How to Get Wider Triceps (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

You probably have skinny triceps that you simply wish to make wider, particularly when seen from behind, then you will wish to watch this video. Right here, I’m going to point out you one of the best ways to widen your triceps and get greater, thicker arms within the course of. Many occasions folks give attention to the entrance of their arms by engaged on the biceps. Whereas greater, wider biceps are undoubtedly spectacular, this strategy shouldn’t be the perfect for maximal width because the triceps make up two thirds of the higher arm girth.

When triceps width is the objective, it’s a must to look to the again. This video goes to point out greatest triceps exercises to hit each the medial and the lengthy heads. We’ll begin with the lengthy head. The lengthy head makes up most mass. When coaching the lengthy head, folks make the error of simply doing overhead triceps work.

This could work however to get maximal stimulation you additionally need to put the muscle into a totally contracted place. The 2 greatest methods to do that are Mendacity Triceps Extensions and Drag Pushdowns, holding your elbows again behind physique to maintain lengthy head absolutely shortened.

If, nevertheless, you might be quick on time and wish one efficient, easy train that may pull double responsibility, it is this Dumbbell Overhead / Kickback combo. To carry out this transfer, take two dumbbells and carry out the overhead extension whereas ensuring to maintain elbows in entrance your physique. Upon completion, lean ahead and carry out a regular kickback. When performing this combo transfer, you should definitely use lighter weight to have the ability to carry out the kickback.

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As a result of we’re in a position to make use of a heavier weight within the overhead extensions, you’ll have to carry out extra reps in that place in comparison with the kickback – roughly 2:1 or 3:1 rep ratio for the extensions to kickbacks. The overhead extension portion of the transfer gives most stretch on the triceps, whereas the relax places the triceps into a totally contracted place.

From there we transfer onto the medial head. The medial head is answerable for stabilizing the elbow whereas in full extension. Frequent errors listed below are that most individuals by no means absolutely lengthen elbow on any triceps train and due to this fact miss out on these previous few inches the place medial head will get essentially the most activation. Any triceps train that extends the elbow, achieved to full lock out, goes to adequately practice the medial head of the triceps.

Examples are Pushdowns, Diamond Cutter pushups with full extension, and Thumbs Up Elbow Tucked DB Bench Press. Apparently and never stunning, powerlifters virtually by no means have underneath developed medial heads of their triceps as a result of their aggressive lifts are judged on full lockout. If they do not hit full lockout, their rep shouldn’t be counted. Consequently, they often have very good medial head improvement.

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    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  2. My triceps are super strong' but ' I'm not seeing the growth I'd expect , these adaptations of my work out sound spot on I'll be doing super sets tomorrow and be trying out what you said , thanks bro can't type my appreciation so I'll just say thank you.

  3. Jeff, in my 30's I had a nasty nerve impingement in neck that left me with a numb left arm for almost two years. When the impingement was at it's most excruciating peak, I lost significant muscle due to atrophy. Those days are long gone, but when I try triceps exercises, I am obviously weaker on the left side and when trying the long-head exercise (lying on the bench, using dumbbells as you have demonstrated) I discovered my real triceps weakness is the long head. Until I saw your video, I never thought of any other triceps exercise except for pushdowns. Would extra work on the left triceps help do you think? BTW, I am now 70 but enjoy working out and maybe reversing damage done from desk jobs for 35 years . Would love your opinion.

  4. I have to admit I was unaware of the existence of the long head of the triceps. Like husband friend Jesse, I had well-developed lateral and medial heads.

    Thanks to Jeff's advice, I utilized these exercises and after three weeks, added 1/2 inch to my arms. Another benefit I noticed is the better contrast between my triceps and biceps, and better definition.

  5. A shoulder injury prevented me from doing any kind of pressing movement for 2 years. I was able to work my medial triceps with the workout he mentions, as well as others, except I was unable to do the dumbbell press. Just recently, my shoulder has healed almost 100% and I started doing presses. On my chest day, I did multiple sets of pressing exercises I was unable to do for the last 2 years and my medial triceps we sore as F*** for about a week after doing so. I'm convinced that pressing movements (vs. extension movements) must be incorporated for full muscle hypertrophy.

  6. Hi group. I had a multiple hernias repaired a few years ago . Are there exercises I should avoid or do i strengthen that area ? P.s. love the videos they have helped so much thank you

  7. Hi Jeff I'm 64 and haven't trained for years, now I have a Elbow Bursia and was wondering if you have any tips on how to rebuild this area as I think it is Tricep related,? I drive interstate truck and use ratchet tie downs which I think was the cause, it doesn't hurt or anything except if I lean on it.
    Look forward to hearing your thoughts and any tips on how to fix it.

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