Rise to Battle: The Story of Mike Bauman

Please take into account a donation in honor of Mike

The true measure of a person isn’t the place he stands in occasions of triumph however quite the place he stands in moments of nice despair. Mike Bauman was a warrior for all occasions. His braveness allowed him to stare stage 4 most cancers within the face and resist its relentless dedication to take his soul and can, whereas realizing that in the future it might very properly take his physique.

I dedicate this video to you Mike Bauman. Your message must be heard. I’m grateful for the platform to have the ability to share it. Relaxation in peace my good friend.

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  1. I've never cried while watching a YouTube video but holy hell, I'm crying so hard hard my husband is concerned. Jeff, you have done Mike proud. I will go to the Go Fund Me page. God bless Mike's wife and kids. Xx

  2. That guy was stronger than somebody who lifts the heaviest weight. And quite a great speaker to step up and improvise a motivational speech on the go.

  3. Dont't count days, make every day count. I'm living in a safe country, have way enough to provide for my family, should be happy, and I am. More guys on similar channels should go and break the mold with true stuff like this! Sincerity is a rarity. Thanks for this!

  4. How could 27 individuals after having watched this video, been so heartless by giving a thumbs downs to this video, and the inspirational example he left for people everywhere? Just cannot understand people like that. My Grandfather use to have a saying years ago, and I have never forgot it. He said, if you don't have anything nice to say about someone, then keep to yourself and don't say anything at all!

    Bill's wife and children will need all of our support. In prayer, positive thoughts, and well wishes for this precious family experiencing such a great loss at this time. I would encourage everyone here to reach out to them with Love, kindness, and if you are able to do so – financially as well! Whatever you do, please do it in love, and let it come from your heart!

  5. I have been following jeff's channel for over a year now but this is the first time I saw this video….I also lost both my parents to cancer and saw what chemo does to the the worlds biggest mamas boy and when my mom died in 2002 it crushed me hard…up to now i think of weight has ballooned to 302 lbs 51% body fat..but after being inspired by jeff on the previous videos in 9 months im down to 30% body fat and 210 lbs…this video brought back memories of my mom and is very motivational..from now on i will attck all my workouts and purchase a program from jeff as a sign of support….this a great video …more power to athlean x

  6. my father recently had a bout with low stage col. can. lost some weight but hes and eater and stubborn. Mike. from hence forth. every time i hit the weights, the whatever, i will say aloud mike this ones for you.. more so, i will make sure my father moves his ass, just a little bit, so he doesnt lose wind climbing stairs.. because, hey mike; this ones for you.

  7. How can I continue to live, behave and perform mediocrely when I'm young healthy and have full mobility of my body. Thank you for this tribute and thank you Mike Bauman for living. Even after years of this video being recorded and posted, it's still inspirational.

  8. A year ago, I watched this video and was torn to shreds seeing Mike's video and inspired more than ever to push through every obstacle. Today, my father was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer as well. I showed him this and he is determined to fight and live his life the way he wants for the rest of it. Cancer's tough, but people like Mike are tougher

  9. Jeff..I hope you will read this message..I am from Malaysia and I have been following you for a while..some people say that Asian especially Malaysian's body is different of that our westener counterpart due to our diet and environment..Will your program be able to help me in my transformation? I am 38years old, 167cm and weigh about 99kg..I used to play rugby and active in Tae Kwon Do and have few old injury from that activity especially on my shoulder (impingement), wrist, ankle and a few broken rib..This story of Mike inspire me and I don't believe my life is finish even though many people around me keep telling me that I am done due to my old injury..I want to be better and fight again..please help me. my email address is

  10. Been following this page for as long as I can remember and only just seen this video! My family has been hit by cancer multiple times so this really hit me!
    I'd like to pay my respects and say Rest in peace to a true hero!
    There is nothing worse than seeing a loved one fade away, mike sounds like he never faded alway shown brightly! What an inspiration!

  11. Jeff, I'm a colon cancer survivor, I'm 62, when they tell you to gather your family for the next appointment, it scary, everything. I was lucky. I was saved by my appendix bursting. Thank you Jeff. I'm also 26 yr military vet

  12. Great video, certainly makes you think. Having noticed how old it is now I truly hope that all the people mentioning their illnesses in these comments are still with us and still fighting the good fight.

  13. Just found this, and Mike's story definitely resonated. I've been working out hard, but I've got wayyy more gas in the tank. I'm blowing an opportunity if I don't burn it up. And I need to turn up the intensity in other areas of life too.

  14. I usually don't comment videos but I felt I had to. I suddenly feel so ashamed of my laziness in school and at home. I truly admire that man and I also appreciate Jeff a lot! Sorry for your loss Kelly, even though it's been more than a year after his death, your husband still and always will set an exemple for others. Rest in peace Mike!

  15. What kind of assholes Dislikes this video…. Dumb fucks…
    I lost My Mom to bone cancer 6months back… Shez Everything I Had.. Thanks for d video Jeff..
    RIP Mike…

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