Why Is My Cat Throwing Up? 8 Likely Causes

Whereas it’s regular in your cat to vomit each now and again—whether or not it’s from a hairball or consuming one thing they shouldn’t have—if it’s taking place frequently, there may very well be an underlying well being subject.

Veterinarians agree that frequent vomiting in cats is a trigger for concern and if the issue persists, it’s essential to get your furry pal checked out by a vet. Here is what to know in case your cat is throwing up on a regular basis.

What Is Thought of Frequent Vomiting?

There’s a widespread false impression that frequent vomiting is “regular” in cats. That is false, Dr. Jamie Whittenburg, DVM, lead veterinarian at Cat World and Director of Kingsgate Animal Hospital in Texas, explains. Although it’s true that cats might often spit up hairballs, vomiting isn’t regular. Any cat that vomits a number of instances in a day or vomits on a frequent foundation ought to be seen by their veterinarian.

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