HONEST LULULEMON REVIEW: Instill Tights, Power Thru Leggings, Align Leggings + more

Align Leggings 21″Time to attempt on the merchandise I have been crapping on……
Are the Instill Leggings value it? what in regards to the Energy Via Leggings? Let’s chat about it!

My vlog channel!!!:
My final antihaul:

00:00 Intro
01:20 Instill Leggings
06:09 Energy Via Leggings
08:42 Light-weight Hooded Jacket
09:46 Align Leggings
10:43 LA Cropped Boxy Tee

Instill Tights:
Energy Via Leggings 25″ (the sample I attempted on):
Energy Via Leggings 25″ (the opposite colours):
Light-weight Hooded Jacket:
Align Leggings 21″(the sample I attempted on):
Align Leggings 21″ (the opposite colours):
LA Cropped Boxy Tee:

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  1. I bought 3 pairs of the instill to wear specifically for yoga and they were so soft I thought I would love them
    I wore them to my class and big fail they rolled down fell down and were a disaster
    Anyway I returned them and exchanged them for the invigorate that are perfect they absolutely don’t move and are soft
    So as beautiful as the instill fabric is they are a no for me
    We can’t get those beautiful fabrics and patterns in Australia ❤️🦘🇦🇺🐨

  2. The instill tight would be good for winter time outdoor tight as it’s not breathable. Ever wear those breathable leggings outside in 0°C ? Lol 😂

  3. I don’t see the issue with the front seam. Even leggings without the front seam can cause the camel and a lot will give a Barbie crotch. So many people end up looking like David Bowie’s crotch from Labyrinth. No thank you!

  4. Thank you for reviewing the Power Thru’s. I’ve had them in my Wish List for a while debating whether to get or not. Interesting how they are “multi layered”. Not so sure I would like that and like u said hard to adjust ….

    Very informative! (And also the instills as well 👍)

  5. What’s your favorite nyc store? I don’t live anywhere near a store and I’m coding nyc in October and looking forward to the in store experience 🥰 also, is the hemming process complicated? I’m planning on bringing some pieces I want to crop but no idea what to expect 🙈

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