Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan Passes Away at 44 Years Old

Standout IFBB Pro and 2017 Arnold Classic winner Cedric McMillan has sadly died at the age of 44 years old.

IFBB Pro and Arnold Classic champion Cedric McMillan passes away has died at the age of 44. Sources close to Fitness Volt relayed the news of Cedric’s tragic death, which was first revealed by family members on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. 

Details surrounding his death have not been confirmed. As of this writing, sources indicate that Cedric passed away from a heart attack while exercising on a treadmill. Cedric McMillan passes away

The decorated Pro has been postponing his return to the sport after a number of personal and health issues impacted him. Cedric missed the Mr. Olympia show in 2020 due to a broken collarbone and broken hand. He also missed Olympia in 2021 for similar reasons. Nevertheless, he was optimistic about his eventual return to some of the world’s most popular bodybuilding stages. Cedric McMillan passes away

One of McMillan’s best career accomplishments came when he captured the 2017 Arnold Classic title. Cedric’s victory speech with Arnold Schwarzenegger was spectacular and will be remembered for years to come.

Following his success in 2017, Cedric McMillan passes away was an open book about some of his life struggles. Fans were excited to hear about his potential return at the 2022 Arnold Classic, but he unfortunately withdrew due to lingering stomach issues.

Cedric McMillan Dead at 44, Exact Cause of Death to Be Determined

Cedric McMillan passes away was a Staff Sergeant and an instructor at Fort Jackson, SC and leaves behind an inspiring legacy. The tragic news was first made available by his family. Cedric McMillan passes away


Cedric possessed an incredible physique that many believe epitomized a Classic look despite making a name for himself in the Men’s Open division. The 2017 Arnold Classic champ managed an extremely conditioned physique without sacrificing size. Despite never regaining his Arnold title, he always sported an aesthetic build that excited fans. Cedric McMillan passes away

In Dec. of 2021, Cedric contracted COVID-19 and spoke about a scary heart issue that resulted in a near-death experience. This heart issue ultimately prevented him from planned competitions at the Legion Sports Fest Pro and the 2021 Arnold Classic.

There have been a number of bodybuilding deaths that have shaken the sport lately. 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden passed away from a heart attack last Nov. In addition, George “Da Bull” Peterson died just days before competing at the 2021 Olympia. He was found face-down in his hotel room with blood around his nose, which many believe was related to an aneurism.

Dallas “Big Country” McCarver also passed away from heart issues. Three months following his death, his autopsy revealed an abnormal enlargement of the heart. McCarver’s heart weighed approximately 833 grams, almost three times the size of a normal human heart (300 grams).

Competition History

  • 2022 Arnold Classic – Withdrew
  • 2021 IFBB Legion Sports Fest Pro – Withdrew
  • 2020 Arnold Classic:  6th
  • 2019 Olympia: 7th
  • 2019 Arnold Classic Australia: 2nd
  • 2019 Arnold Classic: 4th
  • 2019 Japan Pro Men’s Bodybuilding:  2nd
  • 2019 Romania Muscle Fest Pro Men’s Bodybuilding: 1st
  • 2019 FitParade Pro Bodybuilding: 1st
  • 2018 Olympia: 9th
  • 2018 Toronto Pro: 3rd
  • 2018 Arnold Classic: 3rd
  • 2017 Olympia: 10th
  • 2017 Arnold Classic: 1st
  • 2017 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Men’s Open: 2nd
  • 2017 IFBB San Marino Pro: Ist
  • 2016 Olympia: 7th
  • 2016 Arnold Classic Australia: 2nd
  • 2016 Arnold Classic: 2nd
  • 2015 Nordic Pro: 3rd
  • 2015 Europa Atlantic City Pro: 2nd
  • 2015 Golden State Championships Pro: 1st
  • 2015 Arnold Classic Brasil:  2nd
  • 2015 Arnold Classic: 4th
  • 2014 Arnold Classic: 3rd
  • 2013 Olympia: 12th
  • 2013 New York Pro: 12th
  • 2013 FIBO Power Germany: 1st
  • 2013 Arnold Classic: 6th
  • 2012 New York Pro: 1st
  • 2011 Europa Orlando Pro: 1st
  • 2011 New York Pro: 11th
  • 2010 Europa Dallas Pro: 4th
  • 2009 NPC National Championships: 1st
  • 2008 NPC Junior USA Championships: Is
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Bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger has voiced his concern with the growing number of deaths in the sport. Arnold has continued to call for reform and additional testing to preserve the health of those who wish to compete in bodybuilding. Cedric McMillan passes away

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