problem essential to overload the eccentric portion of the raise safely. By below loading the adverse portion of the chest fly you’re compromising an amazing alternative to construct extra chest muscle by doing the train in that means.

It comes again to damage threat. Right here, even the largest advocates of flys have been recognized to lower the burden they use to make sure they don’t get damage on the train. That may be a compromise not wanted to be made nevertheless. As proven, when performing the ground fly you will have the choice of accelerating the burden of the dumbbells that you just use to at least one that’s a lot heavier than what you’ll usually use to do a fly on a bench.

As a result of you will have the ground performing as your security internet right here to guard your shoulder, you need to use the heavier load to extend the eccentric load in your muscle. Perhaps the burden is so difficult that you just attain a degree the place you attain constructive failure on the motion? No drawback, you possibly can shorten your arm which can shorten the second arm on the pec after which press the weights again as much as the highest so you possibly can dig in for yet one more eccentric rep.

It’s right here that true eccentric overload can happen and actual muscle good points can begin taking place, all with the elevated security offered by doing this train on the ground slightly than a bench.

Relating to coaching, we’re all seeking to enhance. Whether or not or not it’s within the type of extra measurement, energy, useful efficiency, and so on, the one means you’ll get there’s if you’re wholesome and constant along with your coaching. Placing your shoulders at potential threat by doing an inferior type of an train isn’t a wise long run plan. Not when you will have safer options that may ship as a lot if no more muscle good points.

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  1. Wouldn’t a cable crossover be more effective since it crosses the center plane? I can crank out reps of floor flys with the highest weight in my gym, but the cable machine lets me feel it more in my chest

  2. I fucked up my shoulder last year and haven't been able to do dumbbell chest exercises on the bench since. Doing them on the floor has been a life saviour for my poor, underdeveloped pecs.

  3. This is a great overload alternative for the traditional bench dumbbell flye. Flyes are considered to be an isolation exercise for the pecs. Therefore I have considered two variations to change the exercise from simply an isolation exercise to, one that allows for overloading (this one), and one that will purely isolate the chest. Do both! I think beginning with dumbbell floor flyes to pre-exhaust the chest and then lighten the load and perform unilateral dumbbell flyes on a bench. Best of both worlds while dramatically reducing risk of injury.

  4. Back before when I didn’t have any weights I would do military push-ups for my chest and overtime I would have to do 300-600 a day just to get something out of it and ever since I got weights and a bench I would workout but this workout works very good

  5. chest flys with a band or on the dual pulley machine is the best way to get a great contraction. never liked flys and I always steered people away from doing them towards doing the pec dec or dual pulley. i mean if you really enjoy doing them then they're fine but there are better alternatives.

  6. "I Don't Understand The "Hater's Comments?" On Your Channel Jeff???"
    "I Guess *Jealousy Is In Play!!!" " Since I've Been Listening And Learning From You…The Results Are Undeniable Jeff!!!"
    Thank You Bro!!!" "The *Naysayers Remind Me Of An Old Quote: "Ignorance Is Laughing At Something You Know Nothing About" "Keep Up The Great Work Jeff!!!" "You Rock!!!"👍

  7. Thank you Jeff!!! "Today was my 3rd. workout using *Your Butterfly Floor Version!" "I would encourage Everyone to do this version!" "The Gains Are Incredible"…"Without The Risk Of Injury!!!" "I Did Your "Total Shoulder Workout" Saturday 7/10/21 and Honestly, "Never Sweated So Much In My Life" and "The Gains Were Incredible!!!"
    "Everything You've Taught Me Has Been "SPOT ON!!!" "You Keep Teaching?"…I Will Listen

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