Get Abs Like a Gymnast (AT HOME!!)

Get ripped abs like a shredded professional athlete right here

If you wish to get abs like a gymnast you must prepare like a gymnast, even at dwelling. It’s not a cliche. The easiest way to get abs is to carry out ab exercises that pressure you to seal up your physique’s pure power leaks and get your core to fireplace first. Gymnasts and different athletes know this and have perfected this in all exercises that they do. It’s time so that you can begin getting your abs to work the precise approach so you can also have ripped abs that look nice in any gentle.

On this video, I cowl the subject of ab muscle firing patterns. If you’ll be your strongest, you want to make sure that your abs and core are capable of be fired or contracted first…earlier than any peripheral motion happens. If you are able to do this, you’ll be able to accomplish two issues. First, you stabilize the backbone and trunk so the motion turns into safer to carry out. That is particularly essential on among the larger exercises just like the deadlift.

Second, this enables the power and energy that you simply do develop to be transferred from the decrease physique up or the higher physique down, with out dissipation. That is key to transferring and functioning like an athlete. With a view to get your abs to pop you want to make sure that you possibly can interact them on demand. By training the 2 ab exercises proven right here, you’ll be capable to begin doing that very quickly.

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The primary ab train proven is known as the pike dip. You need to get in a dip place both utilizing dip bars or the nook of a kitchen counter in the event you’re doing these ab exercises at dwelling. From right here, you retain your arms locked out and easily attempt to carry your butt and trunk upwards towards the pressure of gravity by contracting your abs.

Chances are you’ll discover that you simply need to bend your arms to assist cheat your physique up on each rep. Resist the urge and maintain the depth on the abs themselves.

The following train is the dip bar variation of the favored L-sit ab train. Right here you are attempting to show your physique to be robust and stabile whereas initiating and holding a robust ab contraction. You must look to carry the l sit place for as much as 30 seconds if you’re ready. Right here once more, you are able to do this ab train at dwelling to get abs through the use of the nook of a kitchen counter.

In case you are prepared to start out getting a whole step-by-step program on get abs like a gymnast or any athlete for that matter, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. 01:14 pike dip
    A. Stabilize body
    B. Straighten arms
    C. Lock out elbows
    D. Raise pelvis and butt against force of gravity.

    02:30 L-sit
    A. Contract your core first.
    B. Tighten muscles
    C. Eliminate energy leaks.

  2. I've had this video saved for a long time- it's fine, however not having that piece of equipment proves difficult! & using the counter is way too hard, if you're a short girl.

  3. I am 60. I can bench press 115 lbs, squat 80lbs and curl 80lbs. I tried to do one of the crunches of the bottom of the staircase and couldn't come close to doing one of those exercises from 1:56 – lol

  4. Me : "Ive been into bodybuilding an into physical activity since 198*"
    Jeff: "let me show you what you dont know but need to know an. you probably did when you did dips wrong in 1995"

  5. Gonna start doing Gymnastic stuff. 33 and don't wanna lift heavy anymore. Especially because of joints. I first got ripped at 18 training with rescue swimmers and pilots (not even weight lifting). It was calisthetics and swims.

  6. Thanks for your tips. I've learned a lot from your videos, and especially about the importance of working outer rotation of the shoulders. This video caught my eye because I was a gymnast as a kid, AND I just bought a set of rings. Can we say stability? Let the fun begin.

  7. Hes exactly rite! every time a contract my abs on pullups or dips I can do probably twice as many. Great stuff! For you next vid tho could u maybe do one on how to get the arms of a gymnast. I dont kno if you notice but there arms r freakin ripped!!! Thanks I watch ur vids all the time!

  8. Jeff, can you do a vide on how to deal with Plantar Fasciitis as an Athlete? As a member of Team Athlean I have had to deal with this however, I am doing much better. Others on the team are having issues and a video from you with advice to athletes would be greatly appreciated especially since 1 out of 3 people are dealing with it and may not even know it.


  9. I've learned a lot from you Mr. Cavaliere. You're my role model and I expect to look like you some day. Loved this video. I actually did the exercises with the chair I was sitting on! Thank you for your good tips!

  10. Jeff I am 15 years old and I want to lift heavy the only problem is that I don't want to stunt my growth. Can you make a video of this is true or not cuz if it's true I'm staying away from heavy lifting till I'm older

  11. Jeff, I have crazy hip pain, usually on my right but sometimes it'll change up if my hips happen to not be in line. Although, the origin is in the center right on the tail bone no matter what side the pain is on. Anyway I'm certain that I'm too mobile in my SI joint and I've seen doctors, physical therapists, and been given oral steroids and nothing is helping. Hoping you can do a video on this soon as I need to try something new, this everyday pain has been unbearable. I can't exercise, sit up straight without something supporting the lower back, messes with my sleep, and it has greatly interfered with my classes.

  12. I have a dumb question but how exactly do you recommend initiating your core? Do you pull in ( suck in) ? Do you push out? He mentioned one time I think that you pull in like your lifting your testicles or like your stopping the flow of urine.

  13. Jeff: another great video! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping us to get better everyday. I know there other videos on carbs, but a video specifically on carbs with your post workout protein would be great (like addressing to or not to take in carbs and what carbs high or low glycemic to take in. Thanks!

  14. Can you explain why it's beneficial to flex your abs when you deadlift?
    I know it helps but I don't understand the science.
    My friend says there is no contraction when you are using your back and legs.
    Thanks Jeff

  15. I really like your vids jeff i use them ALLOT especially the home trainings, can you maybe put togetter a video with what you think are the best bodyweight exercises for a sixpack?

  16. Hi Jeff Could you do a vid on warming up?  I have injured my shoulder and arm from not warming up properly, I have now learnt my lesson. it would be good to see how you do it, or recommend we do it.

  17. I just purchased a suspension trainer to add core to every exercise due to the unstable nature of suspension traps. maybe if you could do a few videos on some variations and full workouts with this type of system im sure lots of us would find that helpful. So far im loving these things, only had them a week but its been giving me a killer workout, much harder then just free weights alone.  thanks. 

  18. Holy shit did your body improve with age or something? I dont know if my eyes are playing games with me but it looks like you put on more muscle and more ripped then in your previous vids? Also I saw your meal plan example vid and am having carbs and protein in every meal regardless of starchy or complex hech i'm a endo and mesomoprh hybrid and still got abs. I don't want to sound like i'm boasting but people give way too much maybe even tremendous amounts of pressure on their diet. All you need to do is keep it balanced and of course protein protein and more protein. of course you need creatine and lysine rih foods like eggs and meat. So yeah i gave a big middle finger to diet within 2 weeks of following athleanx xero and still getting jacked and moving with explosiveness everyday and the level of energy is ridiculously high. Ok if you want faster results then you do need to be a little strict e.g. absence of fried food but that's only a tiny amount of effort so ye Jeff Cavaliere is the real deal and it's probably the ideal vbody what most people should be aiming for with the hectic lifestyle people lead these days it's more beneficial to your body than you think so give it a shot and hopefully you can thank Jeff later. 

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