Build a Big Back with Bands (NO WEIGHTS!)

If you wish to construct a giant again with bands and didn’t suppose it was attainable, then that is the video for you. Right here, I’m going to point out you the most effective methods to construct an even bigger again utilizing simply resistance bands and no weights. In instances of health club closures and a rise within the variety of individuals doing residence again workouts, having a useful resource for the most effective band exercises for again goes that will help you to fulfill your targets with out having to compromise.

All of those again exercises might be accomplished with one to 2 units of resistance bands. It’s a good suggestion to have various resistance ranges of them so you may introduce extra exercises.

The primary one proven is the basic pullup. Right here the main focus of the again train is to get your chin up over the bar. This could be a difficult again train for many individuals so having a technique to make it simpler is vital. By hanging the band over the pullup bar and moving into it, you may unweight as much as half your body weight making this attainable. It’s also possible to anchor the band on the ground and use it to overload the train and assist you to to construct a giant again by doing so.

The following again train with bands is the row. This takes a preferred health club again train and makes it attainable to do at residence by creating excessive stress by broad foot positioning and a doubled up grip on the band. Holding the resistance band in each fingers you can find that it simulates the motion and motion of a bar whereas offering sufficient stress to actually power the again muscle tissues to work in a decrease rep vary.


No listing of the most effective band exercises for again might be full with out together with the excessive to low one armed row. That is one in every of my favourite methods to get an awesome stretch on the lats within the begin place and offers me an opportunity to drive my elbow again behind my physique so far as attainable for a tremendous lat contraction. The bands can at all times be moved simply one other centimeter, at all times giving me an opportunity to extend stress even when it feels as if there’s nothing left.

We don’t need to overlook the significance of straight arm lat work both. Bands make this not simply attainable however optimum. Right here you are able to do both the banded straight arm pushdown or the pullover. The important thing distinction on the pullover is that you just need to let your elbows flare out (versus attempting to remain shut collectively within the higher chest variation of the motion).

The zeus row is a superb again train utilizing bands that hits the laborious to succeed in and infrequently ignored mid and decrease traps. That is seemingly going to turn out to be your on the spot favourite banded again train. If accomplished proper, you’ll really feel an intense contraction by your rhomboids and mid again muscle tissues like nothing you’ve ever felt earlier than.

The wrap round row is one other instance of an awesome mid again train with resistance bands. Right here you need to use a cross over hand over hand grip to permit the shoulder blades to protract across the physique and get a tremendous pre-stretch on these laborious to activate muscle tissues of the center again.

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Shrugs, face pulls, good mornings and superman press outs are different unimaginable exercises for again that may be accomplished with resistance bands that assist to focus on the opposite two areas of the again that usually go untrained. Be sure you verify them out intimately by watching your entire video.

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  1. Jeff how could you implement this for the office? I sit for my job so when I have some
    Down time I want to start to get some movement going while at work. Why not get paid for it right? Lol. But keep in mind i am not in gym gear. I brought bands from home.

  2. I've been trying to feel and isolate my lats for YEARS, but I've never really managed to do it until I saw the "NORTH EAST, SOUTH WEST" illustration in this video for the single arm row exercise. I just finished four sets and I can actually feel my lats for the first time! Thanks a million Jeff!

  3. Only 3 banded vids…would be great to see a full body workout in one vid; better yet one full body banded vid for hypertrophy, another full body banded vid geared more towards metabolic, one to hit all the smaller support structures, and lastly one that focuses on strengthening the ligaments & tendons. That last one being important for those T users whose muscle growth far out paces that of their ligs & tens, but also important for athletes, as well as young & old folks!

  4. From minute 7:00 until minute 7:32, I was terrified. I'm not sure why, but I don't have complete faith in bands. We are in complete lockdown in Ireland, with gyms closed since the end of December. It's unlikely to change before May.

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