Lululemon Employee Reviews Dupe Leggings From Amazon

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My measurements for reference:

Top: 5’7”
Weight: 140ish? (I don’t weigh myself)
Bra: 32C
Hips (glutes): 37.5″
Waist: 25″

Hyperlinks to the leggings:

First Pair Of Leggings (90 diploma by reflex):

Second Pair Of Leggings (90 diploma by reflex):

Third Pair Of Leggings (Yogalicious):

Fourth Pair Of Leggings (Queenie Ke):

Lululemon Wunder Underneath (the true deal):

Lululemon Align Pant:

Prime I am sporting within the video (From Alo Yoga):

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  1. Thank you for a review that includes the material as well as different leggings from the same company. I wear 90 degree alot simply because I found them at TJ Maxx before I even knew Amazon was a thing. At least with the ones i have, I liked the thickness and compression of the material. I've never been a high end shopper, so the only lululemon i have is from a consignment store (and the only reason I knew they were lulu is the owner told me). I have tried on some of the popular dupes for aligns and realize that I prefer more compressive leggings. Watching reviews from some youtubers is pointless because their review for a brand doesn't acknowledge that the brand makes different types of leggings, so thank you for actually describing the fabric content. I struggle with the crotch thing even in slightly more expensive (to me) brands like underarmour and nike. It's like no person ever tried them on before they were produced.
    Oh yeah, I also don't understand drawstrings in leggings. If the leggings stretch to fit there should be no room at the waist. I find drawstrings to just be something to twist up inside and drive me crazy. They drive me crazy enough in jogger pants that I expect to "tie" at the waist; I don't want a tiny elastic band around my waist in leggings. I'm glad some peopel find them useful.

  2. Hey Shannon, can you PLEASE review the Colorvalue leggings 2.0 AND 3.0 from Alie Express?

    I saw a video that said they’re 100% lulu align dupes, I want to hear your review of them and how they compare to lulu lemon aligns, as well as colorful koala and CRZ yoga.

  3. Not Lululemon dupe related, but have you tried anything from girlfriend collective? 🙂 if so I’d love a review, or even first impression if you’ve never tried them 🙂

  4. Im from Vancouver aka Lululemon's birth place and i remember back in the day when lulus were significantly cheaper and the quality was also way better. I just have a hard time spending $140 on workout pants only to have them pill after a few washes. For that reason i no longer shop at lululemon anymore. I find Nike and Senita and other brands offer just as good or better quality for a more affordable price.

    I get why you prefer the lululemons though and i know there are always going to ve die hard lulu fans (my sister being one of them). Plus i know the employee discount is quite generous so it makes it not so bad if they start pilling after a few washes.

    Ps. Love the top you're wearing in this video.

  5. You should try the alongfit, colorfulkoala and crz yoga ones as well (also from amazon). Even if they dont necessarily look like lulus(stitching, pockets seams etc), but if you compare the quality and fabric.

  6. For me literally all leggings GUVE me camel toe or their yo wide/loose because I have really thin thighs. Lulu are the only leggings that fit me perfectly but so expensive ugh

  7. I have some lulu leggings and some Amazon 20-ish ones. The lulu ones are just a little bit better here and there like the waist band, the color tones, the tiny difference in fabric feel etc. these differences make me prefer the lulu ones. I think that maybe worth of the 80 dollar difference.

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