How to Use Gym Equipment | Beginner's Guide

Hey, my loves!
Going to the fitness center can already be onerous sufficient itself, nonetheless studying tips on how to use any of the gear! Due to this fact, I’ve compiled a video of some primary fitness center gear most gyms ought to have.
Know that many machines function equally (as you will see within the video), so regardless that I am not masking all of the machines in your entire world, it is best to be capable to efficiently work most machines utilizing these similar strategies.
At all times you should definitely refer again to the directions on the machine if you happen to need assistance and by no means ever be afraid to ask somebody for help!
Let’s go chase these gainzzzzzz, babesssss.

The way to Use Decrease Physique Machines |
The way to Use Higher Physique Machines |
The way to Use Gymnasium Tools Free Weights |
The way to Use Gymnasium Tools Cables |

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  1. Hey, there! 👋🏼
    Be sure to check out my other videos on how to use gym equipment linked in the description above ❎ that include: "Free Weights", "Cables", "Upper Body Machines", and "Lower Body Machines"!
    ❓If you have any other fitness questions for me, make sure to search the topic you have a question about across my channel to see if I might already have a video about it!
    Have the best day, babes. 💙

  2. Thank you for this!!! I often skip the gym when I don’t have friends available to come along or skip doing machines I want to try just because I’m scared to look dumb. This really helped my confidence!!!

  3. Are you supposed to lean back when using the lat pull down instead of keeping your back straight? The picture accompanying the instructions on the machine at my gym looks like the man may be keeping his back straight (it's not a sideways picture so I can't really tell) whereas it seems like you are leaning in this video. Are there pros and cons to either? Thank you for making these videos. They help a ton.

  4. I went to the gym for the “first time” again and now I loved it. For now I’m only doing cardio bc of my goals but I slowly want to incorporate other machines (I can’t even use some cardio ones haha) but yeah loving it 😍

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