How to Get a 6 Pack in 7 Minutes (SITTING DOWN!)

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Studying the way to get a 6 pack is really easy, it may be accomplished sitting down, form of! On this video, I offer you a 7 minute routine that you are able to do whereas sitting in a single place on the ground. No gear or giant quantities of house are required to get you an ab workout routine that can sculpt out six pack abs by hitting every of crucial capabilities of the abdominals and obliques.

Now don’t be confused, this 7 minute sitting ab workout goes to be something however straightforward. You didn’t really assume you may get a formidable six pack by doing nothing did you? So long as you’re ready to work onerous nevertheless it is possible for you to to see some spectacular outcomes with simply this one sequence of ab workout strikes.

We begin with a decrease belly train since contraction from the underside up place is without doubt one of the more durable strikes to carry out. As a result of the burden of your legs is sort of immediately sufficient to trigger an overload for some with weaker abs, the decrease ab actions are often more durable. Although the rectus abdominus is a single muscle that contracts all or none, the activation of fibers will be influenced by the course of pull that happens through the explicit train.

As quickly as you’re accomplished fatiguing this motion, the following is to include rotation from the underside up. Rotational ab exercises are essential for maximally creating a ripped six pack. In actual fact, the six pack abs are carved out by muscle tissues that run on a diagonal (the obliques) and body them out completely. Hitting ab exercises that incorporate rotation goes to be essential for an entire ab workout.


Midrange and high down ab exercises are included subsequent. The midrange ab motion is one which includes movement of each the torso down in direction of the pelvis and the pelvis up in direction of the torso. The one I present you right here is carrying out each. The thought is that you just wish to get a powerful contraction in each the higher and decrease ab areas by transferring the 2 finish factors nearer to one another versus one transferring on the opposite.

The highest down rotation motion holds the identical advantages as the underside up rotation in that it trains the abs in a approach that they really desire to coach within the first place. I don’t care whether or not you’re an athlete or not, that you must make certain that you’re rotating in your ab exercises if you wish to get them as sharp and as developed as doable.

Lastly, we finish this 7 minute workout for abs by hitting the highest down motion. That is the best of all the workout, however resulting from it being sequenced on the very finish of the routine it immediately turns into way more tough. This lets you finish your workout with sufficient energy to perform all the exercises however along with your abs nonetheless getting a severe workout in from begin to end.

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  1. I think most people when training abs focus on rotation , obliques , and transverse ab training. But never realize that the rotation in different dimensions/angles matters thats why top down and bottom up are so important don't just do hang leg raise rotation movements but also top down rotations. Another way to make the top down rotation movement a little harder is add weight and do it on a swiss ball to make stability/balance more a challenge. ( i have to say i was a little unaware of just working rotations such as windshield whippers hang or on floor or sitting thinking its getting the top down rotations affect as well there two different ways to hit the same muscle so your strengthening the muscle in different directions/parts)

  2. I followed this abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) and achieved a 6-pack abs. When I workout at the gym I see oftentimes that even men are jealous. My trainer said this guide works well for men and women. Give it a try to have the result that I have achieved.

  3. are these as effective doing the same thing except with your back on the floor? my lower back (were the dimples are) always hurt when doing these type of exercises longer than 30 seconds (the pain is more of an irritation feeling). thanks for the workout. 🙂 btw even doing standing exercises it hurts sometimes. I use weights and if I have the weight over my head and lift say my left leg up to meet my elbows… I hear a pop most of the time down by my lower spine as do my reps.

  4. What if im working on this exercise and i cant feel it in my abs? I feel like these exercise uses alot of my leg strength, and flexibility depends on it. Im not flexible at all and doing these exercises hurts my legs.


  6. Isnt this just six minutes ??? Five exercises for a minute each and 30 sec each side for the obliques exercises….how is this 7 minutes , jeff didnt mention how much rest between exercises either so…???

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