Pullup vs Chinup Grip Width (CHEAT SHEET!)

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Pullups and chinups are two of one of the best exercises you are able to do to construct higher physique power. On this video, I present you the way the variations between these two exercises goes far deeper than simply the names nevertheless. Your grip width on pullups and chinups could make an enormous distinction in direction of which muscle tissue you might be concentrating on when doing every train.

Let’s begin with the grip positions. There are three main grip widths that you would be able to assume if you seize onto the bar. The primary is the slim grip the place your fingers are virtually touching one another in the midst of the bar. The second is the most typical, shoulder width, the place your fingers are just about according to your shoulders. Lastly, there may be the extensive grip through which your fingers are positioned far outdoors your shoulders.

These grip width variations may be seen on both the chinup or the pullup train. They’ve profound variations between them by way of the muscle tissue that get focused with every. Satirically, for those who hint the trail of which muscle tissue are getting favored with every you will notice that it completes a loop up your forearm, into your higher arm, round your again and returns alongside the identical route.

The underhand shut grip width (or shut grip chinup as it’s known as) is nice for hitting the biceps and again in fact however will even preferentially contain the flexors of your forearms. It is because these muscle tissue are at a mechanical benefit at this width, which lets you shift among the focus in direction of them. This might turn out to be useful in case your biceps are fatigued and want a bit of further assist from some other place.


Subsequent, unfold your fingers out to shoulder width and also you’ve obtained the king of the biceps and again combo exercises. Right here, in contrast to on pullups, the biceps get labored tougher since you’ve gotten the added part of supination of the forearm that you just don’t get with the normal pullup. Unfold the arms out even additional and now you’re going to induce the rotator cuff into the train. It is a nice variation for this very motive since this muscle group will get very a lot missed in conventional coaching plans.

Flip your fingers over and also you are actually doing a pullup. The extensive model of the pullup will work the lats probably the most and enable you to construct that spectacular v-taper look that many need. Slender up the grip to shoulder width aside and also you are actually going to start out asking the brachialis in your higher arm to contribute. This could possibly be an issue when you have any ache or irritation on this usually aggravated arm muscle. Lastly, deliver your fingers in very shut collectively and the work travels even additional down the arms into the brachioradialis of your forearm.

You’ll be able to see that various the grip width, not simply the underhand or overhand placement, can have a profound influence on the outcomes you see from these exercises. If you’re searching for a program that spells out the advantages of every and plans them into your workouts on the proper time, you should definitely head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.


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  1. Greatly explained Jeff.
    Many were just saying BS about different grips of pullups and i was in damn hell confusion regarding this.
    This video helped a lot and helped me in drawing a conclusion
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