How to Fix Rounded Shoulders (GONE IN 4 STEPS!)

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Rounded shoulders are one of the crucial frequent postural issues that not solely makes us look unhealthy when standing nevertheless it compromises our our bodies over time. On this video, I’m going to point out you the best way to repair rounded shoulders in simply 4 steps by attacking the issue with the suitable collection of corrections. With a purpose to eliminate spherical shoulders you’ll have to work on correcting joint points, muscle weak point, muscle tightness and unhealthy habits.

We begin with the joint correction. Most of us would suppose that we possible have an issue with our shoulder joint if the problem is rounded shoulders however that isn’t precisely correct. In reality, tightness and restriction within the mid again (thoracic backbone) is a much more important joint mobility difficulty that’s inflicting the shoulders to imagine a nasty posture.

You should use issues like a foam curler to try to appropriate this mobility difficulty however what’s simpler and simpler to implement is the easy drill proven on this video. All you must do is lie face down on the ground and lengthen your arms up over your head at a forty five diploma angle. Roll backwards to 1 facet and let your arms keep excessive. This is not going to solely rotate your thoracic backbone however it’ll transfer it into extension and enable you open up the restricted space. Do only a few turns to the left and proper every day and you’ll rapidly see your posture enhance from simply this alone.


Subsequent, now we have to take care of the muscle points. Muscle groups concerned in inflicting rounded shoulders are both tight or weak. The syndrome known as higher cross and it’s one the place the muscle tissue of the pec minor, levator scar and higher traps get tight and brief and wish stretching whereas the rhomboids, subscapularis, serratus and decrease traps get lengthy and weak. Right here we’re going to first deal with people who must be stretched.

The very best two stretches are ones that you are able to do with none tools. All you want is a doorway to place your physique in and you might be good to go. Stretch the subscapularis by placing your elbow contained in the doorway and getting your arm right into a place to throw a baseball. Rotate your physique away from the elbow and you’ll really feel stretch within the muscle deep inside your armpit and at the back of your arm. Maintain for simply 30-45 seconds and repeat a couple of instances. Finest outcomes come from doing this only a few instances per week on each arms.

The pec minor stretch may be seen described right here. Make sure you additionally stretch it for 30-45 seconds a couple of instances per week and earlier than lengthy you will see that it simpler than ever to get into the proper posture as a result of you may have freed up the tightnesses.

So as to have the ability to maintain this correct place nevertheless, with out pondering, you’re going to should strengthen the suitable muscle tissue as effectively. Listed below are proven simply two exercises that you are able to do with one cheap resistance band. The secret is that they not solely work the suitable muscle tissue to repair the issue however they work them in the suitable mixture with one another. The main focus right here shouldn’t be on doing a lot of reps however slightly fewer high quality reps.

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This entire routine for fixing your rounded shoulders shouldn’t take you extra than simply 5 minutes to carry out. The secret is going to be to be according to it. I attempted to maintain it very easy to comply with and low within the requirement of apparatus. Just some instances per week and 4 steps is all it’s worthwhile to begin making the rounded shoulders you now have a distant reminiscence.

If you’re in search of a full workout program that’s designed by a bodily therapist to not solely offer you nice posture however enable you to construct severe athletic muscle within the course of, head to and get one of many ATHLEAN-X Coaching Techniques. Begin coaching like an athlete so you can begin feeling and looking out like one very quickly.

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  1. I'm a 30 year old software engineer who has been sedentary for the past 10 years of my life. I started doing these stretches and bought an exercise band to do the rest with and after 6 months my posture is straight as a light post.

  2. Learned this years ago from Jeff.
    Now have shoulder pain because stopped the stretching and listened to a “internet” guru on shoulder lifts…… now I’m back here relearning and shoulder pain is going away. Thank you Jeff.
    GOD bless you.

  3. I have shoulder rounding can I fix it with just scrap push-ups and lat pull downs I’m just starting to feel them target for first time in years of lifting. Do you think I’d throw harder I throw liek 90

  4. How many sets for the strengthening excercises? I was thinking of adding them to the start of my pull days, and ditching shrugs because by the sounds of it they just make the problem worse for now. So 2 pull days a week, 20 reps and 2 sets of each, each day. Is this enough?

  5. I’m excited to try these. I get pins and needles in my upper back and chronic lower neck pain with headaches from my Paleolithic era posture. An ex once told me how I’m always slouching which really opened up my eyes to how awful my posture is. I’m definitely trying this. Always go with a PT’s advice over random unqualified people…and chiropractors. Can’t wait to see the results

  6. This is literally saving me from my shoulder pain, that has me in pain everyday. It’s super hard to workout with, and limiting my gains. Can feel my chest activated for the first time in a while

  7. Definitely, the best fitness videos anywhere. I'm 65, and have used the Huberman Lab, and Goggins motivation info to reverse my diabetes, and cover 50 miles in a day regularly. Now, I feel great.
    And I'm starting to see a bit of definition since using more of these JC videos. I wasn't suppose to go back to normal glucose levels without medication or special diets. Or gain 25 pounds of muscle at 65, on basically a liquid diet. Now, I'm not suppose to get definition like someone 40 years younger.
    So, here I go. Starting with these unbelievably helpful JC videos. Ive done everything off the YT videos so far. And I see no reason to stop now.
    I would like some advice on if I need to do anything different because I am missing a significant portion of my scapula. Part of it was removed to replace my full jawbone. I look forward to the day when I can post a photo some senior fitness websites.
    Showing what you can accomplish with excellent free instructions, and a commitment to improve your body.

  8. I swim a lot and I was told that it is really common for swimmers to have rounded shoulders, I always thought it has to be like this but I'll try those exercises and see if it'll help

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