Cable Triceps Extensions

Cable Triceps Extensions

Cable triceps extensions are an exercise to pump up the heads of the triceps brachii. It is good for developing the arms and for gaining a lot of strength, although it is not usually used in strength exercise routines.

Cable triceps extensions are not a typical exercise that can be done easily at home, as we will need one with a pulley to be able to do it. But to all of you who have enough space in your homes and money to get hold of it.The similarity of cable triceps extensions and pulley extensions are evident. They are very similar, although they can be used simultaneously in arm exercise routines, since it is not a similar stimulation.

How are cable triceps extensions performed?

To correctly perform the cable triceps extensions, we must configure the desired weight with the rope or cable at the appropriate height to be able to complete a complete route and that the posture is comfortable.

Keep your back straight and lean forward very slightly, grabbing the rope with a neutral, shoulder-width grip. We must keep our arms straight and close to our body. The forearms should be parallel to the ground. This is the starting position.

We will lower the rope down using only the elbows and the forearm to make the movement. We will continue to push down until we almost reach the extension of the arms. At this point, we must pull with each of the arms to the sides, twisting the rope to achieve it. It is important that we get to congest the triceps to the maximum and hold on for a second in that position. Later, we will return to the original position.

Cable Tricep Extension Variations

Overhead cable triceps extension: Perform overhead tricep extensions by holding a pair of dumbbells and standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise the dumbbells over your head. Keep your upper arms in place and hinge your elbow, lifting the dumbbells overhead through a full range of motion. Although this triceps exercise is typically performed with a pair of dumbbells, you can also use a resistance band, a pulley on a cable machine, or a barbell.

Lying tricep extension: Lying triceps extensions are also known as “skull crushers.” Lying triceps extensions are performed by lying on your back on a flat bench and lifting dumbbells from behind your head to full extension above you. With proper form, this strength-training exercise can be more than just a triceps exercise—it can also work muscle groups like the deltoids in your shoulders and the latissimus dorsi muscle in your back. Some lying triceps extension variations substitute dumbbells for a barbell or a pair of kettlebells.cable triceps extension
Reverse-grip triceps pushdown: Reverse-grip tricep pushdowns can be practiced with a resistance band or by placing a straight bar attachment on a pulley machine in a high pulley position. To practice reverse-grip triceps pushdowns, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, grip the straight bar or resistance band with an underhand grip, and pull it down toward your quads.cable triceps extension.

What muscles do cable triceps extensions work?

The cable triceps extensions are an isolation exercise to work especially the muscles of the arms:

triceps brachii
Long head of the triceps
wrist flexor muscles


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