Shoulder Workout in ONE Set (137 INTENSE REPS!!)

Are you coaching onerous sufficient to see muscle beneficial properties? Be sure right here…

An excellent shoulder workout, or any workout for that matter, should have a excessive sufficient depth to ensure that it that will help you construct muscle. As a way to get huge shoulders, you must be certain that your shoulder workout is pushing you to the restrict…even when that restrict is only one set!

On this video I present you a one set shoulder workout that pushes the depth envelope. Seize a pair of dumbbells and be ready to work, no matter how lengthy it takes you to finish. I used to be capable of get 137 reps utilizing 35 pound dumbbells on the next seven muscle constructing shoulder exercises.

DB Arnold Press
DB Push Press
DB Excessive Pull
DB 8’s
DB Shoulder Pressouts
Mule Kicks
Pike Pushups


If you wish to maintain the ache coming, try to full this workout for an additional spherical or two. Simply remember to not let your depth fade. In the event you discover you can’t carry the weights with the any worthwhile depth, then it’s best to cease the workout at that time…relaxation and let your shoulders develop greater.

Shoulder workouts like this are an excessive instance of how one can both prepare onerous or lengthy, however you may’t do each. By selecting the most effective shoulder exercises and even the exercises from the deltoid dozen video like I’ve, you may put collectively an unbelievable shoulder workout designed that will help you get greater delts quick.

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High professional athletes from each sport are constructing greater shoulders by buying and selling in workout size for depth with the ATHLEAN-X program. If you wish to begin getting greater delts and a extra ripped, athletic physique, then head to and take a look at extra details about the workout program.

For extra shoulder workouts and exercises together with particular lifting strategies to get greater facet and rear delts, remember to subscribe to our youtube channel at

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  1. Thx Jeff, this video has helped throughout the years to workout religiously, and I mean everyday no more than 20/30 min and smash through the Plateau I failed to break for the last 10 years. Your help is greatly appreciated 🙏 Had a hip surgery last year, and this video and a the chest workout vid helped get back into shape.

  2. Hey Jeff and Jesse ive been learning from your videos for 2 years and I still find ones like this thatI haven't seen yet.. thanks for helping this 50 year old get in the best shape of my life

  3. I used to spend 1.5hrs working out but I’ve cut it down to 40-45 minutes and I’m maxed out. This here I’ve got to try. Just seen this video and it’s sick 👊🏼✊🏼💪🏼

  4. Hi Jeff, I own multiple of your workouts.
    Can this concept be applied to legs, chest and back as well.
    Seems legs in particular would be a killer.
    if a video of this already exists please let us know, if not go nuts and make a leg circuit like this one.
    Good luck walking afterwards, well maybe not you but us mere mortals.

  5. The best workout is done in 15 minutes max., all the rest time is just "problems solving" (soothing, psychological issues, etc. with a "workout high", similar to marathon runners … ) through weight lifting. Well yeah, better to "heal" yourself with weights than by drinking, gambling, drugs …

  6. Jeff, you mention about to work out 45 mins. And on this video you mention that you train 3 hours, so I'm confused, could you clarify that when you have time, thank you for your great guide

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