Pec Tears and Bench Press (WARNING!)

In case you are fearful about struggling pec tears when doing the bench press then you might be undoubtedly going to wish to watch this video. Just lately, there have been graphic movies going round exhibiting a nasty pec tear suffered by bodybuilder Ryan Crowley. On this explicit case, the tendon avulsed from the humerus resulting in an extended restoration and an unsure return to earlier physique ranges. Are you the subsequent in line to undergo a pec tear on the bench press nonetheless? We dive deep into the anatomy and biomechanics of the chest to find out that.

First, you will need to know who’s even vulnerable to ripping a pec within the first place. On the whole, the strange and slightly sedentary particular person strolling round doesn’t ever undergo a pec tear. It’s a muscle that must be positioned in excessive positions to incur damage. The 2 populations that this does occur to nonetheless are athletes and weightlifters.

Athletes who compete in rugby, soccer, boxing and even skilled wrestling are sometimes vulnerable due to the excessive spontaneous eccentric forces that may be positioned on their pecs through the actions of their sport.

In weightlifters, the overwhelming majority of pec tears come from one train and one train solely – the barbell bench press.

Discover, I didn’t say the dumbbell bench press.

Why is that?

There are stresses which can be distinctive to the barbell bench press that aren’t almost as excessive within the dumbbell bench press that maintain the important thing to figuring out the true vulnerability of the previous and whether or not you have to fear about tearing your pec when doing it.

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In case you study the bench press you possibly can see that there are three parts of it that place the chest muscle in a extra stretched and doubtlessly injurious state. They’re the the kidnapping, inner rotation and extension of the shoulder joint. Whether or not you utilize dumbbells for bench press or a barbell, there’s solely a kind of that may be altered relying on desire or mobility of the particular person performing the train. That’s abduction.

There is no such thing as a variance to the quantity of shoulder rotation which you can apply to the shoulder. Theoretically, if you happen to positioned the shoulder in additional inner rotation you’d take a few of the stretch off of the chest on the backside of the train and maybe lower the danger of a torn pec, however this isn’t allowed. Introducing inner rotation on the shoulder underneath a bench load is a recipe for AC joint catastrophe.

The identical occurs with rising the quantity of shoulder exterior rotation on the bench press. It will solely place your elbow out in entrance of the bar and considerably lower your pushing energy when performing the train.

The extension of the shoulder just isn’t a figuring out think about pec tears both. As a matter of reality, the quantity of extension that you simply get on the backside of a dumbbell bench press is bigger than it’s on a barbell press as a result of the dumbbells can go deeper.

Abduction of the shoulder however is variable, primarily as a result of it has loads to do with grip width when performing the barbell bench press. With dumbbells, your arms begin and end very shut to one another nearly instantly over your pecs (or at biacromial width). Because the arms drop from this place, they permit the elbows to tuck at round 45 levels to the physique. On a barbell nonetheless, the arms are positioned outdoors of acromial width (generally as much as two instances or extra).

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That is evidenced by the truth that the elbows can be onerous pressed to be saved on the 45 diploma angle to the torso and infrequently instances usually tend to be discovered at 60, 65 and even 70 levels away from the physique.

Now, this doesn’t imply that you need to cease bench urgent if you wish to keep away from a pec tear. As a substitute, you simply need to guarantee that your physique is ready to accommodate the stresses that your chest will incur when doing the bench press.

The primary is to carry out a pause bench press.

The following step within the development to stopping pec tears is to carry out a double pause rep bench. Cease as soon as once more a pair inches from the chest, decrease to the chest and cease once more for a short pause earlier than exploding the bar again to the highest.

Subsequent, the weighted pushup is an incredible technique to enhance your capability to carry out a bench press with out damage to the pecs.

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  2. I've had it like 7 weeks ago as well lmao. However, it was a tendon tear so my pectoralis major just disconnected from my arm so not even pec tear. I was also grinding reps for 225 pounds roughly or 100 kgs which I was used to and it just happened unfortunately. There is always a great risk of messing up your form in the bench press especially if you are doing weights that are heavier than average. Ever since I've been preaching to my friends to not bench lmao cuz yeah sure it's rare but it could be anyone next and the risk is not even worth it you're much off better doing dumbbells bench press. It's been 6 weeks off surgery as I'm writing this and I need 6-8 months recovery period in order to start functioning like before and get back to gym. Had I known I would have never laid down on that bench. I could be wrong about my thoughts but I just don't feel like its worth it for anyone anyway unless you do powerlifting for a living. Even if its for fun I mean that's why I used to do it lmao but trust me the pain, the time to get back to the gym, and medical costs ridiculously outweigh that couple seconds of "fun". Btw this is all coming from a person who's been in the gym for around 2 years.

  3. Snapped my peck tendon on my 48th birthday showing off on the bench press. Was even filming it to show my brother. The spotter caught the weight but it was a miserable experience. Even tore my tricep head on the opposite side. Lots of people were watching. I have benched pressed for over 30 years. I would have never expected it. They reattached my tendon 10 weeks ago. Just now starting to do push ups again. I don't want to climb under a bar ever again.

  4. I tore my pec major (avulsion area) like 15 yrs ago. it never fully healed. I still have weakness and slight pain if i go too wide on bench or even when doing pull-ups. This explained so much to me. great video-thank you!

  5. Steroids as a increase effect as well because you're taking steriouds and ur growing at a unnatural rate and when u go te fibres don't grow strong enough as natural lifters. There's still risk for natural but be careful when lifting.

  6. On the barbell vs dumbbell comparison part your bar barbell grip is super far but if you reach right in front of you your elbows don’t have to dip as far to touch your chest

  7. He tore his pec because he’s on steroids doing 5-6 plates on a incline. That’s unheard of unless you’re sauced out of your mind while ego lifting with bigger lifters. He didn’t take the time needed to grow that muscle.

  8. Lift from the bottom (safety) files. This is the easiest, simplest and surest way to avoid this tear. I've never seen anyone lift this way except me. If you can't get it off those files, your muscles won't be able to lift it. The tear in this video occurred as the weights were being lowered and the muscles attempting to capture the weight, which is exactly how muscle tearing takes place. Most bodybuilders use this technique to "microtear" muscles in order to make them bigger. The muscle that is unable to lift a weight is simply unable to "tear itself" unless there is a congenital defect in the muscle or the body.
    In other words, if you can't lift it, you can't hurt yourself.
    This looks pretty painful. I've had my share of muscle tears at the gym, but every single one has been the result of pushing a muscle beyond its ability to support the weight or impulse. Yup, impulse can tear a muscle too.

  9. Abusing steroids causes growth of the muscles but actually causes weakening of ligaments and tendons. This guy was an obvious steroid user carrying way more muscle than natural, he had limited mobility of his chest and shoulders (watch his warm ups) and was using more weight than he had any business using. His weakened connecting tissues and the fact that they were being overloaded and overstretched at the same time and "snap". So if you don't abuse steroids, maintain your mobility and train with some common sense, avoid ego lifting and stop worrying about youtube views or tictok hits – this wont happen to you.

  10. I tore my pec tendon completely 3 weeks ago , i was benching my last set and tore it on the first rep, i had benched heavy 3 out of the last 4 days and had been trying a slightly wider grip also hadn’t slept much – make sure you don’t bench heavy too many days in a row and get enough rest between heavy bench days and don’t have your grip any wider than it needs to be.

  11. Hi Jeff. I just tore my pec major yesterday. I am supposed to go for surgery to re-connect the muscle. I did this benching also. I love your videos. The mechanical breakdowns and science behind your tutorials and training for athletes are awesome. I wanted to ask you if you can please possibly do a deeper dive video on pec tears / post-surgery recovery exercises/physio and inform us of some ways to get back to 100% strength safely?

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