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Peak: 5’8
Waist: 27 inches
Hips: 37.5 inches
Thigh: 22 inches (measures prime/largest a part of thigh)
Chest: 34 inches

-Wunder Prepare HR Tight 25″ – 4:

-Invigorate HR Tight 25″ – 4:

-Align HR Pant 25″ – 4:

-Wunder Below HR Tight 25″ *Jac – 4:

-Heat Down Jogger *Tender Modal – 6:

-Select a Aspect MR Brief 3″ – 6:

-Free To Be Bra *Wild -6:

-Free To Be Serene Bra – 6:

-Lower Again Tank Crop *Wash – 6:

-Energy Y Tank – 6:

-All Yours Boyfriend Tank – 6:

-Discover Your Unwind Pullover – 6:

-Completely Outsized Crew – 6:

-Story to Inform Quarter Sock *2 Pack:

-All over the place Belt Bag:

-Cardio Cross Coach Headband:

***What I am carrying within the video:
Align HR Pant 25″ – Melanite -4

Time To Restore Tank – 4

Instagram, TikTok, Twitter: @klynneyager
8 & 12 Week information:


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  1. Thank you, I love your videos! Our measurements are almost exactly the same… I usually get a size 6 in the leggings though, have you tried the size 6 or are they too baggy compared to the 4? I might have lost a few pounds and I'm worried I'm getting my old size…

  2. Hi kelly !!! I love this video so helpful as always thank you so much !! 😊 I’ve been a subscriber of your for ever ! What black leggings are you wearing in this video !? Are they the aligns ? I want to purchase them !!

  3. I absolutely love the Wunder Train!!! It’s everything that you described. I have the dark blue and wear them just about every day which means I need another
    pair. They are so versatile! I use it for yoga, hiit or just running errands! Perfect pant!!!

  4. I size down in the align… for example on the fast and free I wear a size 4 but align I wear a size 2… do you suggest I get a 2 in the wunder train?? Are they as stretchy?

  5. Hello, I am seriously considering purchasing a pair of Lululemon leggings, which is a BIG deal for me because I swore I never would spend over $100 on leggings, but I’m warming up to the idea. You sound like you are very educated in the brand, and just in leggings in general. What pair would you suggest for me? I’m looking for an every day pair, and when I say every day I mean to wear as an outfit. I don’t ever work out or do too many strenuous activities so I don’t want leggings that are super tight around my waist sucking me in so I can’t even sit down or breathe, but at the same time I am a mom with the famous mom belly and I do need a little “sucking in” if you know what I mean, haha! I was thinking the Aligns would be a good fit for me, what do you think??

  6. All my measurements are exactly the same as yours ( I'm an inch shorter-5"7) , and on Lulu's size chart I'm a size 6. I noticed that you had on size 4s (which look great!), so I'm wondering if I should size down too? Thanks and great video 🙂

  7. You have a natural charisma when you talk, with the hand gestures and facial expressions! 😀 Do you think the Everlux material bags out throughout the day? I once wore a pair of in movement to work and it definitely was getting bigger and sliding down toward the end of the day, though I feel the in movement has a smaller and slightly higher waist band than the wunder under luxtreme in the same size! It's also the only material that shows water stains when I spill or drop liquid, though it claims and does seem to be the fastest drying

  8. @kellyyager girl I freakin love you. I’m a fellow lulu addict (and never worked there so lawwdddd, help my bank account) and I am SO FRICKEN METICULOUS about the fit and feel of my clothes and you are my one stop shop!! 🙏🏼 you give me the info I NEED to know before buying some lulu new-new. So grateful for you 😌🙏🏼🌈

  9. Hello there! Quick question: from watching your video I fell in love with the "Power Y tank", but cant find it anywhere! I'm from Europe but I looked in the eu, us and Canada website!! HELP 🥺
    ** I find it, but it's a long top, the one you're wearing looks like a cropped one.

  10. Hi! How would you say the everlux material compares with the luxtreme? I have a pair of wunder unders in luxtreme and it’s definitely thicker but I do find that it rolls down sometimes :(.

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