Did Lululemon Change the Align Legging Fabric?

The Align leggings have modified just lately, let’s chat!

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  1. Do you know if the entire legging was changed to a more durable fabric? Also, do new and old aligns both have a horizontal pocket rather than vertical? I'm trying to identify if these "Aligns" I got on posh are truly aligns. Also from your knowledge, are you able to identify the style by looking at the number tag on the inside of the pocket? Or does that only tell the color. Thank you!

  2. I hate the new fabric and they are so see through now 🙁 not as buttery soft. they feel like an athletic material. the old ones were perfect, so soft and not see through at all I could bend every way and wouldn’t see anything. idk why companies always fix what isn’t broken

  3. This is false information. The fabric isn’t different, just the brushing technique is to help with the pilling issue. The gusset is not a different type of fabric than the rest of the pant. (The info I’m sharing is straight from Lululemon GEC). They don’t look any different than the originals.

  4. I love the new panel in The extended crotch gusset! My aligns in every color, except black, have held up great! But my French press pair just are not as comfortable, they’re a lot slicker, which makes them slide down a lot, I don’t feel that want to rub my legs like with my other pairs, you know that feeling like it’s just so smooth on the bum you feel support without compression etc., yeah that’s gone with these.

  5. Love your videos 💕 aligns are my favourite , I don’t mind a bit of pilling on mine and wunder trains for working out. Could you do some work vlogs I miss seeing a lululemon store 😂 I love how use match stuff together that I wouldn’t think of 💕

  6. I did notice the difference! I own several pairs of aligns. Recently I bought another pair of Align in diamond dye and it definitely felt stiffer and slicker. I thought it was just because of the dye. Thank you for the information!
    However, I do personally prefer the older version…since If I want to go for functional leggings I would just grab my wunder trains…

  7. I’m a lulu addict and will not buy the aligns … they are not worth the money 💰… way too delicate …. if I want a align feel Aerie makes a align dupe that is better than lulu at a quarter of the price….

  8. Thank you for providing this information, but I cannot agree with you on this case. I got two new pairs of aligns recently and they are apparently different. The black pair I recently got felt the same as the other aligns I have had, soft, brushed, thinner, and dog-hair magnet. The submarine pair felt very different not just the gusset part. It’s thicker and sleeker. The biggest difference I noticed was how less dog-hair it gets and easier to remove. For me, I love the new version 100%. People may have different opinions from me, but any changes allow me to wear my aligns out without lint rolling myself 10x before out of door, I am up for it. 😂

  9. Hi! Can you recommend something that fits like the define jacket but is warmer? Would a scuba be good? Just love all your content! I also only have one pair of Aligns, I’m holding out for them to make Wunder Trains in 28”🤞🏻🙌🏻 Also, I feel like hair sticks to my Wunder trains so much more than my Aligns🤷🏼‍♀️

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