Strength Training for Triathletes with Nick LaRocca

Gearing up for an enormous triathlon? Preserve your power sport sturdy with this cross-training routine from power coach and triathlete Nick LaRocca.

Coaching for a triathlon isn’t any joke.

Between the infinite variety of meters within the pool and the miles on the street it could possibly really feel all-consuming. A lot in order that the injury-prevention and muscle constructing elements of power coaching are ignored.

However spending a while within the fitness center–even when it’s simply half an hour per session within the workout routine detailed under–may help you enhance core power, preserve purposeful motion patterns, and enhance total power and capability.

Which, in case you are protecting rating at dwelling, may help you make a greater triathlete.

Lately we requested Nicholas LaRocca, CSCS, a power and conditioning coach and triathlete to share his favourite workout.

Strength Training for Triathletes
Nick LaRocca, CSCS

He’s coaching for Ironman Lake Placid later this 12 months and has been utilizing his time within the fitness center for cross-training.

The workout routine he despatched over doesn’t take an entire lot of time–about half an hour–and is one thing that he does 2-3x per week.

Let’s do that!

Energy Coaching for Triathletes with Nick LaRocca

I begin off with motion prep that features dynamic stretching, and activation work.

  • Band walks, lateral and 45 diploma steps.
  • Inchworms with a push up.
  • Dynamic Hamstring stroll (frankensteins)
  • Dynamic Quadriceps stroll with attain
  • World’s best stretch
  • T-spine windmill

So far as routines are involved I like to incorporate completely different actions.

Vertical push/pull, horizontal push/pull, single leg exercises corresponding to a lunge or step up, squat, deadlift, spinal flexion/extension are the foundational actions and foundation for every thing.

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Here’s a pattern of some exercises I’ll chain collectively throughout a cross-training session:

Weighted pull up:

  • Positively the king of higher physique power exercises, neglect the bench press.
  • I’ll throw a 25lb plate on a weight belt and do 5-8.
  • Once I can get greater than 10 I’ll add 10lbs. You need to do the identical.

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Hanging leg raises:

  • I take advantage of elbow straps for this one, however you’ll be able to grip a pull up bar along with your arms as effectively.
  • As you elevate your straight legs up, pull your elbows up.
  • Most individuals have an ungainly swing after a couple of reps, simply hold practising your rhythm.

Kettlebell deadlift:

  • Begin with kettlebells with handles that attain your mid shins from the ground, place small packing containers beneath every KB if the handles don’t attain excessive sufficient.
  • With a impartial backbone (don’t let your again spherical into flexion) choose up the weights and squeeze your butt while you get to the highest, however don’t lean again.
  • Faucet the ground with the burden and repeat.
  • Begin mild with these to get a really feel for protecting a flat again, that’s necessary.

Single DB curl to press:

  • At first look this appears to be a circus train for the higher physique nevertheless it really has nothing to do with the higher physique so hold the DBs under 25lbs.
  • Shift weight to your left foot as you elevate your proper knee to a 90 diploma angle.
  • Preserve that knee up throughout the entire set.
  • Preserve your left knee mushy so it could possibly soak up the motion out of your bicep curl to overhead press. When you have a nagging shoulder, merely curl the burden and take out the press portion.
  • This can be a nice train for enhancing hip stability whereas operating or any single leg motion. Are you able to keep balanced?
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Carry out these in a circuit going from one to the subsequent or break them up into 2 mini circuits in case your fitness center is packed. Do it 4 instances by means of.

You may join with Nick at his web site, The Physique Athletic, in addition to on Instagram.

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