How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories!!

On this video, I’m going to indicate you the best way to shed weight with out ever having to depend energy once more. One factor I hear on a regular basis is “how do you keep so lean 12 months spherical”. Individuals assume you need to eat like a chook or be hunched over a scale calculating each crumb you place onto your plate. The truth of the state of affairs couldn’t be any farther from that. I don’t actually give vitamin that a lot thought anymore as a result of I’ve been utilizing the identical efficient strategy for the previous decade and it has allowed me to remain lean and ripped 12 months in and 12 months out for over 20 years now.

One of many causes individuals get vitamin unsuitable is that they’re overwhelmed by decisions. Low carb, low fats, Keto, IF, IIFYM, the carnivore food plan. Which is the most effective? What about energy in / energy out? Simply measuring every little thing and getting into it into an app? The place do you begin? Which one works…and which one works the quickest? The reality is, all of them ‘work’. From a purely scientific perspective they’re all carrying out the identical objective, limiting the quantity of energy that you just devour. They’re simply doing it alternative ways.

The issue creeps in if you’re caught with an consuming plan that doesn’t actually suit your life-style for the long run and you find yourself abandoning it to your previous, unhealthy means of consuming. You already know, the one which received you out of practice within the first place.

I understand that there are individuals who select to do particular food plan plans due to potential well being advantages that they could take pleasure in. For instance, some individuals who endure from irritation have reported having aid with a Ketogenic strategy. In case your meal plan is assembly your private wants and your well being targets; it’s positive with me. Extra energy to you. I’m not making an attempt to transform individuals to my means of consuming.


For almost all of individuals on the market nevertheless, they only need to look good, get leaner and possibly even carve out a six pack. For them, it doesn’t matter what they do they usually find yourself proper again to the place they began from usually with an extra few further kilos. If that’s you, it’s best to give my simple to comply with strategy a attempt. It’s labored for me and it’s what I’ve all of my professional athletes doing.

To begin I divide my plate into thirds and dedicate a full third to my most popular protein. The rest of the plate is split up once more for carbs with twice as many fibrous carbs occupying house in comparison with starchy carbs. For an instance of this, ensure and take a look at the video the place I show how I divide the plate and in addition present some particular meals I eat. It’s additionally essential to say that simply since you’ve divided your plate up accurately doesn’t offer you license to begin stacking it larger and better. That will defeat the aim.

You may be questioning how this might presumably work, how might he be consuming pasta and rice with out measuring or getting into information right into a calorie counting app to make sure he’s staying up on his macros. The very fact is, in case you’re making a acutely aware effort to fill your plate the best way I describe, the remainder kind of robotically falls into place.

Fibrous carbs will offer you the nutritional vitamins and minerals, your protein wants as an athlete are going to be met as we’ve prioritized protein by giving it essentially the most actual property on our plate. To make sure you have loads of power (and your sanity) you’re nonetheless getting loads of entry to scrumptious carbs like rice, potatoes, pasta, couscous and so forth…

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Consuming to be wholesome and lean doesn’t must be sophisticated, in case you’ve discovered your self banging your head in opposition to the wall making an attempt to determine between wether you may eat breakfast or try to be writing off rice for the remainder of your life, give my strategy a shot. In even a couple of brief weeks I guess you begin to see a distinction. What’s finest, your going to get outcomes with out having to place forth all that a lot effort.

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  1. Did two takes of this video and somehow my fat recommendations didn't make this cut. As always recommended, healthy fats are essential to a balanced nutrition plan. One of the biggest mistakes I made earlier in my youth (as I stated in a video on the topic) was following a no-fat diet. Now, I am sure to include them in every meal. In the example provided, you want to either cook with them (pasta in a cracked red pepper and olive oil red sauce) or add them directly (sweet potato mash with added butter). If fibrous carbs were spinach for instance, I would never eat them raw. I'd instead sautée with garlic and oil and mushrooms for more flavor. Remember, if it's not tasty you won't eat it long term. This defeats the purpose of establishing a game plan for PERMANENT healthy eating! I'll publish the unseen footage on my instagram @athleanx for those interested in watching!

  2. I counted my kcals for 12 momths dropped 30lbl. I've spoken to my dietitian. I'm now in maintenance. Until January. …. Do final 6 months. Be lean again

  3. How many times a day do you recommend eating like this…I know most of us eat 3 main meals but do we really need up to 5 meals like this or would it be better to eat 3 main meals like this and have maybe 1 or 2 100-200 cal snack in between meals, and should we eat the same every day or eat more on strength training days?

  4. I set a goal at the beginning of the month. I do all my resistance training and cardio the first 20 days. I eat chicken, steak,and vegetables every day. I eat clean but I eat a lot because I’m building muscle.
    I do all my dieting the last 10 days. I lose all my weight the last 10 days of the month. I also lose some of my gains. I’ve lost 40 pounds in 2 months.

  5. The problem is that even if you eat accordong to the portions he's talking about, you'll still be hungry if you're in a calorie deficit and you'll eventually compensate (or over compensate) through eating something not planned in that "perfect plan". Counting calories helps you get the discipline to suffer through that little hunger, because you know the math, that if you'll reach that bread/cake/yogurt etc, you won't be at the calorie deficit needed to lose the weight you wanna lose.

  6. I don't share the love of carbs. Protein or more to the point meat is my main thing.
    BBQ meat sweats used to be a hobby of mine.
    My problem is the times that eat at. I tend to eat late and really struggle to get dinner in me much more than hour or two before bed.

  7. I have one problem. Some foods can count as starchy carbs and protein. For example Barrila Protein Plus Pasta, Legumes, and Ancient/Psuedo Grains like Buckwheat and Quinoa are starchy carbs but are also high in protein. Also, what about dairy?

  8. I manifested simplicity and the gym owner gave me simplicity with meals no counting then I see this as well from one of my fav YouTube fitness gurus. I’m more of half n half for science and natural however I’m looking for long term lifestyle and this confirmed the icing on the plate. Thank you

  9. Very cool video.. like his approach and simplicity in the process of pretending the food, there is a strategy, order, beauty in the process and of course results..
    so far the best explanation and approach i have seen, this is something that even an unprepared, lazy guy could do and that’s why i like it..
    good job..

  10. This looks very close to the Zone diet plan. However, in this macronutrient distribution I don't see fat which is important as well according to Dr. Barry Sears who has proven his case a long time ago. I suppose in the early stage of fat burn it's completely ok to scratch fat altogether but as body fat goes away I'm not sure that's recommendable practice on the long run. I'm just wondering Jeff. Thanks for simplifying macronutrient distribution technique because it can be a hassle.

  11. Protein needs to much smaller, it's scientifically proved that humans do not need that much protein, in fact, you need just half your bodyweight in grams, not 2x your body weight in grams. It's a huge misconception & basically "bro-science".

  12. Coach, I do use Calorie counters, but not for my calories, I eyeball that pretty well. My macros though, I wanna make sure I get just the right amount of Protein, Fat and Carbs in my diet. could that be done in a simpler way or should I stick to the app?

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