The 💯 Chest Workout (MOST EFFECTIVE!)

The hundred chest workout requires all out effort, however the outcomes are nothing wanting superb when you comply with the chest exercises and protocols proven right here. As at all times a strong chest workout ought to encompass exercises on your higher chest, center chest and decrease chest. That mentioned, even that doesn’t make this workout for chest full. With a view to spherical out your pecs with a properly rounded workout you must spend extra time specializing in the reps that really depend that will help you construct a much bigger chest. That’s what we do on this workout.

In the event you take a look at the 4 fundamental exercises that folks do of their chest workouts you will note incline bench press, barbell bench press, dips and pushups. Take a better look into every of those primary chest exercises and you will note one factor in widespread. That’s, every of those exercises is missing a full adduction of the shoulder inside the train. As we did within the good chest workout, we’re going to be certain we tackle this oversight however stay within the efficient rep vary for every as we make our method via this chest workout.

Bear in mind, simply because you’re going via a full vary of movement on the chest exercises that you’re doing it doesn’t imply that you’re taking a muscle via its full vary of movement. With a view to develop fuller pecs you’ll have to coach with this in thoughts and remember to embrace chest exercises that take your arm via completely different planes of movement.

Relating to coaching within the efficient rep vary, ask your self a query. If you carry out a set of any chest train, do you are taking it to failure or near failure? Probably, the one reps you are feeling which can be difficult are the ultimate 1 to three reps. It is because, it’s only on the level after the muscle has been careworn sufficient to faucet into the tougher to succeed in sort IIb muscle fibers that the duty at hand turns into difficult sufficient to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

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If you don’t expertise some sort of stress overload, eccentric overload or metabolic injury throughout a set – it may be fairly properly accepted that you haven’t accomplished sufficient to create the necessity on your physique that will help you develop a much bigger chest.

With the chest workout approach proven right here and on this sequence, you’re going to extra rapidly faucet into these development inducing sort II fibers. The technique is as follows:

Carry out a set of the chest exercises proven under to 12 rep failure. Select a weight that may trigger you to fail at or near the 12 rep mark. That is referred to as the ignition set. At this level, the true work begins. Relaxation for simply 15 seconds as a part of a considerably extended relaxation/pause. As quickly as these 15 seconds are up, get again into one other set. You’ll immediately acknowledge that the reps shall be difficult extra rapidly as a result of decreased restoration time allowed.

You might be nonetheless utilizing the identical load nevertheless, subsequently your chest remains to be being subjected to the identical exterior load. Nonetheless many reps you get after every of those relaxation/pause increments are all deemed to be efficient reps. Every bout must be taken to failure. Accumulate 20 efficient reps, even when you’re getting simply 1 out at a time sooner or later, and your work on that train is full.

If for some cause you’re unable to finish any extra reps in your approach to 20, finish your set and purpose to finish all 20 the subsequent time you carry out this workout.

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Right here is assemble the 100 chest workout with that in thoughts.

– DB Bench Press – Ignition Set then 20 Efficient Reps as a Relaxation/Pause
– Cable Crossovers – Ignition Set then 20 Efficient Reps as a Relaxation/Pause
– DB Thumbs Up Incline Bench Press – Ignition Set then 20 Efficient Reps as a Relaxation/Pause
– Weighted Dips – Ignition Set then 10 Efficient Reps as a Relaxation/Pause as a Pause Dip
– Omni Crossovers – Ignition Set then 15 Efficient Reps as a Relaxation/Pause with every arm in excessive place

Elective: Static Maintain Pushups x 20 reps utilizing a 5 second isometric maintain on the backside of every rep (Relaxation/Pause)

All totaled, this may quantity to 100 efficient reps on this intense chest workout.

If you must regulate your weights down because the fatigue mounts, accomplish that accordingly. You aren’t essentially utilizing your 12 rep max on an train, you’re utilizing a weight that may trigger you to fail on the 12 rep mark in that given workout. Fatigue accumulating within the later chest exercises of this workout could trigger you to must drop down a bit to make this occur all through the workout.

This is only one instance of apply science to your chest workouts. If you wish to put science again in each workout you do, head to and get began instantly on constructing a ripped, muscular, athletic physique.

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  2. I was to the point of not being sore the next morning after 70 minutes of chest twice a week. I have done this 100 workout 5 times and each morning after I have been pretty sore. And it only takes 35-40 minutes.

  3. I can't do weighted dips (I needed machine assistance) and I couldn't get past 10 static hold push ups. This will be my go to chest workout for a while.

  4. I don’t the 100 Back routine yesterday kinda felt as I didn’t do enough as I’m used to doing 5 x 8 of like 4 to 5 exercise. I’m going with it tho today is chest day let’s see how I get on this month

  5. I just did a combination of this complete workout with Jessie’s pause hold full ROM from your skinny dude BIGGER chest! And my oh my I was head butting the floor on every single push-up on the final effective 20 😅

  6. I just did a combination of this complete workout with Jessie’s pause hold full ROM from your skinny dude BIGGER chest! And my oh my I was head butting the floor on every single push-up on the final effective 20 😅

  7. Thanks Jeff! I've been watching you for 3 minutes now and I can tell this workout is definitely minimizing my gains! When I could be doing a more productive workout by doing the most simple movements I'm doing these goofy ass moves to work other muscles as well!

  8. Can you transfer this method (the 15 second rest) to all other workouts and muscles? And should I do it every workout or switch it up every other week as I saw a comment say they are doing to do. And is this a hypertrophy workout?

  9. @athlean-x any suggestions for a home gym setup that doesn't have a cable setup (beyond pulldown)? Got a power rack, resistance bands, dumbbells and barbells, but no ability to do stuff like the omni

  10. Word of warning here, I tried this one after a 6 week break from resistance training after having a niggly rotator cuff in my shoulder. Went beyond failure and ended up in hospital for days with Rhabdomyolysis 🙄 my own fault for doing something intense after a break, 15 seconds isn't enough rest between sets.

  11. Hey, Adrian from Germany here. I love the 100% WorkOut.

    I reached a point though, where I can’t lift the dumbbells up after just 15 Seconds rest. Pushing is not the problem, just getting from this sitting position to a flat position on the bench while lifting to dumbbells to the starting point.
    What can I do??

  12. Jeff I want to get clarity cause I’m puzzled, if I’m only doing 2 reps (the ignition rep and then the aspiring 20) that’s it ? So I can’t jus go to the gym and say I’m doing solely arm workout today, I’d have to do another muscle as well? What the a average duration of this 100 challenge?

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