RUTHLESS REVIEW – Did Lululemon RUIN the Align Legging?? *New design*

Are the brand new Lululemon Align Leggings with pockets GENIUS or DISASTER? Let’s discover out…
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I Purchased the WORST RATED Objects from Lululemon!

Making an attempt Bizarre Lululemon Developments!

Extra Lululemon movies!


Le Tigre Camo Inexperienced Align:

Run and Prepare Crop Tank:

Swift Pace Bra:

Swift Pace Tight:

Dance Studio Jacket

Align Pocket:

Completely Outsized Crew:

Align Brief 6”:

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  1. I know this is a year old buuuuut, what is your go to tanner? I’m pasty white as an underbaked pastry. Generally don’t care. But sometimes it’d be nice to not stick out and have people joke around that I’m a ghost😜

  2. you look absolutely amazing in ATRPs…I don't understand why more are not into them, they're so flattering and the best leggings ever made! Aligns are so overrated! lol.

  3. Hope you are the one who encouraged me so much that I jumped off the deep end and bought my first pair of lulu leggings I’m a6’3” make so it is was hard figuring out my size in woman’s leggings but I got it I got my first pair of aligns and am I ever in love all your reviews on their product is true to word I’m actually going to start my own leggings review channel too 😍 thank you for showing me this is the way!

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