Lululemon VS. Amazon Dupes !! *side by side comparison & price difference*

Lululemon VS. Amazon Dupes !!
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  1. Hey everyone!! So this video was filmed the day before my grafting dental surgery, which was three weeks ago now! I appreciate everyone’s well wishes, but just wanted to come on here and say the surgery went great I’m almost fully healed now and my teeth are feeling a lot better! 💖

  2. The members mark zen active jacket from SAMS CLUB is like an exact replica of the lulu align jacket. The fit is even as fitting as the lulu one. It's only 20 dollars if you have the sams club membership so that's pretty awsome!

  3. an important thing to consider is actual performance. how supportive is the sports bra or built in tank while working out. I usually find built in bras on tanks are at most, medium support, but frequently very low support. I think I saw the jacket dupe at the thrift store and it had not held up well in wash. I only have purchased Lululemon from consignment, so I most definitely keep my eye out for good deals on athletic wear. sometimes the cheaper stuff has worked well, sometimes not.

  4. Mia – I had this happen as well and had grafting surgery at age 9. If i didn't have it, I would have lost my front bottom teeth by age 16, so it was worth it. Luckily nothing was messed up when I took a softball to my mouth where the grafting had been done 😁

  5. Yooooo. I have the tooth gum thing too. On the same spot too. I had braces twice as a kid and soooo many teeth pulled. It genuinely means a lot to me that you shared that.

  6. The first align tank looks exactly like these tanks I get on Amazon by Lemedy that I am obsessed with. I wear them so often my boyfriend probably wishes I'd go back to wearing real shirts lol.

  7. Lol my mouth is also too small to fit all of the normal amount of teeth. I’ve gotten more teeth removed than actually lost. When I was like 9 or 10 I got my first surgery with anesthetic to get 9 teeth removed (4 adult teeth, 5 baby teeth). I had braces for almost four years. Ofc I also got my wisdom teeth removed.

  8. Those are some crazy dupes! So good as an alternative 🥰

    But the reason lulu is pricy is because of the science behind the fabric. Pretty much all products are breathable, sweat wicking, four way stretch and lightweight. Even tho the align tank is thick you’ll never feel hot in it ☺️

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