7 Unexpected Benefits of The Dead Hang (& How to Do It)

Okay, so I do know {that a} “useless dangle” doesn’t sound like probably the most riveting train on the market. And if I’m sincere, it’s most likely not. Nevertheless, there are lots of advantages of hanging from a pull-up bar, and its rewards approach outweigh its dangers.

man doing dead hang exercise with pull up bar

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On this article, I’m going to be masking all the pieces to do with this hanging train. From what it’s, how you can do it, the advantages of it, variations of it, and ceaselessly requested questions – you will see that it on this article.

What Is a Lifeless Cling?

What is that this hanging enterprise all about I hear you ask? The useless dangle is an train that requires you to easily dangle from an overhead/pull up bar like a useless weight. No repetitions, no pushes or pulls, only a plain, outdated, easy dangle.

As with most exercises, there are variations to make it simpler or tougher. I’ll go over these later. However the usual useless dangle requires you solely to carry the hanging place over a set period of time.

Its simplicity doesn’t imply it’s only for novices. There are advantages available by everybody, in any respect health ranges, from doing this train. Learn on to search out out what they’re!

High 7 Lifeless Cling Advantages

From mobility to energy, to good points and muscle elongation – this passive dangle train has you lined. Here’s what you may anticipate to get out of doing this train:

1. Spinal Decompression

A lot of the actions and actions concerned in our modern-day life compress our backbone. Prolonged durations of sitting, for one! But in addition, issues like carrying heavy objects, squatting, and even sleeping can compress the backbone.

Hanging within the useless dangle place for even a couple of seconds at a time is efficient in decompressing the backbone, i.e. changing area that has been misplaced between your bones, joints, and discs in your again. Not solely does this relieve again ache and stress, however it’s helpful in damage prevention.

2. Grip Power

There are a variety of “band-aid fixes” for grip energy, reminiscent of using weight-lifting gloves, straps, and hooks. However the one true solution to improve your grip energy is to … nicely, grip a bar! While performing a useless dangle, you’re holding onto a bar and hanging your physique weight off it.

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Lifeless hangs are by far the best approach to extend your grip energy.

Having good grip energy advantages your efficiency throughout all exercises the place good grip is required, for instance, pull ups, rows, deadlifts, rack pulls and lever variation exercises.

3. Shoulder Joint Vary of Movement

Hanging on this passive place permits your higher physique to totally chill out along with your arms overhead. Each second spent on this place is working in your shoulder joint vary of movement and enhancing your general shoulder well being.

Many people are energy and dimension oriented. Consequently, mobility/vary of movement takes a again seat. Doing this train will profit the vary of movement by the shoulder joint capsule, which not solely means that you can safely carry out overhead actions (overhead squats, snatches, and presses), however is vital in stopping damage!

4. Rotator Cuff Strengthening & Shoulder Damage Restore

There have been quite a few instances of individuals recovering from shoulder accidents, aches and pains, particularly by the rotator cuff, by merely performing the useless dangle.

A medical skilled by the title of Dr. Kirsch explains in his ebook “Shoulder pain, the solution, and prevention”, how nature supposed motion patterns for our shoulders that we aren’t at present collaborating in. This leaves us each weak and injury-prone.

By way of prescribing his shoulder damage sufferers the useless dangle train, 90 out of the 92 sufferers in a single examine have been healed. They’d have, in any other case, required surgical procedure.

So earlier than spending 1000’s on physio and different corrective measures, give the useless dangle a go.

5. Forearm Positive factors

It’s time to ditch the senseless forearm curls and do a couple of units of those every week as a substitute. Lifeless hangs are a superb solution to construct each dimension and energy by your forearms, while reeling in different advantages on the identical time!

Not like a forearm curl, your forearms are below stress continually throughout a useless dangle. Should you’re in a position to good your useless dangle, i.e. do it over a protracted time period, forearm good points (and vascularity) will likely be yours!

6. Latissimus Dorsi Lengthening

One thing you’ll really feel immediately when doing the useless dangle is how a lot stretch is created by your lats. The useless dangle supplies a superb static stretch in your lats, amongst different muscle tissue.

The lengthening created by your lats while holding the useless dangle place helps hold these muscle tissue fluid and wholesome. This will likely be mirrored in each your push and pull exercises the place your lats are answerable for a lot of the work.

7. Posture Correction

Final, however not least – useless hangs are superior for correcting your posture! Beforehand touched on in different factors above is how useless hangs can strengthen, decompress, loosen, and mobilize your higher physique. All 4 of those elements are main contributors to raised posture.

Earlier than spending any cash on posture correcting gimmicks (there are SO many), simply dangle in there. Actually.

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How you can Appropriately Carry out the Lifeless Cling

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Right approach is crucial when doing any train successfully and safely. Right here’s how you can do the right useless dangle:

  • Use a bar at appropriate peak, ideally a pull up bar. Must you not have entry to 1, a excessive racked barbell will work.
  • Stand on a bench/steps to simply attain the bar. Leaping up ferociously to seize the bar will not be a very good begin.
  • Grip the bar simply over shoulder-width aside with an overhand grip (palms dealing with away from you).
  • Transfer your toes off the bench/steps so you’re hanging.
  • Maintain your arms straight and chill out your physique to create a passive/useless weight hanging place.
  • Maintain for set period of time.

Suggestions for Doing Lifeless Cling Train (& What To not Do)

Although the useless dangle is a straightforward train to get proper, there are nonetheless a couple of no-no’s and generally made errors. Listed below are a couple of ideas and issues to keep away from when performing this train to be sure you get one of the best outcomes from it.

  • Your arms have to be DEAD straight, therefore “useless dangle”. If there’s a bend in your elbows, you’re doing it mistaken.
  • Don’t hold stress in your lats. It is advisable to totally chill out your higher physique to permit this train to work its magic. This coincides with the primary level – in case you’re bending your arms, likelihood is you’re participating your lats too.
  • Keep nonetheless. Should you’re fidgeting or your physique is swinging about, the useless dangle is not a useless dangle. Lifeless, acquired it?
  • Don’t maintain your breath. As with all train, respiration assists and compliments the motion. Other than aiding blood circulate, concentrated respiration will permit your physique to totally chill out into the dangle.
  • Overdoing it can do extra hurt than good. You shouldn’t be performing this train for so long as you may and as usually as you may. It is strongly recommended that you just carry out the useless dangle for 3 or 4 units at 50% – 75% of your most dangle time, and as much as 3 occasions per week.

Lifeless Cling Variations

I really like an train that gives progressions and variations, and the useless dangle is one among them. After you have acquired the “dangle” of the usual model, give a few of these variations a shot!

1. Impartial Grip Lifeless Cling

These are completed along with your palms dealing with one another.

2. Underneath Grip Lifeless Cling

Do these along with your palms dealing with in the direction of you.

3. Suicide Grip Lifeless Cling

Like an ordinary useless dangle however have your thumb over the bar with the remainder of your fingers versus below the bar in an ordinary grip.

4. Gymnastic Rings Lifeless Cling

Use any of the above-mentioned grips, simply on gymnastic rings as a substitute of a hard and fast bar. Hey, stability!


5. Single Arm Lifeless Cling

The one arm useless dangle might be completed in all above-mentioned variations.

Continuously Requested Questions Concerning the Lifeless Cling

If in case you have a couple of questions in regards to the useless dangle, hopefully, you will see that a lot of the solutions beneath.

What muscle tissue does a useless dangle strengthen?

There are many variations of the useless dangle and the muscle tissue labored depend upon the model of the train you do. By way of the usual useless dangle, it primarily strengthens your hand and wrist flexors, your forearm muscle tissue, your shoulders (particularly your rotator cuffs) and your core stabilizers.

Do useless hangs assist pull ups?

A useless dangle is an train that’s generally used to situation and progress folks to with the ability to do a pull up.

Why? As a result of it will increase your grip energy in addition to your shoulder and core stability. Not solely does it improve energy and stability, but it surely aids mobility. And a scarcity of mobility is likely one of the greatest hinderances of energy.

How can I enhance my useless dangle?

By doing it sensibly and constantly. As talked about within the “don’t do” part above, overdoing it does extra hurt than good. Observe the useless dangle for manageable quantities of time, and some occasions per week versus smashing them out till failure at each alternative.

What is an efficient useless dangle time to goal for?

I’m not a fan of questions like this, as in my view, it’s completely irrelevant. Nevertheless, this is likely one of the “FAQ’s” surrounding useless hangs, and I mentioned I used to be right here to reply them! There are various contributing elements to what a very good useless dangle time for YOU to goal for can be. For instance, present energy, peak, weight and arm span.

A very good useless dangle time to goal for is greater than the time you have been in a position to do final week. Right here’s a enjoyable truth for you although: the world document for the longest useless dangle time is… look ahead to it… 1 hour, 12 minutes and 18 seconds.

Are useless hangs good in your again?

Lifeless hangs are nice out of your again! The spinal decompression and lengthening of the higher again muscle tissue that the useless dangle supplies contribute majorly to again well being and damage prevention.


Who would have thought that merely hanging round may very well be so advanced and rewarding? Should you’re not already doing this train, I hope this text has impressed you so as to add it into your workout regime.

No matter your health targets or what sport you’re concerned in, the useless dangle could have a optimistic impact in your efficiency and performance. It’s the reply to many energy and mobility associated questions.

And whether or not you’re a novice to the workout world or a seasoned gym-goer, the useless dangle is for you.

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