Chest “Non Responder” Solution (PECS WON’T GROW!)

Get a much bigger chest with one program

Having chest muscle groups that don’t reply to regular coaching and resist progress is definitely fairly widespread. The explanation for this nevertheless will be boiled down extra to the best way you carry out your chest exercises in your chest workouts than it will possibly in your genetics, and that’s a very good factor. On this video, I’m going to indicate you one of the widespread errors made in chest workouts that’s limiting the response of your pecs to the exercises you might be doing for them.

For example this, actually, I’m breaking out the muscle markers to indicate you why this happens. While you have a look at the anatomy of the chest you shortly notice simply how shut in proximity and performance the entrance deltoid is to that of the pectoralis muscle. Due to this shut relationship, there’s a tendency of the deltoids to need to dominate the actions which are alleged to be carried out primarily by the chest.

Look no additional than the basic bench press train. While you lie both within the flat bench or incline bench place, the setup of your shoulders in relation to the chest is essential. You’ve probably heard that you could hold your shoulder blades pinched collectively and your shoulders down and again. This doesn’t simply apply to the start of the motion however all through the motion. That is crucial as a result of doing this offers not simply stability to the shoulder joint however it permits the pecs to be the principle drivers of the train.

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I reveal this with using the markers and by drawing out each the entrance deltoid muscle and the higher pec fibers. While you press up, in the event you permit your shoulders to protract ahead in the course of the press you will note that the deltoid strikes right into a extra outstanding or ahead place in relation to the pecs. This can be a mistake. When positioned on this up entrance place, they’re extra outfitted to tackle the load of the chest exerise that you’re performing and the delts will shortly dominate the motion. Whereas that is good for the hypertrophy of the shoulders it’s taking away from the event you might be in search of in your chest.

As an alternative, it’s essential to ensure that the primary line of protection in any motion is the chest. You’ll be able to guarantee you might be doing this by protecting these shoulders down and again, however extra importantly, lifting your sternum up and sticking your chest out on the identical time. In case you can all the time hold your chest extra happy with your shoulders, then you’ll be assuring your self that the chest is taking over the brunt of the chest train whereas the shoulders are relegated to the extra supporting position they need to have.

I present you the way this is applicable to not simply the bench press and incline bench press exercises however just about all the main chest exercises. Within the body weight equal, the pushup, the identical factor applies. Most of us are likely to push up and permit our chests to sink again because the arms press away from our physique and the shoulders drift in entrance of the chest. Do it as a substitute the best way I’m exhibiting you right here and whilst you could discover that you are able to do fewer pushups, you’ll be getting far more out of them within the course of.

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Identical factor goes for dips as properly. On this train nevertheless, not solely are you going to get extra activation of the non-responder chest muscle groups however you’re going to be placing your shoulder in a a lot safer place. Doing dips whereas permitting your shoulders to spherical ahead is a recipe for shoulder catastrophe that you just need to keep away from in any respect prices.

So you may see, earlier than you begin blaming your genetics for why you may’t construct a much bigger chest first look to your type and see in the event you aren’t doing what I’m exhibiting you right here. Repair it shortly after which look to take your outcomes to the subsequent stage by making use of the identical crucial analysis of every little thing you might be doing within the health club. The ATHLEAN-X Coaching System, out there at is designed that will help you to get essentially the most out of your coaching by getting you figuring out like a professional athlete.

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  1. Anyone ever heard of something like this? I seem to have lost some muscle mass in my chest, I will do a chest workout, say in the morning, that evening, I will look like I have regained the size, then, when I wake up the next morning, it seems to have gone away again… anyone know what could cause this and how to fix it? I noticed my left shoulder seems higher than my right, wondering if that has anything to do with it, I'm actually going to see a chiropractor about this tomorrow morning.

  2. Jeeeeff! You beautiful genius. I can never get my chest activated, and now that I've got a cuff injury I'm finding and working on my imbalances. The Superman activator made a HUGE difference. You're the best.

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