How to Build Muscle (THE ULTIMATE VIDEO!)

Get the final word program for constructing ripped, lean athletic muscle

If you’re seeking to construct muscle and have been advised the one good method to do it was by lifting the heaviest weights you’ll be able to, then that is the proper video for you. You see, whereas lifting heavy is a wonderful method to construct muscle quick it’s not the one approach. The truth is, of all of the methods you’ll be able to construct muscle that’s the one that can doubtless plateau the quickest bringing your features to a screeching halt. It’s merely unimaginable to proceed so as to add weight to the bar, workout after workout. In the end you received’t have the ability to do that and you’ll be out of muscle constructing strategies when you rely solely on this.

As an alternative, with this final video on construct muscle you will note there are way more strategies that will help you do that. By pulling from most of the workout suggestions throughout the assorted ATHLEAN-X workout applications I present you a lot extra methods to stimulate muscle progress. A few of these embrace performing one and a half reps, explosive reps, or just extending your time below muscle pressure through the prolonged units supplied by our “in10sity strategies”.

Past simply the way you carry the burden nevertheless are what you might be utilizing to carry out the exercises. If you happen to change the gear you utilize you’ll be able to undoubtedly have on influence on how a lot muscle you’ll be able to construct by performing the train. I present you the way a easy change to dumbbells provides advantages in muscle achieve past simply what barbells can present. Taking it additional, it’s demonstrated how cables and resistance bands provide a fair completely different stimulus for muscle progress. Including two of them collectively in the identical set takes it much more to the intense and supplies an much more efficient method to construct muscle quick.

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That is simply the beginning nevertheless, since you can too range the way in which you relaxation between units and the way you string your units collectively inside a workout. If you happen to condense the time you relaxation between units, as you do in density coaching, you’ll carry out the identical quantity of muscle work that you’d in a sometimes longer workout. This has an finish results of extra work being achieved by your muscle mass within the workout. Extra work will equal extra overload, which is a prerequisite for brand spanking new muscle progress and greater muscle mass.

Lastly, even when you don’t have entry to gear you’ll be able to nonetheless construct new muscle. Taking an idea from the ATHLEAN XERO program, I present you an train you are able to do in a easy doorway to get these biceps rising. With over 150 body weight exercises to construct muscle obtainable in this system, it has grow to be the definitive program for constructing muscle measurement with no need gear. This and all the ATHLEAN-X applications can be found at that will help you begin coaching like an athlete.

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  1. thank you Jeff, "this is your channel"….so cute… and we let you know… and you do something so unbelievable good for us to show the why and how to do it!!!!!! Keep on going , but if you need help… ask for it, I think everybody on this channel would help as much as he can , to do YOU a favor too!!! Love your explanations and hope they are staying in mind when i am at the gym to try them out!!!!

  2. Jeff, bro' you're giving it away. Look at youtube videos. The guys who sell training packages don't show and tell everything. They don't give enough information that an intelligent and motivated guy could take it and go do it. They cultivate dependency and leave people hanging if they don't buy.

    Seriously. Great stuff. I've learned so much from these.

  3. Jeff, you are by far the most knowledgeable trainer ever. You always refer to the "guys." I am a 77-year-old lady and a former bodybuilder from the 80's. I've learned more from you than any trainer I ever had in the past!

  4. I have 5 science degrees. I question everything. If it has no empirical evidence to back it up, it means absolutely nothing to me. Jeff provides the straight truth, backing it up with the science. In my 60s, I look amazing due to discipline, working out with purpose and not just slinging weights, healthy dieting, small amount of supplementation(whey, casein, creatine and amino acids), and studying the things Jeff talks about i.e. A&P, biomechanics, etc… Jeff has taught me to lift smarter, to avoid injury, and to recognize the importance of change.

  5. hey Jeff as much as I would hate to contradict you (u da man) but the curls and the resistance band is not quite right.

    a curl is hardest at teh mid point because the forearm is parallel to the ground and the moment arm is at maximum length. at the top of the lift the moment is very short. in order to gain max benefit the resistance band should be anchored to a point high enough so that at the top of the lift, it will be parallel to the ground

  6. Thank you!!! I watch you religiously and follow all your suggestions. Since I started following you my body has changed considerably to the point that now I’m labeled “fit” by my peers.

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