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Cable Arm Workout

Cable Arm Workout


Cable Arm Workout

The cable arm workout machine is probably one of the most versatile machines you’ll find in the gym. It allows you to train the whole body, but also to target specific muscles.

The hind arm muscles are stubborn after a point and it becomes difficult to develop the hind arm muscles over time. We’ve stressed many times that if you’re doing heavy pushups and building the foundation with strength training, you don’t need to do a lot of isolation exercises.

One of the benefits of cable training is that you maintain tension throughout the set. Also, one of the reasons they outperform dumbbells is that their adjustable origin point allows you to work your muscles from different angles.

We leave you seven exercises that you can do with this machine, to improve your routines:

Cable Arm Workout

Triceps Pull down: Keep your elbows close to your body, without swinging them.

Woodchops: You will work your core and obliques.

Pulldown: You will work your back, arms and abs.

Biceps Cable Curl: Focused on your biceps. Elbows close to the body, back straight and chest up.

Overhead Triceps Extension: You’ll work your triceps and abs.

Facepull: You will work shoulders and back.

Standing Rows (with one hand): You will work your back and arms.

Cable chest press

This chest press can be done as a variation of the traditional bench press. Using the cable arm workout machine offers stability throughout the range of motion, allowing you to work your pecs, shoulders, triceps, and abs more comfortably.

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Place the pulley at chest height and attach two handles to it. Stand with your back to the machine, grasping both handles with each hand, and assume a staggered stance for stability, making sure to change your leg position halfway through the exercise.

Your arms should be by your sides and parallel to the ground, with your forearms pointing forward as you grip the handles. Begin by extending your arms out in front of you, pulling the handles forward until your arms are fully extended and you can feel the tension in the cable arm workout.

Keeping your core steady, hold the position for a moment, then return to the starting position and repeat. You can also try this exercise one arm at a time to increase your core effort.

Cable Bicep Curl

The cable arm workout machine biceps curl is an amazing isolated exercise to strengthen and shape your upper arms, working your biceps muscles in particular. When performing this exercise, you also secondarily work your shoulders, along with your upper back muscles like your deltoids and trapezius.

How to do it: Firstly, put the cable pulley in the lowest position and attach a handle to the cable. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, facing the machine, and grab the cable handle with both hands in an underhand grip. Make sure your elbows are close to your sides.

Begin to lift the handle, bending at the elbows until the handle is close to your chest. Hold the position for a second, then release and repeat. Make sure you don’t drop the weights when you return to the starting position because you could injure yourself.

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Rear Arm Movements

On the days you do arm training, if you put the weight on biceps movements, you’re making a mistake. If you want to have wide arms that don’t fit in a t-shirt, the way to do it is through triceps exercises.

Ultimately, two-thirds of the upper arm muscle mass is made up of the triceps. But training them also has an indirect effect, strong triceps also increase gains in other areas.

The three heads of the triceps brachii are “like triple-additive rocket fuel that you can use for all pressing,” says Eric Fleishman, trainer, owner of ETT Corp Fitness. “This is especially necessary for developing the chest and shoulders. It’s like doping Robin so that Batman can beat more people.”

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Cable Arm Workout
As the name suggests, this exercise mainly works the triceps, working all three heads: the long head, the lateral head and the middle head, for a complete triceps workout. So make sure you fully engage your triceps instead of leaving all the work behind.
Cable Arm Workout
The single cable arm workout cable row is a great exercise for your back. It primarily works the upper and middle back muscles, with secondary support from the shoulders and triceps throughout the movement. You can also try this exercise with both arms at the same time, but one at a time is usually recommended for stability and coordination.

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