From 0 to 5 Pullups in 22 Days (GUARANTEED!)

Need to begin doing all your first set of pull ups in simply 22 days? Properly, for those who watch this video and carry out the workouts as written, you’ll be doing extra pull ups very quickly. This 22 day 0 to five workout for extra pull-ups builds off of the super success of our 22 day push up workout. The important thing to the timeline is that this workout progresses you thru varied exercises whereas demanding that you simply improve pull ups alongside the best way.

It consists of three weeks of testing and non-testing days that may shortly construct up your again, grip and arms whereas serving to you develop the power to do your first set of pull ups. You will not be asking the way to do a pull-up anymore after following the following tips.

The best way these workouts are structured is by first establishing your max on an help train, the inverted row to failure in a single set. From right here, you relaxation two minutes and try to carry out a useless arm cling from a pull-up bar for so long as you presumably can.

Day 1 begins with a check day. Full a single set of max inverted rows to failure in good kind. Relaxation 2 minutes after which full a set of useless arm hangs for so long as you may maintain. Take this max variety of rows quantity as this shall be used on subsequent non-testing days to make certain you might be gauging your pullup power progress the appropriate method.


On Day 2, we begin a sequence of non-testing days. In these workouts, the purpose is to carry out a particular variation for a similar variety of reps that you simply did in your most up-to-date testing day. You might be allowed to relaxation/pause once you fatigue and you might be suggested to cease a couple of reps wanting whole muscle failure. That is to accommodate for the truth that you can be doing quite a lot of quantity over the following few weeks.

The second half of the non-test day workouts require that you simply return to performing inverted rows, besides this time you must full your most plus 40 % (on the primary non-test day) 50 % (on the second non-test day) and 60 % (on the third and ultimate non-test day in a block). Once more right here, you don’t have to carry out these unbroken. You merely need to get them executed, stopping 2-3 reps shy of failure and utilizing relaxation/pause.

The blocks proceed to progress and advance with every new testing day. You’ll want to re-test your most quantity initially of every new block since you’ll doubtless be growing your total power that means that your quantity goes to extend. Every block is predicated on the variety of max inverted rows that you’ll be able to obtain on the check day that precedes that block.

We proceed on this style till we attain day 21 of the 22 day workout. Right here, you might be to finish one in all two assessments. Confer with the video for the specifics on the way to compete the day 21 check. On day 22 we come again once more solely this time we’re testing our pull ups! That is the place the arduous work begins to repay and you must begin doing all your first set of full pull ups!

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Pullups are probably the greatest body weight again exercises you are able to do. The factor about them is that they are often fairly discouraging when you do not have the power to carry out no less than one rep. It is not useful to maintain struggling to try to do pullups at dwelling and not using a plan. Now, with this 22 day pullup workout, you have got a step-by-step development for getting not solely your first rep of pullups however to get many extra after that. You will not need to ask your self ever once more the way to improve pullups for those who observe this workout as instructed.

It isn’t unusual for those who observe the plan laid out right here to go from 0 pullups to no less than 3 and even 5 in simply three weeks. Give this plan your all and you can be shocked at how simple pullups will turn out to be for you.

This 3 week workout will progressively overload your again, introduce you to train variations that may construct not simply your again, grip and biceps however enable you to develop that wanted v-taper look as properly. In the event you’re trying to get make whole physique beneficial properties remember to have a look at the ATHLEAN-X Coaching Programs out there at

Begin buying and selling in workout size for depth and see how a lot greater and stronger you may get with intense, intelligently programmed workouts identical to this. For extra movies on the way to do extra pull ups and construct an even bigger again and biceps, remember to subscribe to our channel right here on youtube by way of the hyperlink beneath. Don’t neglect to show in your notifications so that you by no means miss a brand new video when it’s printed.

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  1. So, go to a gym for my pull ups. I can’t bring a chair into the gym(mostly I feel self conscious) but I have those work out bands that help with my pull ups. Can I use them instead of the chair for the chair assisted pull up?

  2. Yes, cant beleive this. I have been trying for years by hanging here and there now and then, it dint worked. On the 22nd day yes I was able to do 2 pull ups. Its a very big deal for me. Thanks ATHLEAN😍🥰🤩

  3. 42 years old, 5'10 187 lbs. I began in early Aug, with a doorway pullup bar, couldn't hold for more than 4 seconds. It's Oct 5 and today I got the tip of my chin to the Rogue Mil pullup station. Beginning this program today with my 9 year old son. I'm going to predict that I will get more than 5 because I have a little bit of a head start (plus weighted vest; rings arriving in 3 days). Will be editing to show progression. #TrustTheProcess
    Day 1: (pullup: < 1 ) 17 Inverted Rows, 45.25 sec hang time.
    Day 5: 31 Rows, 56sec hang,
    Day 9: 31 Rows, 11s hang
    Day 13 79 Rows, 56sec hang with weighted vest
    Day 17 90 Rows 10.5 sec hang
    First Chin over Bar pullup: Day 20.
    After this, I got lazy and failed to finish the program, but I can do 3-4 reps. I found the chair assisted pullups to be rather difficult given the height of the bar, and by the end, I had gotten some bands. I'm a little disappointed in myself that I didn't have the discipline to get the last two test day results tabulated, but I am still thankful that this program helped me to achieve my goal.

  4. You cover a lot here and I love doing pull ups, but what I really need help with, and what I can't find on here, so forgive me if you covered this, is I can't reach the bar. The gym I go to, they are so damn high up and I can't jump that high. Even the one at the park I take my kids too, so darn high up. And I'm not really that short. I'm 5'7. I just can't jump very high. Is there a 22 day program that you can do which will help me reach the bar?

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