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On this video, I lastly do a full trustworthy Lululemon assessment! Lululemon was one of many first activewear manufacturers I shopped from and so they have since change into an enormous title in health attire interesting to yogis, runners, and gymnasium goers alike. However over time I’ve solely collected a bit or two from Lululemon and they’re positively not a go to model for me, partially as a result of the kinds should not my favourite and they’re a really excessive value level. At present I reviewed a bunch of Lululemon leggings, sports activities bras, jackets, and shorts and gave my trustworthy, unsponsored ideas.

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Gadgets reviewed:
Align 25” tights:
Wunder Practice HR Tight 28″:
Energy Through HR Tight 25″:
Free To Be Serene Bra:
Free to Be Elevated Bra:
Wunder Practice Lengthy-Line Bra:
Monitor That MR Quick 5″:
Outline jacket:
Scuba hoodie:

0:00 Intro
2:27 Align 25” tights
6:44 Wunder Practice HR Tight 28″
11:20 Energy Through HR Tight 25″
15:32 Free To Be Serene Bra
17:27 Free to Be Elevated Bra
18:58 Wunder Practice Lengthy-Line Bra
20:26 Monitor That MR Quick 5″
23:50 Outline jacket
25:51 Scuba hoodie

Fb Group:
Web site:

Chest: 29 in, 73 cm
Bust: 35 in, 89 cm
Bra measurement: 32 DDD (70F EU sizing)
Waist: 25.5 in, 65 cm
Hip: 38 in, 96 cm (widest half)
Thigh: 22.5 in, 57 cm
Calf: 15.5 in, 39 cm
Inseam: 30.5 in, 77.5 cm
Torso: 65 in, 165 cm (measured in a loop)
Top: 5’9”, 175cm
Weight: approx. 150 lbs / 68 kg (adjustments on a regular basis tbh)

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  1. this is well after the fact of this video, but I love the LLL leggings because of all the length options. A 23 inch inseam is a full length on me so most of the other brands are just way too long!

  2. I wear Athleta for more than 10 years. In my opinion, Athleta's quality is way much better. Lululemon is not durable as Athleta. I wear Lululemos, but the material is not durable. I don't like Lulu leggings, they are very thin and do not have good compression.

  3. I got a pair of Aligns and Wunder Under and severely disappointed in them both. Granted I got both for $70 so not full price but I wash them inside out, with other workout materials (no cotton), and I have thread splitting in both pairs. Not worth the hype. Yes, they’re squat proof, stretchy, and the softest leggings ever, but I don’t plan on re-purchasing ever. They’re also so thin and I feel like you have to go commando! Even with seamless thongs, you can still see them. Wunder Unders are thicker than Aligns but still thinner than other leggings I own.

  4. I love lululemon but a couple years ago I went in to walmart and bought up a few leggings that feels and looks like lululemon and even people think its lululemon when I have them on. I also pay attention to where the items are made and it gets me thinking that some are made in the same place. (they even have the same material) so many leggings look the same just different logo. I have notice that new lululemon doesn't feel the same as the old lululemon items.I used to be like only lululemon and thats it but not anymore. Maybe you can make a video comparing lululemon to really cheap Leggings like Walmart or target.

  5. I have my lulu items that I absolutely love (swift speed leggings, high impact sports bras), BUT I never pay full price. I wait for sales, and then I use my discount on top of that. Sometimes, that doesn’t even drop it down enough for me and I’ll wait for the sale price to drop even more…. Or I find deals on Poshmark lol. Definitely over priced on a lot of the stuff, but they do have amazing customer service. I’ve returned an item three years later and got a full refund, so you really can’t beat that part of their business model. I’ll also say that their leggings have held up way better than other brands – we are talking hundreds of miles ran and hiked in them. To this day, I’ve never thrown a pair away, just re-gifted them when my body shape or size changed.

  6. I do love my lulu. However , with seamless in the game now it’s become appealing. I think Lulu should offer a seamless legging or they are going to start losing customers. I hate spending extra time finding the right gym undies and adjusting my pantyliner. I’m over it.

  7. I got the wunder shorts and let me just say – size up a size or two and the sweat resistance… I haven’t had luck. I do heavy weight resistance training and I was embarrassed to see my booty crack sweat in the mirror after dead lifts and squats… if you like them or want to try them, get a dark color and size up!!!!!!

  8. I find the Wunder Trains attract so much more lint and hair than the Aligns and it is harder to get off (lint rolling isn't enough and I have to actually pick off the fuzz with my fingers)

  9. I wish I watched your videos on aligns before buying a pair. I try to stay away from fur collecting fabrics. I bought them for lounging and I dont do yoga. I like the wunder trains for weight training and running though!

  10. You should try lululemon instill tights! They’re made out of the same nulu fabric the aligns are, have more compression than aligns, and they have flattering seams. They are my new favorite leggings!

  11. I feel like Lululemon is overhyped sometimes and honestly for me personally what they price their pieces for are just not worth it in my opinion. I have never felt the need to go outo f my way and spend $100 or more on a single pair of leggings. Just not my go to.

  12. I love aligns but SO expensive. Definitely worth the price but I personally can’t justify owning many pairs. My issue I always have with align dupes is they slide down on me and my aligns don’t. 😭

  13. The power thru have so much potential to have a unique and flattering design if they didn’t have that horrendous seam in the middle of the glutes. The front panel looks like it gives good tummy control + the backside going up higher

  14. The front seam is a deal breaker for me . I don’t want my front lips showing lol it’s not for me . Next 😭 and I don’t like the band in the back like the double band thing going on .. I naturally have a medium to small butt so I like leggings that lift the butt a little more and that to me flattens my butt I barely have 😂 idk for 100.00 I want to be 100% comfortable in my gym wear and Issa no for me . That’s my little mini review 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️I like the sports bra though . I’m a 38 tripleD and I need apt of support because I have had kids so yea I need as much support as possible and I would for sure spend the money on a great bra for working out especially

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