How to Get Bigger Biceps (LIGHT WEIGHTS!!)

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When you thought the one strategy to get larger biceps was to elevate heavy weights, then that is the video for you. Right here I’m going to point out you ways you not solely can construct large biceps with gentle weights however how you need to elevate lighter weights in some unspecified time in the future in your coaching if you wish to have most bicep growth.

The roots of this video have been coated within the one I did on hypertrophy and the three principal strategies of constructing muscle. In that, I mentioned how there are three principal methods of eliciting muscle progress out of your workouts. The primary is progressive overload. This may be achieved by way of both including extra weight to the bar or by rising the quantity of labor that you just carry out in a given workout or workouts. The issue with progressive overload nonetheless is that you just finally run right into a wall and can’t proceed so as to add weight or quantity with out failing to have the ability to accomplish that or incurring undesirable overuse.

Equally, you should use eccentric overload coaching. Right here you depend on the elevated energy that you’ve got in an eccentric muscle contraction that you just don’t have in a concentric contraction to your benefit. The sluggish reducing of the heavier weights act to trigger a mechanical disruption to the muscle tissues that you’re coaching and trigger a stimulus for that muscle (on this case the biceps) to be constructed up larger and stronger through the restoration course of.

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Probably the most missed instrument for rising muscle measurement nonetheless is the metabolic coaching methodology. Right here, the aim is to extend the manufacturing of metabolites, the biproduct of muscle contraction. As you proceed to rep out even when the lactic acid burn has precipitated you to wish to hand over, you’re offering an unimaginable stimulus for muscle progress. This happens as a result of inflow of water into the muscle cell with the intention to cut back the focus of metabolites contained in the working muscle cell.

If you would like your biceps to develop larger you not solely will wish to do extra of the sort of coaching however you need to do extra of it. The primary place to begin is to take common bicep exercises and begin incorporating fixed movement to them. As a substitute of taking even a short relaxation at both the highest or the underside of the train, you’ll lighten the weights and work inside the center 90 % of the rep. By eliminating the highest and backside you’ll be able to keep in the midst of the rep and hold working till the burn is nearly insufferable.

The second manner to make use of gentle weights to construct larger biceps is to choose peak contraction exercises just like the spider curl and stick inside the contracted place and rep out. Right here, you aren’t solely utilizing fixed movement however you’re counting on the occlusive impact that you’re creating by abbreviating the highest half of the motion. The burn will as soon as once more be loopy, however that is what you want to withstand and notice that each rep performed with the burn current will ship increasingly of the dimensions and progress response that you’re after.


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  1. I'm nothing compared to this guy but I just want to say, I wish I had realized the true value of using light weights to maintain proper form 30 years ago lol. I'm 47 now and I never achieved the results I have lately, especially triceps by using remarkably light weights. Always great video's, trust him he knows his stuff!

  2. Exercise Movements in this video (Notes to Self):
    – Bicep Curls (Tip: Don't go to Very top and very bottom to feel the burn) 0:35
    – Incline Curls (Tip: Shave little bit of top and bottom like earlier) 2:10
    – Spider Curl (Tip: Go only until Mid-range and come back up) 2:35
    – Bicep Curls with bands 3:23

  3. I hurt one of my forearms and find it very hard to use a heavy weight now. I switched to BFR bands and use a 15 pound weight. I have much less discomfort and my biceps and forearms are still growing. What Jeff is doing is basically the same without the bands. It’s allowing blood to stay pooled in the muscle which causes it to grow. I still swear by the BFR bands though. Seem to get a bigger pump.

  4. God damn, I love the science in your videos. I have seen so much more gains since I’ve started watching your videos. 22% body fat to 13% too. Thanks for posting these.

  5. Thank you . I am 61 years old and i can honestly say that even at my age you have helped me to grow and change my body , mind and spirit as well as living a healthier life style.

  6. Are you using eccentric overload along with metabolic training and progressive overload on the same training day? Or are you splitting them up throughout week?

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