MLB Pitcher Turned Bodybuilder (UNRECOGNIZABLE!)

Kyle Farnsworth, MLB pitcher turned bodybuilder, is likely to be unrecognizable to people who watched him throughout his enjoying days. On this video, I’m going to debate why his health transformation and his pursuit of bodybuilding shouldn’t be that shocking to me.

To start out, we are able to see that his physique is clearly in bodybuilding form. There isn’t a doubt that he seems jacked and lean. Simply a short while away from showing in his first bodybuilding competitors, he took a toilet selfie that has been circulating the web and was picked up by The New York Put up. This image has led some to take a position that some help was used to help his transformation. Because it seems, this idea shouldn’t be a shocker to me.

Farnsworth performed via the period of the improved baseball participant and when the well-known Mitchell Report got here out, there was rumors that he can be on it. Why? He was recognized all through MLB for being jacked, particularly at 6-foot-4 and 240 lbs. His sheer measurement and muscularity was sufficient for some to take a position that he can be outed whereas pitching within the MLB. These rumors turned out to be false and he was by no means named within the report.

One thing value noting about Farnsworth, particularly when it got here to his coaching, is that he was one of many, if not THE hardest employee within the room. Throughout my days as a bodily therapist and power coach for the New York Mets, I truly acquired an opportunity to see him within the weight room when the Mets had been enjoying the Yankees.

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I bear in mind one explicit day, I arrived at Yankee Stadium on a day the place the sport began at 7 pm. Eager to get a workout in earlier than the payers arrived, I walked into the burden room fairly early within the day. Who did I see already in there, hammering away at leg extensions? You guessed it, Kyle Farnsworth! The person was a kind of first-in, last-out sort of staff; ensuring that not a second of effort within the weight room was wasted.

Now, I discovered this very attention-grabbing as a result of I didn’t know many baseball gamers, particularly pitchers, to coach like bodybuilders. His coaching was very physique-focused when I discovered that almost all gamers at his place would practice in a different way. Thus, based mostly on the coaching that I’ve seen him carry out prior to now, the transition to bodybuilding actually isn’t all that shocking to me. Clearly he had an curiosity in all these workouts, thus finally Farnsworth’s muscle constructing routines would proceed previous his profession.

Kyle Farnsworth was recognized all through Main League Baseball for not solely being massive and muscular, however for being extraordinarily powerful as effectively. Farnsworth, at his stature alone, was imposing – nevertheless, he was additionally not one to again down from a confrontation and even a struggle. This left him as one of many extra intimidating baseball gamers, not to mention pitchers.

In a single explicit occasion, there was a confrontation with a batter (the opposing pitcher, Paul Wilson,) who took exception to the placement of Farnsworth’s pitch. Jawing backwards and forwards, Kyle goaded Wilson into charging the mound, who did precisely that. Sadly, for Wilson, he didn’t understand the beast he was going up towards. Farnsworth speared him to the bottom in a way that may make Invoice Goldberg proud.

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After the benches cleared and the brawl was settled, Wilson returned to the dugout battered and bloody whereas Farnsworth was smiling and chuckling about what had transpired.

In the event you had been questioning, sure there was in-fact a bench clearing after I was with the New York Mets. The one distinction was that I used to be not concerned… in any respect. When the gamers rushed the sector and I used to be prepared to affix them, our head coach made certain that I wasn’t going wherever. So, I stayed within the dugout and watched from afar. Most likely for one of the best, I’d add.

So, trying again at the kind of baseball participant Kyle Farnsworth was and particularly how I witnessed him coaching, it’s of no shock to me that he’s now preparing for a bodybuilding competitors. He was jacked when he was enjoying and he’s much more jacked now, which, as I mentioned earlier than, is of no shock to me.

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  2. Jeff— as a massive Yankees fan and even bigger fan of the game of baseball itself, could you make some videos talking about your time in MLB? Would love to hear behind the scenes stories, what training ball players is like, and what MLB training facilities look like etc.?

    I just think that would be some cool content to hear about. Thanks— Nick

  3. Given his years of training and dedication, its not a surprise how he looks, as for the bs comments for using tren,anvr all that crap is just stupid opinions,,,yes the guy is huge but not Ronnie Coleman huge, so imo a legit transformation.

  4. He looks good and likely is getting a little "help". However, as a bodybuilder, he would have a long, long way go to actually compete and would need a lot more "help". Otherwise, he looks great.

  5. Not only Baseball develops a body like this, also with exercises with weights and excellent nutrition good results are achieved, because most do not develop as it depends on the focus and what you want to achieve that motivates us to see ourselves better in any sport, thanks Jeff

  6. I was impressed seeing him throw pitches over 100 mph, like 102. Probably not someone you want to get hit by. I think he's mostly or all natural. He is very muscular and shredded, but not enormous like today's professional bodybuilders. He looks healthy. Probably better for the heart and other organs not to do many steroids.

  7. Hi Jeff. Big admirer!
    My bench press is stuck at 70kg×3 for quite some time now.
    I follow push pull leg routine and do atleast 4 exercises for chest which includes barbell dumbell and cable. I mix them up but always ensure to keep atleast 1 barbell bench press in the routine.
    I'm currently on a bulking diet and my weight has gone up from 78kg to 82kg.
    Can you please give me any tip to improve this.

  8. Please help! After suffering from chronic tennis elbow, I've not been able to lift for years, I'm 53, and after seeing many doctors and therapists it wasn't until I came across your video on leaning back and holding onto the bar and within a week I was able to lift again. No more painful shots and I really thank you. Now I feel you may be the only one who can help me with my other lagging issue. about 15 years ago I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. My hands would go to sleep when I slept. They continued to work on posture, but I was insistent that it was lifting related. After hyper-extending my elbow and had surgery it went away. After healing I got back in the gym and had the tennis elbow issue. But the numbing was coming back as well, but the elbow was definitely the priority. Now after watching your video, I am able to lift again and getting a good routine going after many years but the numbness is creeping back in at night. I really would like some advice from someone who I believe really knows what's going on. Please make a video on thoracic outflow and it's relationship to weights and what can be done. I know I'm not the only one who needs help with this.

  9. Hey Jeff, huge fan of yours for many years. The only thing I'm unsure about your program after all these years of listening to your great advice is working on those calf's. You don't like calf raises or leg extensions for fear of ruining your joints, but they do seem to work, before I converted to your styles. I'm 6ft 2 and only about 180 lbs., so the chicken legs often play on my mind lol. Skip to 4:00.

    f you see how UK soccer (football) players train, they run a lot and train on the leg extension machines, so how much damage really do those machines do, if a billion-dollar football club would allow their million £ players to use them? Thanks Jeff, it would be great to hear from you, mate. Clint from the UK.

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