How To Stop Biting Nails: Everything You Need To Know

Nail biting is a typical response to anxiousness and stress—there is a motive why hectic conditions are sometimes called “nail biters.” And whereas most nail-biting is occasional, for almost 30% of the population, nail biting is a conduct they will’t cease. It’s compulsive and instinctual, like a cough or sneeze.

“Folks chunk their nails for plenty of causes,” Holly Schiff, a licensed scientific psychologist, tells Parade. “It’s a body-focused repetitive conduct that turns into recurring. It’s one thing individuals do when they’re impatient, pissed off or bored and may be one thing to maintain your self occupied. Generally it could occur throughout moments of intense focus. Biting your nails may also be a nervous behavior that you simply interact in in an effort to seek out aid from stress and anxiousness.”

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