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7 Most Effective Dip Bar Exercises for Beginners

dip bar exercises for beginners

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Whether or not you’re on the health club or in search of an efficient at-home workout, you possibly can’t go fallacious with dip bar exercises. These versatile items of health club gear are perfect for focusing on numerous muscle teams throughout body weight energy coaching.

Whereas dip bars might be intimidating, there are many beginner-friendly variations to get you began. Listed below are seven efficient dip bar exercises for newcomers.

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1. Static Holds

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Earlier than you do pull-ups, many coaches and trainers will advise you to attempt useless hangs. These easy exercises prepare your grip and put together your physique for the development towards a pull-up. 

The identical concept applies to static holds on a dip bar station.

It takes a shocking quantity of energy to stabilize your self in a superb place for dips. Shifting out of place can restrict the effectiveness of your train and even trigger harm. Practising static holds prepares you for extra advanced dip station exercises.

How To:

  1. Stand between the dip bars and firmly grasp all sides. The bars ought to relaxation in your palm together with your wrists stacked.
  2. Push all the way down to elevate your physique upward, slowly eradicating your toes from the ground till your arms are locked out.
  3. Maintain this place for 15-30 seconds, then decrease your self again to the beginning place.

Repeat this course of, including size to your holds as you construct energy and stability. You want to have the ability to maintain your personal weight comfortably earlier than you possibly can add motion.

2. Detrimental Dips

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The following development towards full parallel bar dips is to do unfavourable dips. These are typically known as “sluggish lowers” as you decrease your self down in a managed movement to construct higher physique energy to assist your dip bar exercises. 

How To:

  1. Stand between the dip bars and firmly grasp all sides. The bars ought to relaxation in your palm together with your wrists stacked.
  2. Push down, lifting your physique upward.
  3. Slowly elevate your toes, bending your knees and crossing your ankles for stability.
  4. Bend your elbows to decrease your physique, conserving your torso upright and controlling the motion.
  5. Whenever you attain the underside of your vary of movement, put your toes down, and return to your beginning place. That’s one rep.
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Negatives assist you to construct energy throughout the eccentric portion of the train. In different phrases, when the muscle is lengthening. This prepares the physique for the concentric a part of the motion. I.E., when the muscular tissues are contracting to push your physique up. Studies have shown that eccentric exercises are superior in constructing muscle mass and energy, so don’t really feel as if you’re lacking out with this newbie dip station workout.

3. Band Assisted Dips

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Utilizing a resistance band may help you construct the energy and stability you have to assist your physique weight whereas doing dip stand exercises. It’d take some experimentation to seek out the precise resistance band pressure to assist your physique weight whereas nonetheless offering an efficient workout. 

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How To:

  1. Safe a band over all sides of the dip station. The center of the band ought to grasp between the 2 rails.
  2. Stand between the dip bars and firmly grasp all sides. Place your knees within the band, then lengthen to the static maintain place. Alternatively, you possibly can assume the place first and decrease your self into the band.
  3. Unlock your elbows, bending them to permit your self to decrease towards the ground. Management the motion as you’d do with negatives.
  4. On the backside of your vary of movement, forcefully push your self again up till your arms are absolutely prolonged. That’s one rep.

The band will help with the upward movement, decreasing the load put in your higher physique. The underside of your vary of movement would possibly look totally different relying on whether or not you’re doing tricep dips or chest dips. 

With tricep dips, your higher arm must be parallel to the ground together with your chest held upright, and your elbows tucked. For chest dips, lean barely ahead, permitting your shoulders to dip previous your elbows on the backside of the motion.

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4. Scapular Dips

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Scapular dips are the cherry on prime of an upper-body dip bar workout. Scapular dips, like scapular push-ups, goal the shoulders. They’re an efficient warm-up for a extra strong dip station workout, in addition to an effective way so as to add shoulder energy and definition.

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How To:

  1. Stand between the dip bars and firmly grasp all sides. The bars ought to relaxation in your palm together with your wrists stacked.
  2. Push down whereas slowly elevate your toes, bending your knees and crossing your ankles for stability. 
  3. Whereas conserving your arms locked out, decrease your torso, permitting your shoulders to shrug upward towards your ears. 
  4. On the backside of your vary of movement, push upward to full extension as soon as extra.

That is an efficient body weight train for correcting shoulder instabilities, in addition to constructing energy for each push and pull exercises. 

5. Prolonged ROM Push-Ups

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Dip stations are versatile items of train gear that can be utilized for extra than simply dips. When you’ve got a metal body dip station like The Final Physique Press, you possibly can lay it down and use the edges for incline push-ups and different parallette bar exercises. With an prolonged ROM (vary of movement) push-up, you’re capable of decrease your self into the unfavourable area and goal your decrease chest muscular tissues extra successfully.

How To:

  1. Lay your dip station on its facet, with the highest going through you.
  2. Firmly grasp every sidebar, roughly midway between the highest and backside of the gear. You might have to regulate based mostly in your top.
  3. Stroll your toes out behind you till your physique and arms are absolutely prolonged in an incline plank place.
  4. Sustaining a decent core, decrease your self towards the ground, bending your elbows and conserving them tucked. 
  5. Decrease your self so far as you possibly can whereas sustaining kind. Ideally, your chest will likely be under your palms.
  6. On the backside of the motion, push your self again up into beginning place. 

Along with utilizing a dip station or parallette bars for an prolonged ROM push-up, you may also use them for modified, beginner-friendly push-ups. To do that, you’ll finish the motion when your chest reaches your palms, slightly than extending your ROM.

6. Knee Raises with Leg Elevate Development

There are additionally loads of dip bar exercises for abs so as to add to your workout. To get probably the most out of your coaching, begin with knee raises earlier than progressing to leg raises. This train will goal your rectus abdominis and obliques, in addition to your hip flexor muscular tissues.

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How To:

  1. Stand between the dip bars and firmly grasp all sides. The bars ought to relaxation in your palm together with your wrists stacked.
  2. Push all the way down to elevate your physique, assuming the static maintain place.
  3. Bend your knees and elevate them towards your chest in a sluggish and managed movement. 
  4. Pause on the prime of the motion, then slowly decrease again to beginning place. Management the motion to keep away from a swinging movement.
  5. To progress to leg raises, repeat the movement with legs absolutely prolonged in entrance of you.

Each of those core workout variations take apply. Whenever you get began with knee raises, you might not be capable of elevate them to your chest. As you construct energy, your vary of movement will enhance. If you have to add a slight swinging movement throughout the lifting portion of leg raises, that’s effective. Nonetheless, you’ll want to do sluggish, managed negatives on the way in which again down.

7. Inverted Rows

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Whereas dip bar stations are nice for push workouts, they will also be used for pull movement exercises. Inverted rows are a strong higher physique workout that targets your again and shoulders.

How To:

  1. Place your self on the ground between your dip bars, reaching as much as grasp all sides firmly. 
  2. Stroll your toes out right into a glute bridge place, extending your torso together with your ankles stacked underneath your knees. 
  3. Decrease your higher physique down till your arms are absolutely prolonged whereas sustaining a agency core. 
  4. From the underside of the motion, pull your physique up, conserving your elbows tucked. Your toes shouldn’t transfer throughout this movement.
  5. Pause on the prime of the motion, then decrease again down with a managed movement. That’s one rep.

To progress this motion, lengthen your legs in order that your physique is in a reverse plank place. This provides extra resistance by permitting your arms to tug your full physique weight.

Pull Your Weight on the Health club and at Residence

With these seven exercises, you possibly can construct a powerful basis for utilizing dip bars correctly and successfully. Begin with static holds and unfavourable dips, then progress the actions as you construct energy.

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