Can You Squat Every Day for Massive Leg Gains?

Lifting weights is as a lot a talent you follow as a process you carry out. Whether or not you go to the gymnasium to easily really feel a bit higher, add muscle to your body, or bolster your power, the inescapable actuality is that resistance coaching is sort of an artwork in and of itself.

When seen by means of that lens, it does beg the query — are you able to kick up your frequency, or how typically you follow your craft, and make considerably sooner progress consequently?

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The “Squat Each Day” protocol is, for higher or worse, precisely what it feels like. Some power fanatics swear by making the squat as common as brushing their enamel. However can clearing out your schedule and making the squat rack into a house actually price it? That’s so that you can determine. 

Editor’s Be aware: The content material on BarBend is supposed to be informative in nature, however it shouldn’t be taken as medical recommendation. When beginning a brand new coaching routine and/or food regimen, it’s all the time a good suggestion to seek the advice of with a trusted medical skilled. We aren’t a medical useful resource.

What Does It Imply to Squat Each Day?

Thankfully, the premise of the Squat Each Day protocol isn’t precisely ambiguous. The concept is straightforward — each single day (or day-after-day you’d usually work out), you carry out some sort of free-weight squatting motion. More often than not, with a barbell.

The Squat Each Day model is way from the primary common iteration of high-frequency coaching. The notorious “Bulgarian System” for Olympic lifting, popularized by weightlifting magnate Ivan Abadjiev within the late-Twentieth century.

Underneath Abadjiev’s brutal, high-intensity system, Bulgarian weightlifters like Naim Süleymanoğlu (and lots of others) smashed file after file, making a very sturdy case for the deserves of each day squatting alongside the best way. 

Past the scope of Olympic lifting, each day follow is commonplace throughout virtually all sports activities on one stage or one other. And whereas squatting each day is definitely a heck of a workout, make no mistake — it’s additionally skillful follow of the motion itself. 

What the Science Says

Earlier than you embark in your each day squatting journey, it’s best to know what the scientific literature has to say in regards to the concept. 

In essence, Squat Each Day is only a type of very high-frequency resistance coaching. Fortunately, the analysis neighborhood has quite a bit to say on that entrance. 

Frequency, Power, and Hypertrophy

Extra is extra, however solely up to a degree. Everybody has their very own particular person tolerance to resistance coaching — the way you select to fulfill that quota over the course of, say, every week, is generally as much as you.

Analysis on the subject of optimum frequency in coaching has principally concluded that, so long as the full train quantity is equalized, what number of instances per week you hit the squat rack isn’t that essential, no less than on a strictly physiological stage. (1)

Fraser Front Squat

This concept additionally extends to the mechanisms of hypertrophy. Quantity-equated research have but to display that coaching a muscle extra typically than about twice per to be of considerable profit. (2)

Nonetheless, there’s loads of anecdotal proof that doing one thing extra typically helps you get higher at it. So, what offers? 

Talent Improvement

Squatting a brand new private file is a two-fold endeavor; your muscle groups and nervous system must be bodily sturdy sufficient to carry the load, however you should even have sufficient technical mastery of the motion to carry out it beneath important duress. 

Analysis on motor studying has confirmed that, even after you attain competency in a talent, further follow classes may help reinforce or engrain the method as second-nature. (3)

This will likely partly clarify why squatting extra typically may help you get stronger, even when you aren’t doing extra weekly units. Greater frequency makes you extra environment friendly at expressing your power. 


Perceive that “squat day-after-day” and “squat as laborious as you’ll be able to day-after-day” usually are not the identical factor. In case you have a sure tolerance to workload, you’ll be able to divide it up into one or two massive, tiring classes, or a number of smaller and extra manageable ones.

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Literature on each day squatting protocols backs this concept because it pertains to restoration, too. Whereas laborious relaxation is a good suggestion, rigorously managing your each day workloads may help maintain the problem of sinking your squats each day. (4)

It’s additionally price noting that squatting day-after-day doesn’t essentially pose a major damage threat, no less than on a workout-to-workout foundation. Nonetheless, a majority of accidents in illnesses in power sports activities come from power overuse as a substitute of catastrophic accidents. (5) 

Subsequently, each day squatting for an prolonged time period could predispose you to a bodily illness — however that is removed from assured. 

Easy methods to Squat Each Day

Whether or not you wish to squat each day as a method of getting stronger, including muscle, changing into a greater squatter, or testing your willpower, your main concern must be making it protected and sustainable.

Squatting day-after-day could sound alluring on paper when you get pleasure from coaching legs, however can be completely harrowing in follow, particularly after you’re a couple of weeks in. 

Begin (Very) Mild

You’re going to have to regulate to the bodily (and psychological) rigors of squatting each day. As such, you need as little in the best way of that course of as potential. 

If you happen to attempt to dive headfirst into Squat Each Day and work with weights that you simply solely contact a couple of times per week, you’re going to be in for a impolite awakening.

A person wears a black tank top, black shorts, and black headphones while stretching their leg leg in a lateral lunge.
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Take it sluggish to start with — very sluggish. Scale back your working weights by as a lot as 50 % or extra within the first few weeks as you acclimate to the regime.

It’s best to not be lacking many, if any, reps throughout your each day classes, particularly early on. You’ll construct again up sooner than you suppose. 

Maintain Your Quantity Low

If you happen to sometimes squat, say, between 4 and 6 working units twice per week, your weekly quantity tolerance is between 10 and 12 weekly working units.

If you happen to have been to instantly squat each day and tried to take care of that very same set-rep scheme, you’d exponentially up your complete quantity and presumably even damage your self alongside the best way. 

As an alternative, take into consideration dividing up your complete weekly workload throughout all the times that you simply squat. This can possible find yourself wanting like as few as 2 or 3 units per day to start with — or, when you’re going heavy, a single laborious set.

Range Your Workouts

Squatting day-after-day doesn’t essentially imply you must carry out the identical model of squat every time you set foot within the gymnasium.

The truth is, various your motion a bit would possibly assist with the monotony of the routine as nicely. 

Most of your time ought to in all probability be spent on perfecting and performing your “main” squat — when you’re a powerlifter, the low bar again squat is a chief candidate — however you shouldn’t be afraid to throw in some completely different actions right here and there both. 

Prioritize Restoration

When you would possibly alter to the problem of each day squatting sooner than anticipated, lifting weights with out a number of devoted relaxation days per week will take its toll it doesn’t matter what.

Your restoration habits, from sleeping correctly to getting enough vitamin, must be as impeccable as potential throughout your Squat Each Day experiment. 

Restrict Different Coaching

Squatting day-after-day doesn’t essentially preclude you from performing different kinds of bodily exercise. That stated, it’s best to in all probability dial again in your non-squatting endeavors during the protocol.

If, on a given day, you’re solely performing a couple of working reps of squats, you’ll be able to in all probability bang out an higher physique workout simply wonderful. However in terms of your decrease physique work, begin with simply the squats and incorporate some sensible, focused accent work as wanted

Pattern Squat Each Day Routine

Squat Each Day isn’t a cut-and-dry template. There are many other ways to tweak and tailor your method to each day squatting such that it really works in your favor.

This pattern routine is geared toward any power fanatic who desires to dabble in high-frequency squatting. If you happen to practice for powerlifting, you’d possible wish to make the low bar competitors squat the centerpiece of your workouts. If you happen to comply with Olympic lifting, contemplate substituting in additional entrance squats as a substitute. 

  • Monday: Again Squat 3 x 3
  • Tuesday: Again Squat 3 x 2, paused.
  • Wednesday: Entrance Squat 3 x 3
  • Thursday: Again Squat 1 x 3
  • Friday: Again Squat 3 x 2, paused.
  • Saturday: Entrance Squat 3 x 1
  • Sunday: relaxation or body weight squats for energetic restoration.
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As you’ll be able to see, this protocol wouldn’t require you to carry out the identical squat for a similar units and reps day-after-day. 

Nonetheless, the each day classes don’t stray too removed from one another. Quantity is stored low all through and tapers additional into the week. 

“Every day Max” Squatting

Be aware that some Squat Each Day plans additionally contain working as much as a single “heavy” rep every day, and utilizing that weight (which might fluctuate based mostly on the way you’re feeling) as a information on your subsequent back-off work. 

This technique of autoregulation requires extra self-awareness of your individual capabilities than a pre-written plan, however it does allow you to account for fluctuations in power ranges, mobility, and coaching aptitude.

It might additionally result in great will increase in short-term power, however you’re not prone to preserve all these features lengthy after you come back to a extra sustainable program with decrease frequency. (6)

Advantages of Squatting Each Day

Will squatting day-after-day flip you into Tom Platz himself, or make it easier to squat a brand new world file in your weight class? Most likely not. However that doesn’t imply the protocol can’t profit you in any respect.

Huge Quick-Time period Power Beneficial properties

Dramatically dialing up your efficiency of 1 particular motion is sort of assured to make you a lot stronger in that motion — briefly. 

Not solely is that this evidenced within the literature surrounding Squat Each Day plans, (6) however high-level power applications equivalent to Smolov lean on this precept as nicely. 

man sits into low back squat in gym
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If it’s essential enhance your squat power as quick as potential and might tolerate placing different dimensions of health on the backburner, squatting day-after-day will in all probability work wonders.

Simply don’t count on all of these features to stay round. Your physique can adapt to virtually something, however when you take away the stressor, it’s possible you’ll discover it tough to carry onto the power features you made. 

Enhancements in Method

Squatting is a technical talent, similar to deadlifting, snatching, and even enjoying a musical instrument. Turning up your frequency of follow, then, is all however assured that will help you develop into extra assured and proficient with the barbell.

So long as you don’t carry too heavy such that it negatively impacts your method, it’s best to discover critical enhancements in how you progress through the squat by performing it each day. 

Saves a Lot of Time

To achieve respectable power necessitates a very long time spent within the gymnasium. Touring to the power, going by means of your warm-up, and even working as much as your high units on the day all quantity to hours spent within the weight room each week.

In case your life or schedule can’t accommodate a 90-minute-plus power workout twice per week, turning to each day squats would possibly function a surprisingly efficient short-term resolution — notably you probably have a squat rack and weights at house. 

Every day squat workouts shouldn’t take way more than half an hour to finish, relying on how thorough you wish to heat up. 

Exams Your Willpower (and Sanity)

You don’t should squat day-after-day simply since you need greater quads or a heavier Complete. If lifting weights is a private ardour, you’ll be able to take a look at your mettle with the barbell by squatting day-after-day.

Performing (primarily) the identical motion, day in, time out, for weeks at a time can be as a lot of a psychological marathon as a take a look at of bodily resilience. There’s no hurt in utilizing it as a barometer of your tolerance to the grind. 

Drawbacks of Squatting Each Day

It might blow up your again squat, however these features are virtually definitely not with out value. Earlier than you dive headfirst into the swamp of squatting each day, contemplate if the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

It’s Extremely Monotonous

Even when the squat is your all-time favourite train, it’s possible you’ll not find it irresistible a lot on day 15 (or 50). In relation to excessive coaching modalities like Squat Each Day, there’s little level in endeavor them as a half-measure.

Be keen to tolerate the boredom of all of it earlier than you get began. It in all probability received’t be a psychological stroll within the park.

You Should Neglect Different Actions (and Muscle mass)

You solely have a lot power to work with day-after-day. Having two heavy leg days per week is one factor, however squatting each 24 hours is one other beast fully.

The demanding nature of a each day squatting plan will possible require you to place different components of health to the aspect. This might imply forsaking the deadlift for weeks at a time, or solely hitting up the bench press as soon as per week. 

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If you happen to’re going to decide to a each day squatting plan, be keen to just accept that you simply in all probability can’t push your limits elsewhere on the identical time. 

You (Most likely) Received’t Maintain All of the Beneficial properties

In human physiology, the Particular Adaptation to Imposed Calls for (SAID) precept describes how the physique responds and adapts to sure exterior stressors. 

For an excessive instance, each the again squat and out of doors climbing tax your leg muscle groups, albeit in very other ways. There could also be some carryover, however prioritizing one could not enhance your health with the opposite.

The identical concept exists with a protocol like each day squatting. You’re prone to obtain important short-term features, however it’s possible you’ll not preserve that progress as soon as you come back to a extra “regular” routine, because the imposed demand in your physique would change.

If you’d like long run, sustainable power features, your coaching must be sustainable as nicely.

It May Not Be Schedule-Pleasant

Until you’re a full-time power athlete, you must work your coaching in round your total schedule. There’s an opportunity that, regardless of the way you slice it, each day journeys to the squat rack simply aren’t possible.

In such instances, it’s in all probability higher to chop your losses and practice historically moderately than make Squat Each Day right into a half-measure. In spite of everything, it’s not known as Squat Virtually Each Day, Typically.

It’s Not (Technically) Any Higher Than Common Coaching

Barring excessive circumstances, you’ll be able to’t actually outsmart your individual physiology. A tactical coaching overdose can, on occasion, induce critical progress, however doing so isn’t a wholesome long-term method to lifting weights.

Put merely, coaching quantity continues to be the primary driver of adaptation long-term, each for power and measurement. A lot of the scientific proof concludes that frequency falls brief when you equate for the quantity of labor you do.

Squat Each Day is likely to be a short-term ticket to critical progress in some instances, however it isn’t a magic bullet for leg features both. 

Your Takeaways

Squatting day-after-day is a rigorous, short-term coaching methodology meant primarily for growing max-effort leg power.

Skilled Olympic lifters and different power athletes have used ultra-high-frequency coaching plans for years to spice up short-term efficiency, however it isn’t typically thought-about a sustainable method to weight lifting.

The final composition of a Squat Each Day routine varies, however ought to look one thing like:

  • Some type of bilateral, free-weight squat motion carried out day-after-day, or day-after-day you usually train.
  • A really low each day quantity of squats, coupled with average to excessive intensities.
  • Utilizing both a pre-written plan for working weights, or counting on a one-rep “take a look at single” to information your back-off units on every day.
  • Most each day squatting protocols run for 4 to eight weeks

Squats on Squats on Squats

There’s some reality to that outdated saying, “discover what you like and let it kill you.” In case your one and real love within the weight room is the squat, squatting day-after-day is true up your alley — so long as you’re sensible about it.

Skilled power athletes have used ultra-high frequency coaching to kick themselves into overdrive for years, and the proof is within the pudding. 

With a calculated method, dedication to your vitamin and restoration, and greater than a bit psychological fortitude, the again squat can definitely develop into a continuing fixture in your day-to-day routine. 


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