I Spent $500 on Alo Yoga…Is It Worth It?

Sincere Alo Yoga assessment! I examined out Alo Yoga’s 4 hottest leggings in addition to some Alo Yoga sports activities bras to see in the event that they’re well worth the worth. Are these leggings well worth the $100 price ticket or can you discover higher leggings elsewhere? Are they simply pretty much as good as Lululemon, or higher?

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Objects reviewed:
Airbrush leggings:
Airlift leggings:
Alosoft leggings:
Moto leggings:
Motion bra:
Actual bra tank:

Fb Group:
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Chest: 29 in, 73 cm
Bust: 35 in, 89 cm
Bra measurement: 32 DDD (70F EU sizing)
Waist: 25.5 in, 65 cm
Hip: 38 in, 96 cm(widest half)
Thigh: 22.5 in, 57 cm
Calf: 15.5 in, 39 cm
Inseam: 30.5 in, 77.5 cm
Torso: 65 in, 165 cm (measured in a loop)
Top: 5’9”, 175cm
Weight: approx. 150 lbs / 68 kg (modifications on a regular basis tbh)

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  1. I have two pairs of the alosoft lounge leggings and those are the only leggings of theirs I like! I would never work out in them, though. I tried the airbrush legging and did not like them either. I also love their sherpa jacket and matching muse sweatpants 🙂

  2. ive owned a High-Waist Mosaic Legging and the Moto leggings for over a year and i really dont love them. They slip a LOT. they look great, but thats really all it was ( i got them in 2019 Black friday sale)

  3. It is weirdly shiny… the only shiny leggings I’ve ever had have had mountains of issues staying up during even basic exercises. I love a sleek feel but shiny doesn’t make me happy. And $120 is ridiculous.

  4. HI Kathryn! Love your reviews. I bought a pair of airlift leggings and loved them. The price tag thoughhhh. You mentioned there are leggings with similar fabric out there for a lesser price? Hope you could give some suggestions. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for this video! I've always been curious about alo yoga but I've only seen ads of it here and there for their active wear and no one talks about them on youtube. I also learned alot by this wholesome community too.
    Side note: The moto leggings look so badass on you queen ❤️ I'm curious to see how it would look with a leather jacket and black boots

  6. Thank you for very honest review of some of aloyoga leggings. I wear size 6 in lululemon aligns and I was wondering if I should get a medium for the aloyoga airlift leggings?

  7. I have 3 pairs of Alo yoga leggings that I got 8 years ago and they have lasted so well! I prefer Alo yoga over Lululemon because they are thicker and I think the designs and colors are cuter

  8. Wardrobe malfunctions: I got a love/hate relationship with Alo Yoga, specially when it comes to their bra. NADI bra: my nipples threatening to come out of the bra in forward bends during Ashtanga, it was hot like hell but I had to put my tank top back on. Most of their bras are expensive and have poor support , if not too large and have no pads: nipples blazing !

    White Verse, nectar moto leggings and macaron pink are see through ! Can see my white pantyliner or black brief .

    Moto leggings Epic Sheila leggings were super. But at first, i was not impressed, the fabric felt too hot for Vietnam tropical climate 33°c everyday and XXS was too small : it made me look fat, enhanced saddle bags. I’m 1m55 44kg 80-60-80, I’m not even fat and it make me feel fat.
    I dropped few cm and now it looks great.

    The longevity: I washed the moto leggings in Smokey quartz & olive only once and the color looks already washed out, it faded. The leggings already looks old after 1 use. The Airlift embody Lavender Smoke got a snag from the very first use, from day 1 Power Yoga class and it’s already damaged ! It couldn’t handle the sweat either. Stains of sweat were showing everywhere on the bra.

    In comparison, I’ve been using ADIDAS for 8 years, mostly Stella Mc Cartney 100-140$ / leggings, I used them intensively for 3 years, washed 30 times and the fabric still look brand new. I don’t even have an excuse to throw them away.

    Chestnut shine set: The Color is disappointing, fabric shine looks cheap swimwear. Inconsistency in sizing, XXS feels too large. Wild thing bra makes small boobs feel miserable, feel flat like a table. Airlift also size slightly bigger than airbrush leggings.
    I haven’t tried my new Aqua bright, macaron pink sets yet to see how they survive to the class.

    Too much wardrobe malfunctions for the price I paid : 230$ to 250$ / set with import taxes. It makes me angry.
    Alo Yoga is all based on Instagram marketing, sponsoring models and yogis to advertise. Yes you feel like a rockstar when you’re dressed with Alo yoga, provided you chose the model well, and choose a set : same color on bottom and top, some mesh leggings really stand out to the point it even catched the eyes of my instructors.

    But all their set can endure is meditation pose for 60 min or posing for Instagram. I mean, Alo Yoga is a brand specialized in Yoga that cannot handle a real Yoga class :

    We have hardcore intermediate to advanced Ashtanga / Vinyasa / Power yoga classes with Indian Yoga Masters coming straight from Rishikesh. They are paid to suck the life out of you in 1h and they do just that: the class hasn’t even started you’re already in a pool of sweat after 5 min, you gonna end on your knees, at the end of the class your hair look like a storm has hit you. You take 1 class, not 2 – sometimes I take 2 and the next day your body feels like you’ve been in a washing machine – . Giggles when I hear « low intensity workout like Yoga ». Our training is nothing like the image of the glamorous zen yoga I see on Instagram. Because at this stage it’s not even Yoga anymore, it’s army training. There’s gonna be some moments of suffering.

    Their class is not a recreation and I need a set that don’t let me down during the class so I can focus on my practice rather than being distracted by new problems I got with my 100$ bra that’s not doing the job. Even a 10$ sport bra on Aliexpress hold my boobs better.

    The cost isn’t even due to higher wage : Most of the Alo leggings and bras are made in Vietnam , where I live. And I pay crazy import taxes to bring them back here. If not, T-shirt and sweaters are made in China. 1 rare Ripped Warrior leggings was made in Portugal. I don’t know how much workers are paid in the Vietnam factory , but average Viet salary might be between 250-350 $ per month … and I burn it in 1 set… that sometimes is not worth it

  9. I only own the airbrush leggings but I completely agree with what Kathryn said! The only thing I would add is for me it was more of a magnet for fuzzies and hair, and that was before the first wash. I wouldn’t buy them unless they’re on sale next time

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