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How To Lose Thigh Fat — 7 Effective Exercises and Workouts


Many individuals wrestle with weight acquire. Stress and nervousness from the now-prevalent work-from-home tradition, COVID, and the loopy fluctuations in Dogecoin costs add to the issue.

A person doesn’t acquire weight evenly within the accumulation section. Most individuals, particularly ladies, acquire physique weight in a selected sample. The fats build-up normally begins within the decrease stomach. Initially, it would appear like you’re transitioning right into a pear-shaped physique (thighs and hips are wider than your bust and waistline), however relaxation assured, you’ll transfer in the direction of a diamond, sq., or rectangle determine in the event you don’t repair the underlying points.

Subsequent, the additional fats trickles into their legs, particularly the thighs, then exhibits its signal on the face, chest, and arms. Whereas there are exceptions to this sample, it stands true for almost all.

Now, don’t get us mistaken. We aren’t right here for body-shaming. Each particular person is gorgeous in their very own manner. Plus, because of the Kardashians, an hourglass determine has grow to be a preferred physique aim for a lot of ladies. Should you didn’t already know, it’s simpler to go from a pear-shaped physique to an hourglass determine than to appear like Kim Okay ranging from a carrot-type physique.

The most typical challenge with a heavier rear is the additional fats across the thighs. This text will elaborate on how one can lose thigh fats, the time this course of may take, making the precise meals selections, and the right way to hold physique fats at bay.

What Causes Thigh Fats?


Thigh fats is attributable to a mixture of a calorie surplus weight loss program, consuming junk meals, a sedentary way of life, and genetics. It’s also influenced by a person’s age, gender, ethnic origin, and up to date weight acquire.

Ladies are extra vulnerable to interior thigh fats than males due to the hormones progesterone and estrogen. Then again, a person’s metabolic price drops with age, slowing the speed at which their physique burns fats and spiking their saved physique fats share.

A body weight spurt also can trigger a thigh fats build-up. In case you are planning to achieve weight, you must achieve this in a deliberate and managed atmosphere. Gulping down a field of donuts with a chilly espresso will increase the possibilities of build up fats in your higher legs.

How To Lose Thigh Fats?

Earlier than we get into the nitty-gritty of dropping thigh fats, let’s deal with the elephant within the room. Spot discount doesn’t work. Please don’t burn your hard-earned cash on spot-reduction fads like sauna belts or unproven gels.

1. Observe a Calorie-Deficit Food plan

Calorie Deficit Diet 1024x714 1


A calorie deficit refers to consuming fewer energy than you burn in a day. Nevertheless, many individuals go overboard with this as they attempt to lose an excessive amount of weight too quickly.

Should you go too exhausting on the calorie deficit, your physique will enter a catabolic stage, that means it is going to break down muscle to make use of as gasoline. You’ll even be in need of power all through the day.

Don’t make the error of following a generic calorie-deficit program. It must be designed as per your way of life. Right here is the right way to make a personalised calorie deficit weight loss program:

  1. Decide your common each day caloric consumption.
  2. Per a 2012 examine, lowering 500 to 1,000 kilocalories (kcal) per day out of your weight loss program ought to lead to a weight lack of one to 2 kilos per week. [1]
  3. Slicing out greater than 1,000 energy a day out of your weight loss program can hamper your functioning and weaken your immune system. Plus, on such a harsh deficit, the burden is extra vulnerable to bounce again as quickly as you revert to your authentic weight loss program.

Meals Selections

Your meals selections play a giant position in your physique aesthetics. Do away with all of the greasy, high-calorie, unhealthy meals out of your weight loss program and exchange them with nutrient-dense entire meals.

Listed below are some meals choices that must be a staple in your weight loss program:

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  • greens
  • quinoa
  • barley
  • legumes
  • potatoes
  • entire grains
  • oats
  • beans
  • rice


  • eggs
  • hen breast
  • Greek yogurt
  • cottage cheese
  • milk
  • lentils
  • fish
  • quinoa
  • whey protein


  • fatty fish
  • chia seeds
  • darkish chocolate
  • eggs yellow
  • avocado
  • flaxseed
  • nuts
  • Nut and seed butter

2. Train

hiit workout 1024x717 1


In addition to nailing your weight loss program, following an efficient HIIT cardio and energy coaching routine may also help pace up your thigh fats loss course of.

HIIT (high-intensity interval coaching) helps construct energy, burn fats, and revs up your metabolism. HIIT coaching contains switching between excessive, usually explosive-intensity, bouts with recovery-intensity bouts. For example, on a HIIT cardio routine, you’ll dash all-out for a minute after which decelerate for the following minute. You’ll repeat this cycle till you full 10 minutes.

HIIT resistance coaching contains excessive quantity and depth workouts with minimal relaxation between units. If a traditional depth workout takes you an hour to finish, strive ending it inside 45 minutes on a HIIT routine, however with out compromising on the quantity, depth, or type.

Moreover, you must ideally carry out two cardio periods a day to lose thigh fats. The primary must be a 10-minute HIIT cardio carried out after a HIIT resistance coaching workout. Doing it earlier than a workout can sacrifice your efficiency within the weight coaching session. Therefore, saving it for later is really helpful.

The second cardio session might be LISS (low-intensity steady-state), which incorporates performing a cardiovascular exercise of your selection at low-to-moderate depth for 30-45 minutes day-after-day very first thing within the morning on an empty abdomen.

3. Regulate Your Salt Consumption

Extra sodium consumption could make you maintain water, and other people coping with extra thigh fats typically retain this water on the again of their thighs. Plus, you may discover bloating whereas going overboard with NaCl.

Nevertheless, don’t reduce out salt out of your weight loss program utterly. It performs vital roles in your physique like balancing electrolytes and stopping muscle cramps, retaining you hydrated, supporting a wholesome nervous system, selling vascular well being, and enhancing sleep. The WHO suggests consuming 2,000 mg (2 grams) of sodium per day, and the American Coronary heart Affiliation advises a a lot decrease consumption of 1,500 mg (1.5 grams) per day. [2][3]

Components To Contemplate For Shedding Thigh Fats


Issues to contemplate in a fats loss program embody:

Losing Thigh Fat 1024x714 1

1. Genetics

As a lot as we hate to confess it, genetics play a vital position in how our physique responds to sure stimuli. Most of us have a good friend who can down a cheesecake with out worrying about his weight. Then again, some folks can acquire weight simply by sniffing an ice cream.

Moreover, each particular person offers with fats acquire in a different way. Whereas some people start storing fats within the thighs, others may not see a fats build-up of their decrease our bodies even when they acquire 20 kilos in a month.

On prime of that, there’s the problem of cellulite. Cellulite is most prevalent in ladies and may trigger lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and stomach.

2. Life-style

It’s no secret your way of life performs an vital position in figuring out your health ranges. Listed below are a number of way of life parameters to contemplate:

a. Exercise Degree

If in case you have a desk job, your chance of gaining thigh fats will increase. Then again, an lively particular person will burn energy all through the day because of a excessive metabolic price.

b. Stress and Nervousness

Excessive-stress ranges and nervousness can shoot up your cortisol ranges. Cortisol is popularly often known as the stress hormone and is produced within the adrenal glands discovered simply above your kidneys.

A examine discovered an affiliation between increased cortisol response and a better quantity of stomach fats in a gaggle of 172 women and men, suggesting that increased cortisol could result in overeating, which may probably promote weight acquire. [4]

Plus, a 2017 examine discovered that members with increased baseline stress ranges gained extra weight over six months than these with decrease stress ranges. [5]

c. Alcohol

On a time-bound fats loss program, you must utterly reduce alcohol out of your routine because it accommodates empty energy, that means it’s excessive in energy however supplies no dietary worth.

Moreover, binge ingesting can result in poor dietary selections and overeating, which might set you again in your transformation journey.

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d. Sleep

Sleep and restoration are amongst probably the most ignored topics in a physique transformation program. It doesn’t matter how exhausting you prepare or weight loss program; you gained’t see the specified outcomes till you give your physique sufficient time to relaxation and recuperate out of your workouts.

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Sleep regulates numerous bodily hormones. The hormones leptin and ghrelin assist regulate urge for food and are affected by an absence of sleep. Sleep deprivation can spike your cravings and make you binge eat junk meals.

Intention for seven to eight hours of sleep each night time for optimum restoration and guarantee balanced hormones.

Finest Workout routines To Lose Thigh Fats

The notorious thigh fats is positioned at your interior thighs and hamstrings so we’ll concentrate on exercises that primarily goal these areas. Though energy exercises don’t straight assist lose thigh fats, they assist tone, strengthen, and stimulate the underlying muscular tissues.

Given under are some thigh fats shedding exercises that must be part of your train arsenal:

1. Sumo squat

Learn how to carry out:

  1. Stand along with your ft shoulder-width aside and your toes mentioning.
  2. Seize a dumbbell with each palms and maintain it in entrance of your physique.
  3. Whereas retaining your core tight and torso upright, decrease your self right into a squat by pushing your hips again and down.
  4. Go as little as doable and pause on the backside.
  5. Return to the beginning place explosively whereas pushing by way of your heels.

Professional Suggestions: 

  • Pointing your toes in the direction of 10 and a couple of o’clock focuses in your interior thighs. 
  • Slightly ahead bend whereas performing this train is regular. Nevertheless, make certain your decrease again doesn’t take over the motion.
  • Goal Muscle Group: Quads
  • Secondary Muscular tissues: Calves, Glutes, Hamstrings, Decrease Again
  • Sort: Hypertrophy
  • Mechanics: Compound
  • Tools: Dumbbell
  • Issue: Newbie to Superior
  • Finest Rep Vary:
    • Hypertrophy: 12-15 reps
    • Energy: 2-5 reps
  • Development: Deficit sumo squat

Take a look at the whole sumo squat information right here!

2. Curtsy lunge

Learn how to carry out:

  1. Stand upright with a shoulder-wide stance along with your palms in entrance of your chest.
  2. Step again throughout your physique at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Decrease till your again knee touches the ground.
  4. Push off the entrance leg and return to the beginning place.
  5. Alternate between sides for really helpful reps.

Professional Suggestions:

  • Don’t take an enormous step again as it will probably throw you off stability.
  • Attempt retaining your higher physique as upright as doable all through the motion.
  • Goal Muscle Group: Glutes
  • Secondary Muscular tissues: Abductors, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Quads
  • Sort: Hypertrophy
  • Mechanics: Compound
  • Tools: Body weight
  • Issue: Newbie
  • Finest Rep Vary:
  • Development: Weighted Curtsy lunge

3. Lateral lunge

Learn how to carry out:

  1. Get into the beginning place along with your ft shoulder-width aside.
  2. Step to your facet along with your path leg prolonged and descend till the entrance thigh is parallel with the ground.
  3. Drive by way of the entrance leg and prolong the knee as you push again to the beginning place.
  4. Alternate between sides for really helpful reps.

Professional Suggestions:

  • Heat up your hips adequately earlier than trying this train.
  • Individuals with restricted hip mobility and core energy may wrestle with this train.
  • Goal Muscle Group: Quads
  • Secondary Muscular tissues: Abs, Adductors, Calves, Glutes, Hamstrings, Higher Again
  • Sort: Hypertrophy
  • Mechanics: Compound
  • Tools: Body weight
  • Issue: Newbie
  • Finest Rep Vary:
  • Development: Barbell lateral lunge

4. Goblet squat

Learn how to carry out:

  1. Stand upright with a shoulder-wide stance and maintain a dumbbell in entrance of your chest.
  2. Descend right into a squat by pushing your hips again and down whereas sustaining an upright torso.
  3. Go as deep as doable.
  4. Drive by way of your heels to return to the beginning place.

Professional Suggestions:

  • Heat up your forearms and wrists earlier than stepping into the working units.
  • Elevating your heels by standing on a weight plate can enhance your vary of movement whereas performing squats, particularly if in case you have a stiff decrease again or legs.
  • Goal Muscle Group: Quads
  • Secondary Muscular tissues: Abs, Adductors, Calves, Glutes, Hamstrings, Decrease Again
  • Sort: Hypertrophy
  • Mechanics: Compound
  • Tools: Dumbbell
  • Issue: Newbie
  • Finest Rep Vary:
  • Development: Double kettlebell entrance squat

Take a look at the whole goblet squat information right here!

5. Clamshell

Learn how to carry out:

  1. Lie in your facet along with your legs stacked and knees bent at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Relaxation your head in your decrease arm, and use your prime arm to regular your body.
  3. Tighten your core, as this may assist stabilize your backbone and pelvis.
  4. Retaining your ft touching, elevate your higher knee as excessive as doable with out shifting your hips or pelvis.
  5. Make sure that your decrease leg is at all times on the ground.
  6. Pause and contract your glutes on the prime.
  7. Return to the beginning place.
  8. Repeat for reps.

Professional Suggestions:

  • If the body weight variation of this train feels too straightforward, use a resistance band for extra stress.
  • Preserve your head in a cushty place to keep away from straining your neck.

6. Glute kickback

Learn how to carry out:

  1. Get right into a tabletop place along with your palms beneath your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips.
  2. Whereas sustaining a impartial backbone and a 90-degree angle on the knee, prolong the hip and raise your foot in the direction of the ceiling.
  3. Slowly return to the beginning place.
  4. Repeat for really helpful repetitions earlier than switching sides.

Professional Suggestions:

  • You can additionally carry out this train utilizing a Smith machine or leg extension machine for added resistance.
  • Drive by way of your heel whereas elevating your working leg in the direction of the ceiling.
  • Goal Muscle Group: Glutes
  • Secondary Muscular tissues: Hamstrings
  • Sort: Hypertrophy
  • Mechanics: Isolation
  • Tools: Body weight
  • Issue: Newbie
  • Finest Rep Vary:
  • Development: Resistance band glute kickback

Take a look at the whole glute kickback information right here!

7. Hip thrust

Learn how to carry out:

  1. Place your again in opposition to a flat bench and your ft flat on the ground at shoulder-width aside.
  2. Place a barbell in your hip crease.
  3. Drive each ft into the ground and squeeze your glutes whereas bridging lifting your hips in the direction of the ceiling.
  4. Pause and contract your glutes on the prime.
  5. Decrease your hips again to the beginning place and repeat for the specified variety of repetitions.

Professional Suggestions:

  • Use a weight you possibly can maintain on the prime for a second.
  • Your physique must be in a straight line out of your knees by way of your shoulders on the peak of the contraction.
  • Goal Muscle Group: Glutes
  • Secondary Muscular tissues: Hamstrings, Abs
  • Sort: Hypertrophy
  • Mechanics: Isolation
  • Tools: Body weight
  • Issue: Intermediate
  • Finest Rep Vary:
  • Development: Resistance band glute kickback

Take a look at the whole hip thrust information right here!

Then again, if you’re not a fan of hitting the health club or performing resistance or body weight exercises, you possibly can have interaction within the following actions:

  1. Yoga
  2. Stairs
  3. Operating
  4. Swimming
  5. Zumba

Thigh Fats-Busting Leg Exercise

Use the next workouts to focus on your thigh fats:

Exercise 1

Train Units Reps
Operating 10 minutes (HIIT cardio)
Goblet squat 3 units 12-15 reps
Lateral lunge 3 units 12-15 reps
Barbell thrust 3 units 12-15 reps
GHD elevate 3 units 12-15 reps
Donkey kick 3 units 12-15 reps

Exercise 2

Train Units Reps
Stairmaster 10 minutes (HIIT cardio)
Sumo squat 3 units 12-15 reps
Curtsy lunge 3 units 12-15 reps
Clamshell 3 units 12-15 reps
Cable pull-through 3 units 12-15 reps
Romanian deadlift 3 units 12-15 reps


Does swimming, biking, or strolling cut back physique fats?

Weight and physique fats loss are outcomes of burning extra energy than you eat in a day. Swimming, biking, and strolling may also help shed physique fats when mixed with a calorie deficit routine.

Can I lose thigh fats with out train?

Sure, you might burn thigh fats with out train. Nevertheless, exercises like those talked about above assist stimulate your muscular tissues and may also help enhance your fats loss progress.

How lengthy does it take to lose thigh fats?

It is determined by your aim and your present physique fats share. It is best to count on optimistic outcomes inside 8-12 weeks whereas following a calorie deficit weight loss program and an efficient coaching program.

Wrapping Up

Now that all the things you should find out about dropping thigh fats, it’s time to make a personalised program and put it into motion.

Thigh fats will be cussed and may want lots of exhausting work, persistence, and persistence earlier than you begin noticing outcomes. Belief the method and persist with your program for no less than 8-12 weeks earlier than anticipating outcomes.


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