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Top 8 Leg Extension Alternative Exercises (Without Machine)

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The leg extension is the purest take a look at of the power of your quads. No different train can isolate them just like the leg extension – it’s a tried-and-tested isolation train for leg progress.

However what in the event you can’t use it? What In case your fitness center doesn’t have a leg extension machine and also you’re nonetheless trying to develop the power and well being of your legs? That’s the issue we’re going to deal with right this moment.

Follow us and we’ll share the important methods for creating quad meat and strengthening the joints across the knee. This implies higher legs, stronger squats, higher efficiency, and lowered threat of damage!

What Muscle Does Leg Extension Work?

leg extension muscles worked

The important thing muscle groups you’ll use in a leg extension are, in fact, the quadriceps. They prolong the knee, however they’re additionally important for motion within the hips. The rectus femoris is a muscle within the quadriceps that additionally flexes the hip – making it a bit extra difficult than simply shifting your knee.

The truth that this train just about solely hits the 4 muscle groups of the quads is exclusive. No matter your favourite leg train is, there’s a great likelihood that its going to stimulate the glutes and hamstrings – even only for stability.

Not the leg extension: it’s a complete isolation motion with no actual impact on the coaching of the hamstrings or glutes. You need to use it as a means of enhancing hamstring management by making an attempt to flex the hams and quads directly, but it surely gained’t load them. That is completely unparalleled in decrease physique coaching!

The Leg Extension Motion

One of many explanation why the leg extension is so fashionable and efficient is that it really works a motion that isn’t seen anyplace else in sport and train. It suspends the hips and hundreds your legs proper on the finish with a pad.

The distinction between a knee extension and a squat, for instance, is that squatting entails a “pushing” movement by means of all the decrease physique. The leg extension is a completely artificial motion that has no parallel in sport or different exercises.

That is additionally the problem of changing the leg extension. If nothing else within the change achieves the identical motion, what will we do to switch it? Effectively, we’re going to deal with coaching the muscle for a similar adaptation, and doing a little maintain within the positions that the leg-extension develops.

With this strategy, you’ll nonetheless get the identical thigh improvement we’ve talked about, however you’ll even be placing effort and time into the identical positions and under-rated processes which have made the leg extension so fashionable.

8 Leg Extension Options You Can Do at Dwelling

1. Reverse Lunge

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One of many causes that the leg extension is so fashionable is how simple it’s to carry out for everybody from essentially the most well-developed athletes to a first-timer.

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This accessibility is essential for any train that will substitute the leg extension. There’s no level counting on extraordinarily tough exercises – novices would by no means get adequate to make use of them! The reverse lunge is the alternative: an accessible, easy-to-use train for creating all the muscle groups of the quads with out the issue of a squat.

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Begin with a daily reverse lunge, add dumbbells, after which attempt them from a deficit. This can be a nice technique to begin creating power and stability within the decrease physique. It’s an incredible rehab train in a lot the identical means that the reverse lunge works and is a good place for novices to begin.

2. Dumbbell Bulgarian Break up Squat

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Trying to construct superb leg power and quad improvement? It doesn’t get a lot better than the Bulgarian break up squat.

It’s a one-legged train that works every little thing within the decrease physique from the hips to the quads, and it’s a good way to apply the positions of a traditional squat. It’s undoubtedly extra high-rep than a daily squat, and also you’ll instantly really feel it in your quads.

The soundness this develops across the knee can also be essential as a result of, as talked about above, the leg extension isn’t simply concerning the muscle groups. It’s about good motion within the knee – a joint that usually suffers instability accidents and must be well-prepared for motion and train.

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As with the reverse lunge, that is an train that may be carried out at a deficit for much more problem. This can enhance the vary of movement, issue, and be sure to’re getting extra from each single rep.

3. Bike owner Squat

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Do you employ the leg extension machine as a finisher to your leg day? Are you making an attempt to squeeze out each final drop of progress?

The bicycle owner squat can do the identical factor. It’s a squat variant that’s all quad. It’s an incredible finisher and may be carried out with gentle weights for large outcomes. The title alone ought to level out that its one of the widespread exercises utilized by cyclists to develop muscle and power within the decrease physique (and people of us have large quads).

The bicycle owner squat elevates the heels, shifting the angles of the train to spice up the position of the quads within the motion. The entire motion may be carried out with none change within the hips, and all of the change coming from a bend on the knees. Keep away from locking out on the high of the train to extend the issue and actually stimulate the quads.

You’ll be able to’t carry out this train notably heavy, so you must deal with getting the reps in. Purpose for 12-15 repetitions with a good weight, and maintain your heels as excessive as attainable. These two elements are going to be sure to’re getting stimulating reps and holding your knees wholesome.

4. Step-Ups

The step-up is yet one more single-leg train. The issue of this train is nice for difficult stability and creating a greater extension.

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Specializing in driving by means of the highest of this train to full extension is essential for replicating the complete extension you get in a leg extension. This isn’t included within the end-range of a squat – the extension isn’t tough or loaded.

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The step up is a good way of coaching the top-half of the squat motion, in addition to creating athletic energy and actively loading the extension that’s lacking from many different leg exercises.

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5. Hack Squat

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The hack squat is one other traditional bodybuilding train that goals to offer an enormous quantity of stimulus to the quads. With a sled-weight slightly than a free weight, it reduces the stability challenges of the common squat and will increase the vary of movement.

Extra work (once you get well correctly) = extra outcomes. The additional vary and simpler loading of the hack squat makes it an incredible selection for enhancing the event of your quads. That is very true for 45-degree hack squats.

Utilizing these sled-weighted machines is a good way of pushing out further reps and utilizing drop units to enhance your muscle progress. You’ll be able to add further quantity to your program with out over-using the posterior chains (the decrease again, butt and hamstrings), permitting you to coach the quads with out worrying about failing due to different muscle groups.

The hack squat additionally helps to coach the muscle groups of the thigh throughout a depth that you just can’t attain within the standard squat. Due to the assist for the backbone and the flexibility to stability towards the sled, you possibly can attain the very most of your ankle/knee/hip mobility. This lengthens the vary of movement even additional and makes each rep extra beneficial.

6. L-Sit

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If you happen to’re fearful about lacking out on the advantages to the knee joint, you must attempt combining these essential actions with the L-sit. That is an isometric maintain that forces you to make use of the quads to maintain your legs straight.

The purpose of this motion is to strengthen the connective tissues. Isometric holds are nice for this, and the L-sit makes up for the shortage of ‘terminal extension’. This can be a nice technique to get one of many underrated advantages of the leg extension when you possibly can’t use the leg extension itself.

Whereas it is a nice train, it does depend on you with the ability to maintain your legs utilizing the power of your hips and quads. You’ll be able to construct as much as this utilizing the tuck and slowly straighten out your legs as you develop into stronger and extra assured with the motion.

Alternatively, you possibly can at all times get inventive with some resistance bands to make the motion a little bit simpler when you develop the power and familiarity to carry out L-sits and make them give you the results you want!

7. Leg Elevate (Mendacity or Hanging)

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If you happen to can’t L-sit, otherwise you need to develop extra core power when you prepare the knees and hips, you possibly can add leg raises.

Just like the L-sit, these require you to strengthen the quads isometrically. One of many advantages that they’ve, nonetheless, is the lengthening and shortening of the hip flexors. The L-sit makes use of these muscle groups to carry place, which is a completely completely different stimulus to the lengthy vary of movement that leg raises use.

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These actions contribute to the event of the rectus femoris. That is the hip-flexor muscle that we mentioned earlier – one of many muscle groups that’s hardly ever energetic within the squat or different quad exercises. The leg increase (which may be carried out whereas hanging or mendacity flat on the ground) is a good way to coach these muscle groups and the stabilizers of the core.

8. Sissy Squats

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Sissy squats aren’t the identical as a standard squat, however they’re a good way to deal with quad improvement particularly. They reduce out the hips by having you retain the identical hip angle all through the motion and maintain the knee in the identical place.

All you must do to carry out the motion is prolong the knee. This entails nothing greater than permit your hips to shoot up. You aren’t extending the hips so the burden doesn’t switch to the glutes at any level.

That is an uncommon train so as to add right into a coaching regime and it’ll take a little bit of apply earlier than you get the burden/motion proper. Nevertheless, it’s the closest factor to a leg extension you’ll truly be capable to carry out, it may be used to situation the knees, and it is ready to isolate the quad extra successfully than many different exercises that you simply’ll see in a fitness center.

Merely put, in the event you’re trying to develop your quads and also you don’t have entry to a leg extension, you must be keen to assume outdoors the field. The sissy squat is a tremendous means of doing simply that.

Remaining Ideas

It’s laborious to switch the leg extension for a couple of causes.

To start out with, it has a completely distinctive motion sample that we actually don’t see anyplace else in life. You by no means prolong your knee by itself – you must management the hip when you do it. You’re not levering your leg towards a pad in actual life, you’re pushing by means of the ground.

This makes it laborious as a result of the place itself is so contrived. The motion isn’t actually attainable with no leg extension machine or some significantly inventive resistance bands. You’re going to battle to duplicate the motion, so now we have to deal with creating the muscle groups and diversifications that the leg extension goals at.

Why is that this tough? As a result of the leg extension is definitely a flexible train for every little thing from quad-building to knee-rehab. The explanation you’re utilizing the leg extension is a key consider how one can substitute it in your program. You should keep in mind that you’re coaching for an adaptation – not a motion.

While you notice this, you should use any of those exercises to contribute to that purpose. Mixing them up is your best option, because it covers all of the muscle teams that the leg extension covers, providing you with complete improvement by means of the leg. That is additionally key as a result of power, energy, endurance and joint-protection are all overlap, so quite a lot of exercises will actually round-out your coaching.

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