FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | 4 Day Gym Routine/Workout Split

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Hey, beaus!

On this video, I will be strolling you thru a full week of workouts on the health club. These workouts can be nice for these which might be intermediate-advanced. On this week, we’ll be doing 4 workouts: two decrease physique days and two higher physique days.
Please see under for time stamps for when every day begins.

In fact, most significantly, always remember that your health targets are fueled additionally by means of your vitamin, so at all times keep in mind to remain in keeping with each your vitamin & coaching.

For extra workout movies and day by day health motivation, comply with me on:

*Please be at liberty to modify the times up as you want (ie: doing higher physique day first, and many others.)
Carry out just one workout per day with relaxation days in between as wanted.

Full Physique Foam Rolling | 10-Quarter-hour
Leg Swings | 1×10-12 reps going ahead to again + left to proper
1) Barbell Again Squats:
– Heat Up Set 1: 8 reps (barbell-only)
– Heat-Up Set 2: 6 reps @45-50% 1RM
– Working Units: 4×6 reps @65% 1RM
2) Hip Thrusts | 4×10 reps
3) Reverse Hack Squats | 4×8 reps
4) Leg Extensions | 4×10 reps
5) Cable Step Ups | 4×10 reps/leg
6) Treadmill | 25 minutes at a 10-15% incline

Full Physique Foam Rolling | 10-Quarter-hour
1) Bench Press:
– Heat-Up Units 1&2: 10-12 reps (barbell-only)
– Heat-Up Set 3: 8-10 reps @50percent1RM
– 4×8 reps @70% 1RM
2) DB Shoulder Press | 4×10 reps
3) a. Excessive Cable Chest Flyes | 10 reps
b. Low Cable Chest Flyes | 10 reps
c. Relaxation for 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-c for a complete of 4x.
4) DB Overhead Triceps Extensions | 4×12 reps
5) a. Cable Upright Rows | 12 reps
b. Triceps Pushdowns | 12 reps
c. Relaxation for 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-c for a complete of 4x.
6) Lateral Elevate Machine | 4×10 reps
7) Treadmill | 25 minutes at a 10-15% incline

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Full Physique Foam Rolling | 10-Quarter-hour
1) Pull Ups/Chin Ups | 4×12 reps
2) Large-Grip Lat Pulldown | 4×12 reps
3) a. Straight Arm Pushdowns | 12 reps
b. Cable Bicep Curls | 12 reps
c. Relaxation for 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-c for a complete of 4x.
4) Single-Arm DB Rows | 4×10 reps/arm
6) Static-Maintain DB Curls | 4×12 reps/arm
7) Machine Preacher Curls | 4×12 reps
8) Treadmill | 25 minutes at a 10-15% incline

Full Physique Foam Rolling | 10-Quarter-hour
Leg Swings | 1×10-12 reps going ahead to again + left to proper
RDLs | 2×12 reps (barbell-only)
1) Typical Deadlifts:
– Heat-Up Set 1: 6 reps @55% 1RM
– Working Units: 4×6 reps @63% 1RM
2) Good Mornings | 4×10-12 reps
3) a. Glute Hamstring Raises | 10-12 reps
b. Reverse Lunges | 8 reps/leg
c. Relaxation for 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-c for a complete of 4x.
4) Cable Kickbacks | 4×12 reps/leg
5) Treadmill | 25 minutes at a 10-15% incline

Relaxation 1-2 minutes in between every set for each workout.


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  1. BESTIES. ❤️
    Thanks for dropping by!
    ✅Please refer to the description for:
    – Time stamps for when each day starts
    – Full written workouts
    – Outfit details for each day & links
    – Links to other helpful videos mentioned

    💕Make sure to check out Cira for all your supplement needs & shop through my link here:
    10% Discount Code: “NAOMI”


  2. Thank you so much for making this video. I have been introduced to the gym 2 yrs ago but I wasnt doing it the right way. I'll just go to the gym and do whatever I can do and copy from other people lol. I would also not take 1-2 min rest because I thought I need to finish the work out as early as possible in order for it to be "effective" 😭 I also didnt know about the deficit and bulking and training diff muscle group per day. I didnt know everything lol I just went to the gym. I also went on and off to the gym before so I was really inconsistent.

    But now it's really different, I did my research and made a split that works best for my weekly sched since I am still a student I can't afford a personal trainer. It's really great that we have the internet today because almost everything is here to teach us. I just wished I researched properly 2 yrs ago maybe I already have the body that I want now but I had to accept all my mistakes and re start again. It's okay though at least I am now equipped with all my previous experience and helpful videos from the internet like youtubers like you.

    Im really grateful for youtubers like you.
    Keep making videos please. God Bless xxx

  3. i just started going to the gym after a long time – i used to go to the gym before but i had absolutely no idea what i was doing lmao – and your videos helped me A LOT! thanks to you now i have a plan on what to do every day, you have no idea how grateful i am thank you so much Naomi 🙏🏼❤️

  4. Hey queen! I lovr your videos so so much and I was just wondering if your bose headphones get worn out? As in the ear pads since they’re really weak yo water so I was just wondering if you jsut wear them normally without anything when you work out?❤️

  5. Ever since I started following you, I have so much confidence in what I do at the gym the shyness in me is all gone I have gained some muscles. Thank you for all your hard work. Your workouts has really helped me in so many ways. 😊😍💕💪.

  6. heyy im new to this channel but I want to work out 5 days a week at the gym for an hour (fullbody, upperbody,lowerbody, leg day and back shoulders etc) , 1 day at home for 15 mins booty workout with resistance band and I have one full rest day. i am a beginner so I am taking most if not all of my workout plans from your videos so I was wondering if my plans are good and also do I need to buy preworkout? i am 20, 54.5kg and i would love to get your opinion!

  7. Hi Naomi! I’m a 17 year old girl starting gym for the first time. I wanted to know if i should stick this week workout until I plateau, or should i do this for a week and then move onto the next?

  8. Do you like the ankle straps you’re using? I really need some and I looked at the ones your wearing but I don’t always trust the reviews on the products, so I want to know what your experience has been with them.

  9. Thank you girl..after thinking for like 3 months if i should join the gym im finally doing it and with this at least i will know what to do for a few weeks.. How long until i feel confident and that nobody is paying attention to what im doing??

  10. Hi I've just started my gym journey and did your upper body routine today! Your videos have been really good at breaking things down clearly and giving me confidence. I wanted to ask that you don't really have any abs/core days at the gym routines, do you think its something to consider as a beginner?

  11. You’re definitely the most easy to follow along person I’ve found, for gym workouts! I’ve been having health issues due to excess weight, and it’s been very overwhelming with so many workouts on YT. I’m very glad I found your channel, because I’ve written everything in this video, down on paper. You’re very enjoyable to watch, and I love how straight to the point you are. You’ve helped me realize the mistakes I’ve been doing on the machines, and you’ve helped me better understand where I need to “feel” the workouts.

    Thank you, Naomi! Off to the gym I go lol

  12. This is a weird question but I just started doing resistance training (literally today) and during my rests between sets, idk what to do?? It feels awkward. Do I just stare at the floor? Lol what do people do during their rests? My rest is 30 seconds.

  13. Please make more videos like this!! I love your workout videos and have been watching your weekly workout videos! Been working out for always 3 months now and this was the perfect video for me to add different workouts to my routine.

  14. Can anyone else not foam roll? I don’t know what it is but I just end up rolling around the floor exhausting myself and feeling no benefit 🤣 I can’t figure it out at all 🤣🤣

  15. Hello, your squat need a little alteration:
    When you go up don’t hyperextend your back also when going down you are coming too much forward

  16. I always look forward to your videos because they’ve been helping me so much as i go along my fitness journey (going on ~ 2 years now). Thank you for the new video! 💛

  17. I finally added split squats and dumbbell deadlifts to my leg workout. Two weeks later (I’ve been weight training 8 months and I’m in the gym for two hours, 4 days a week now ) my booty popped finally😂 its rounded and lifted after 6 months but it’s really poking now. Going to incorporate single arm exercises now. You showed me how to properly do the bent over rows and now the heaviest I can go is 35 pounds!

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