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5 Hip Abductor Exercises to Boost your Fitness

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In case you are at a plateau in your health, hip abductor exercises might be what you want to take your workouts to the following degree.

Your major hip abductor muscle is your gluteus medius. It’s chargeable for transferring your leg away out of your midline. Working your hip abductors will enhance energy, energy, and stability and can scale back damage.

I’ll present you 5 nice exercises for concentrating on your hip abductors. I’ll describe every train’s advantages, offer you step-by-step directions, and supply useful tips about kind.

1. Banded Lateral Steps

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Ability degree: Newbie

Banded lateral steps are nice for rookies as a result of it’s simple to grasp the method. Begin with a light-weight resistance band, and work your means as much as a heavier resistance band as you get stronger.

Carry out banded lateral walks as a part of your warm-up to activate your hip abductors. This muscle is the first hip abductor and is chargeable for stabilizing the pelvis throughout motion. 

Warming up these muscular tissues earlier than leg exercises like operating and squatting will enhance your energy and energy.

Activating your glutes initially of your workout will enhance your kind and scale back the chance of damage to your low again, hips, and knees.

Methods to:

  1. Place a resistance band loop round your legs simply above your knees.
  2. Retaining your toes parallel, decrease right into a partial squat.
  3. Step your proper foot out about 2 toes.
  4. Step your left foot in to satisfy the precise.
  5. Repeat for a number of repetitions earlier than reversing instructions.


Select a band with sufficient resistance that the train is difficult however not so heavy that you just lose management of the motion.

Keep in a quarter-squat, and maintain your toes parallel at some stage in the train.

Carry out 10-12 repetitions in every path for 3 units to realize most advantages from this train.

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2. Clamshell

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Ability degree: Newbie

The clamshell is an isolation train for the gluteus medius. Clamshells are a terrific choice as a result of it doesn’t require any tools. 

Clamshells may be performed by anybody, no matter your degree of energy. They’re a terrific train to begin constructing hip abductor energy.

Throughout this train, the remainder of your physique remains to be, so it’s simple to ensure you are utilizing the right kind and concentrating on your hip abductors.

Methods to:

  1. Lie in your proper facet together with your head resting in your arm, and your knees bent to a 90-degree angle.
  2. Place your left hand in your hip.
  3. Elevate your left knee so far as you may with out transferring your left hip backward.
  4. Decrease your left knee with management.
  5. Repeat for 10 repetitions earlier than switching sides.


Preserve your shoulders, hips, knees, and toes stacked on high of one another. Don’t let your self roll ahead or backward as you carry out the train.

Use your free hand to observe the place of your working hip. Your hip ought to be pointing to the wall in entrance of you as your knee lifts.

Add a resistance band loop round your legs above your knees to make this train tougher.

3. Lateral Leg Raises

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Ability degree: Intermediate

Supine leg lifts are a wonderful hip abductor train that targets your gluteus medius and maximus. Additionally, you will work your abs and quads to stabilize your physique.

Doing this train with straight legs requires loads of hip energy, so you may get an enormous profit with out doing a ton of reps.

Your transverse abdominis can be engaged to stabilize your torso. A robust transverse abdominis helps stabilize the hips and prevents damage to the low again.

Methods to:

  1. Lie in your proper facet together with your physique in a straight line and your toes collectively.
  2. Help your head together with your proper hand, and produce your left hand to the ground in entrance of you.
  3. Elevate your left leg towards the ceiling protecting the remainder of your physique nonetheless.
  4. Decrease your leg with management.
  5. Repeat for 8-12 repetitions earlier than switching sides.
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Squeeze your quads to maintain your legs straight.

Have interaction your abs and squeeze your glutes to maintain your physique nonetheless all through the train. Your physique shouldn’t be tilting backwards and forwards as you carry and decrease your leg.

Carry out this train going through a mirror to observe your kind.

Add a light-weight resistance band loop or an ankle weight to make the train tougher.

4. Hearth Hydrant

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Ability degree: Intermediate

The fireplace hydrant is a posh hip abduction train that targets the gluteus medius and the transverse abdominis.

These deep hip and core muscular tissues are the first muscular tissues chargeable for stabilizing your pelvis throughout motion. 

Hearth hydrants require you to stabilize your hips, abs, and shoulders concurrently. This may enhance your kind and management throughout different athletic exercises.

Methods to:

  1. Begin in your palms and knees together with your shoulders over your wrists and your hips stacked over your knees.
  2. Press your palms into the ground to have interaction your shoulders and maintain your gaze impartial on the flooring.
  3. Elevate your proper knee towards the wall to your proper with out shifting your left hip.
  4. Decrease your leg with management again to the beginning place.
  5. Full a number of repetitions earlier than switching sides.


Preserve your supporting facet lifted as you increase your reverse leg. Place a yoga block on high of your hips and carry out the train with out dropping the block.

Solely carry your leg so far as you may with out your hips tilting sideways. It is possible for you to to carry your leg increased as your energy improves.

Preserve your abs lifted away from the ground. Lifting your abdomen engages your deep ab muscular tissues and can assist to stabilize your hips.

5. Aspect Lunge

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Ability degree: Superior

The facet lunge works your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and the small muscular tissues that stabilize your knees. This superior train builds energy and stability within the hips and knees.

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Aspect lunges will have interaction the again and core muscular tissues greater than different hip abductor exercises since you are standing.

Aspect lunges problem the hip abductors greater than conventional lunges whereas nonetheless working the entire massive muscular tissues of your decrease physique.

Add facet lunges into your routine upon getting mastered the newbie and intermediate degree hip abductor exercises.

Methods to:

  1. Begin by standing upright together with your toes hip-width aside.
  2. Take a large step to your proper together with your toe pointed barely out.
  3. Squat onto your proper leg protecting your left leg straight.
  4. Press into your proper foot to press again up and return your proper foot to satisfy the left.
  5. Repeat the motion with the left leg.


Preserve your chest lifted and your gaze ahead as you decrease into the lunge.

Don’t let your knee transcend your toes in the course of the lunge. In case your knee is coming ahead an excessive amount of, shift your weight again into your heel and sit your hips again extra.

Make the train simpler by beginning in a large stance and protecting your toes stationary as you lunge back and forth.

Make facet lunges tougher by holding a weight in entrance of your chest as you carry out the train.

Concentrate on Your Hip Abductors to Enhance Leg Days

It’s time to focus in your hip abductors if in case you have suffered lower-body accidents or can’t appear to enhance your energy in your decrease physique.

Including these easy exercises to your routine will enhance your hips’ stability and assist you generate extra energy and energy throughout your workouts.

Observe the directions and suggestions to make sure that your kind is right.

Do these 5 hip abductor exercises as a warm-up or throughout your energy routine, and you will note enormous outcomes shortly.

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