The 12 Best Arm Exercises for CrossFitters

The CrossFit methodology is constructed round the concept that your workout actions needs to be extremely purposeful. You’ll use compound, full-body exercises to generate essentially the most energy and purposeful energy out of your fingers to your toes. This methodology delivers essentially the most bang-for-buck outcomes once you’re making an attempt to develop common health, endurance, and the general grit you see on show on the CrossFit Video games.

Whereas specializing in huge compound actions is an efficient strategy to practice, you may be lacking out in your full potential if you happen to neglect arm coaching. Having jacked arms can really feel superior, however CrossFit is concentrated on what you are able to do — not what you appear like. 

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This typically ends in the avoidance of direct arm coaching, as some see it as a non-functional vainness methodology. However coaching your arms instantly will help enhance CrossFit efficiency and scale back any imbalances which may come from all that barbell work. 

Arm exercises could not present the heart-pumping drama of a tough WOD (workout of the day). However these 12 finest arm exercises for CrossFitters will assist you instantly enhance your energy and endurance — making you that significantly better at your purposeful compound actions.

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Greatest Arm Workout routines for CrossFitters 

Beneath are 12 arm actions you need to use to go with your CrossFit coaching. 

Biceps Workout routines for CrossFitters

Triceps Workout routines for CrossFitters

Why Ought to CrossFitters Prepare Their Arms?

Arm coaching isn’t nearly popping your shirt sleeves. Your triceps are a serious a part of higher physique urgent and overhead stability — each enormous components of CrossFit. Stronger and greater triceps can help with dips, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, presses, push presses, jerks, and extra.

Your biceps are important for higher physique pulling. Constructing energy and muscle in your biceps can help with pull-ups, rope climbs, muscle-ups, cleans, and snatches (particularly from the hold place).

As a result of they’re comparatively small in comparison with different muscle mass in your again and legs, your triceps and biceps won’t be getting sufficient love throughout your common WODs. You don’t need your arms to turn into the limiting consider your efficiency. Coaching them instantly permits you to elevate the ground of your ability, energy, and endurance stage in order that your general CrossFit efficiency can get even higher.

Biceps Workout routines for CrossFitters

One doesn’t usually affiliate CrossFit with biceps curls. However that doesn’t imply that CrossFitters can’t profit from some good old school biceps bodybuilding work. Listed below are the perfect biceps exercises to get CrossFitters the additional arm energy they want for all that pulling.


CrossFit includes lots of dynamic kipping. This allows you to bang out extra reps quicker, however kipping also can take a giant toll in your shoulders. Strict pulling work is a good way to assist keep shoulder and arm well being, energy, and mobility. 

Chin-ups work on shoulder mobility, strict pulling energy, and biceps constructing all of sudden. That is nonetheless a purposeful motion, which is able to lead to extra full-body growth than a focused isolation motion. 

Advantages of the Chin-up 

  • Mobility: Hanging together with your fingers in a supinated grip (palms up), forces your shoulders into exterior rotation. This may develop mobility in your lats, shoulders, forearms, and wrists.
  • Full-Physique Power: Because the chin-up remains to be a purposeful motion, it would goal your biceps whereas additionally constructing unimaginable energy in your higher again, shoulders, and core. 
  • Coordination: The chin-up beginning place will help educate the proper pulling sequence for athletes to provoke the motion out of your lats to your fingers. 

The best way to Do the Chin-up 

Hold from a pull-up bar together with your fingers in a supinated grip (palms up). Place your fingers simply outdoors shoulder width, together with your arms absolutely prolonged overhead. Hold your midline in a inflexible hole place all through the period of the motion. You are able to do this by tucking your pelvis below and squeezing your glutes. 

Pull your chin greater than the bar and decrease your self all the way down to a totally hanging, prolonged place to finish every rep. Provoke every pull out of your core to your extremities, beginning together with your lats, then your shoulders, lastly ending together with your arms. 

Ring Curl 

Help work doesn’t should be repetitive and boring. Using ring curls will add variation into your arm coaching and introduce a brand new stimulus to your physique.

The movement of this train carefully mimics the coordination of ring muscle-ups, the place your midline is saved secure whereas your higher physique finishes the motion with a pull. This can be a nice biceps-specific train that also can switch expertise to greater stage actions. 

Advantages of the Ring Curl

  • Physique Management: Body weight coaching helps to enhance physique consciousness and core stability. This motion forces you right into a reverse plank place. The isometric stability factor is exclusive in its means to problem your posterior chain.
  • Simple to Modify: It’s simple to regulate the issue primarily based in your foot place, making it extra handy than needing to load a barbell or swap out dumbbells between units. 
  • Comfort: Most CrossFit gyms have rings hanging from a rig always. This implies you may shortly hit some help work on the finish of a session with no set-up or clean-up time. 

The best way to Do the Ring Curl 

Seize a pair of rings in a supinated grip (palms going through up). Make sure that the rings are roughly a forearm’s distance from one another. Stroll your self away from the rig and lean your weight again with the ft flat on the bottom. You can also make the loading harder by shifting your ft in in direction of the rig or make issues simpler by strolling additional away. 

If you discover a distance that feels comfy, brace your midline by squeezing your glutes and crunching your abs down. Maintaining your elbows in a set place, curl your fingers in direction of your shoulders till your elbows have handed a 90-degree angle. Squeeze your biceps at this peak place. Decrease your self again all the way down to the beginning place with management. 

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Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Coaching your arms doesn’t have to be sophisticated. There’s a purpose the old-school actions are nonetheless round, as they produce unimaginable outcomes. The dumbbell hammer curl is one among these OG actions that’s a clever add to your common arm coaching.

Having a robust grip is crucial in CrossFit, because it helps with all gymnastics hanging and pulling exercises. You additionally want an important grip for actions that make the most of barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. The hammer curl will strengthen each your biceps and forearms, making it a robust grip enhancer.

Advantages of the Dumbbell Hammer Curl

  • Forearm and Grip Power: The impartial grip (palms going through one another) targets the forearm muscle mass that help with purposeful pulling exercises and Olympic lifting. That is distinctive to different curling actions the place your fingers are sometimes set together with your palms up. 
  • Elbow Well being: Sustaining a impartial grip helps with wrist stability and may put much less strain in your wrists and elbows because of the pure alignment together with your elbows on this place. 
  • Selection: This motion may be executed in a number of alternative ways. You may curl each dumbbells on the identical time otherwise you alternate arms to concentrate on either side independently. You may as well curl throughout your chest to focus on totally different components of your arms. 

The best way to Do the Dumbbell Hammer Curl 

Maintain a dumbbell in every hand together with your palms going through your sides and your arms absolutely prolonged. Squeeze the dumbbells tight and curl the entrance head of the dumbbell up in direction of your biceps.

Hold your wrist alignment straight and preserve your elbows from shifting forwards or backwards. As soon as the dumbbells have handed a 90-degree angle at your elbows, squeeze on the peak of the motion and decrease again all the way down to the beginning place with management. 

Banded Hammer Curl

Coaching with bands is much less attractive than shifting free weights, however the worth of resistance bands can’t be ignored. Rotating in band work is a good way to offer your joints a break from free weights and assist speed up restoration — which is particularly important for CrossFitters. 

When you’ve executed lots of urgent in your coaching week, utilizing banded hammer curls is a good way to counteract among the harm executed to the urgent muscle teams. By flushing the antagonist muscle teams with contemporary blood stream, you’ll assist to alleviate among the stress to your joints and get your physique prepared for one more week of coaching. 

Advantages of the Banded Hammer Curl

  • Low Impression: Bands present a particularly low affect various to free weight coaching. This can be a good way to assist come again to the health club after a break or to make use of excessive rep burnout units with out excessive affect. 
  • Constant Stress: The resistance of the band shouldn’t be dictated by gravity the identical method free weights are. Because the band is stretched in a motion, the resistance really will increase, which is the other to how free weight exercises are. 
  • Journey Pleasant: That is maybe essentially the most handy gear to carry out further arm work. You may simply journey with a band or use this on the finish of a coaching session if you happen to’re pressed for time. 

The best way to Do the Banded Hammer Curl

Seize a looped resistance band and stand on one finish of the band together with your ft roughly hip-width aside. Seize the opposite finish of the band with every hand, roughly a foot aside from one another. Face your palms collectively and begin together with your arms absolutely prolonged. Execute the motion precisely the identical because the dumbbell hammer curl. 

Barbell Curl

The king of curl exercises is the barbell curl. That is essentially the most basic strategy to practice the bicep curl and it shouldn’t be forgotten. 

Sustaining a secure grip on the barbell will assist put together your elbows for greater affect actions like snatches and jerks, the place you’ll be receiving a heavy load overhead with prolonged arms.

Advantages of the Barbell Curl 

  • Heavier Weights: Barbells enable extra loading, so that you’ll be capable of do that motion with heavier weight than you’d a pair of dumbbells. This may let you develop a basis of energy to construct muscle on. 
  • Balanced Biceps Improvement: The barbell curl targets each the quick and lengthy head of the biceps, resulting in nicely balanced general growth. 
  • Elbow Well being: The barbell curl is a good way to create extra stability within the elbow joint. 

The best way to Do the Barbell Curl 

Maintain a barbell in entrance of your physique together with your fingers in a supinated grip (palms up), and your arms absolutely prolonged. Curl the barbell up in direction of your higher chest till you start to really feel a loss in rigidity (over 90 levels). 

On the high of the motion, squeeze your biceps and decrease again all the way down to the beginning place with management. Hold your wrist alignment straight and preserve your elbows from shifting forwards or backwards. Squeeze your glutes to forestall your decrease again from overarching.

Triceps Workout routines for CrossFitters

As a CrossFitter, you’re certain to do your fair proportion of pushing. From wall balls to jerks, you’ll want sturdy triceps to help your actions.

Bar Dip

The bar dip is a foundational higher physique motion that’s typically underutilized within the CrossFit house. Add it into your coaching to construct and keep a stable base for much less secure, dynamic urgent actions. 

Many individuals are inclined to battle within the dip and press-out parts of the ring muscle-up. The muse of energy you construct on the dip bar will make this safer and simpler to carry out (particularly below fatigue). 

Advantages of the Bar Dip 

  • Flexibility: The underside place of the dip places your shoulder joint in a singular place, the place it’s internally rotated supporting the complete weight of the physique. This may develop purposeful flexibility in your pecs, shoulders, and biceps, whereas creating stability in your shoulder joint. 
  • Full-Physique Power: Much like the chin-up, the dip can be a purposeful motion. This implies it would develop a number of muscle teams, corresponding to your triceps, shoulders, pecs, and core. 
  • Muscle Features: Bench urgent is commonly the famous person for higher physique urgent workouts, however bar dips are in all probability essentially the most underrated motion to construct muscle within the higher physique urgent muscle mass (triceps, shoulders, and pecs). 

The best way to Do the Bar Dip 

Set your fingers on parallel dip bars and soar to the help place (high place together with your arms prolonged). On this high place, make sure that your physique is in a straight line out of your shoulders to your hips to your toes. 

Provoke the motion by decreasing your chest ahead after which down, till your shoulders have gone under your elbow (barely greater than a 90-degree angle). Press again to the beginning place, finishing every rep in a totally prolonged arm place. Be sure you preserve full physique rigidity and your midline inflexible all through the period of the motion. 

Shut-Grip Bench Press 

Bench urgent is without doubt one of the hottest actions within the health trade. The close-grip variation is unparalleled in its means to construct unimaginable triceps measurement and energy. Utilizing this motion in your arm help work could have a number of advantages for CrossFitters.

Push-ups, dips, handstand push-ups, and different overhead urgent work will turn into simpler once you construct your triceps, shoulders, and chest on the angles particular to the close-grip bench press. 

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Advantages of the Shut-Grip Bench Press 

  • Performance: Compound exercises use a number of muscle mass inside one motion. This can be a nice possibility for individuals who don’t have a protracted coaching historical past, as you may get in lots of work with just one train. 
  • Triceps Power: The close-grip bench press places lots of emphasis in your triceps, which might put you in an important place to construct further triceps energy. 
  • Safer Shoulders: The hand and elbow place of the close-grip bench could scale back stress in your shoulders in comparison with the common bench press. 

The best way to Do the Shut-Grip Bench Press 

Lie again on a bench and set your fingers barely wider than shoulder width aside on a barbell. Roll the bar to the tip of the J-hooks and align your eyes with the barbell to ensure you’re the suitable distance away from the rack. 

Squeeze your shoulders collectively, creating a large base together with your higher again. Prolong your elbows and pull the barbell out in order that your wrists are stacked over your elbows and shoulders. Decrease the barbell down with management in order that it touches your sternum. Hold your elbows near your physique.

Press the barbell again to the beginning place after getting made light contact together with your sternum. Full the motion and full arm extension. Be sure you preserve your butt and shoulder blades on the bench all through the motion and keep rigidity in your midline. 

Ring Cranium Crusher 

Most arm coaching makes use of barbells and dumbbells for the majority of the work. Triceps work on the rings is a good way to combine issues up whereas gaining among the different advantages of body weight coaching. 

There’s a ability switch from this motion to basic CrossFit strikes like toes-to-bar and ring muscle-ups. The coordination of those actions requires a inflexible hole place on the midline, whereas the higher physique presses the pull-up bar down with straight arms. This motion carefully mimics this ability, whereas particularly concentrating on your triceps. 

Advantages of the Ring Cranium Crusher 

  • Flexibility: The overhead, lively stretch of this motion opens your shoulders and higher again muscle mass up all through the motion. 
  • Core Power: Your midline is continually below rigidity all through this motion, as gravity might be tempting you to permit your decrease again to overarch and loosen up. The combat to keep up a inflexible core will construct stability and energy.
  • Low Impression: Because you’re solely utilizing body weight for this motion, your joints usually are not below the identical strain that they could be from heavy free weights.

The best way to Do the Ring Cranium Crusher

Stand below a pull-up bar going through away from the within of the rig. Seize a pair of rings in a pronated (palms down) grip, roughly a forearm’s distance away from one another. Stroll away from the rig till extending your arms out in entrance, so that you’re in an incline plank place. Your head needs to be greater than the rings and your shoulders, together with your elbows and fingers stacked in a straight line. 

Stand on the balls of your ft and decrease your self ahead slowly, bringing your fingers to your ears. Hold your elbows tight and press again to the beginning place as soon as your knuckles have touched your ears. Much like the ring curl, you may modify the issue by strolling away from the rig to make it simpler in order that your torso is in a extra upright place. 

Dumbbell Cranium Crusher

Small modifications like hand place will drastically change the stimulus of the dumbbell cranium crusher. This can be a nice variation to develop your triceps and keep wholesome elbows

The hand positioning additionally interprets on to actions the place you’ll be urgent in a impartial grip (bar or ring dips, ring muscle-ups, and dumbbell urgent actions, all frequent in CrossFit WODs). 

Advantages of the Dumbbell Cranium Crusher 

  • Symmetry: Coaching with dumbbells forces either side to work independently of each other. This develops coordination and may scale back muscle and energy asymmetries.
  • Consolation: One other profit of coaching with dumbbells is the liberty they let you transfer with. You may modify the motion primarily based in your limb size to really feel and goal the muscle instantly. 
  • Elbow Well being: Coaching this motion with lighter weights for top reps will promote blood stream to your elbow joint, doubtlessly aiding with connective tissue well being and restoration.

The best way to Do the Dumbbell Cranium Crusher

Lie on a bench or the ground with a dumbbell in every hand. Set your fingers in a impartial grip so your palms are going through one another. Make sure that your wrists and elbows are stacked over your shoulders in a straight line. Decrease the dumbbells in direction of your brow, bringing every dumbbell simply outdoors your ears. 

Prolong your elbows and convey the dumbbells again to the beginning place, together with your arms absolutely prolonged. Don’t enable your elbows to maneuver forwards or backwards through the motion and preserve them tight towards your physique. 

Dumbbell Tate Press

Whereas the Tate press could not have a direct ability switch factor to your CrossFit coaching, the worth of constructing underdeveloped muscle teams can’t be understated. Your physique will at all times search for sources of energy and stability to make actions extra manageable. 

Strengthening the medial head of your triceps and small muscle mass round your elbows might be an enormous benefit when fatigue units in and different bigger muscle teams have been exhausted.

Advantages of the Dumbbell Tate Press

  • Shoulder Stability: Since this motion uniquely flares your elbows out, it forces your shoulders to stabilize in a extra internally rotated place. This is a bonus, as it’s not educated as generally in CrossFit. 
  • Targets the Medial Head: The totally different elbow place permits this motion to particularly goal the medial head of the triceps, which is chargeable for extending your elbow as soon as your shoulder joint reaches a 90-degree angle. 
  • Larger Bench Press: When your shoulder is at totally different ranges of elevation out of your physique, totally different components of the triceps are the first movers. The dumbbell Tate press targets and builds the first triceps head used within the bench press. 

The best way to Do the Dumbbell Tate Press

Seize a dumbbell in every hand and lie on the ground or on a bench. Set your fingers in a pronated (palms down) grip. Prolong your arms absolutely. The dumbbells needs to be one to 2 inches away from one another. Decrease the dumbbells all the way down to your chest together with your thumbs going through down. 

Squeeze the dumbbells collectively till you’ve made contact together with your chest. Your elbows ought to flare out to the aspect, protecting them at shoulder top, perpendicular to your physique. Squeeze your triceps and lengthen your arms again to the beginning place. 

Barbell JM Press 

Much like the barbell curl, the JM press is a meat and potatoes help train. This motion is exclusive in its means to permit heavy loading and goal your triceps instantly.

The angles of this motion additionally carefully mimic the rotation and press-out of the bar muscle-up, whereas strengthening small muscle mass round your elbow that may assist with potential damage prevention.

Advantages of the Barbell JM Press 

  • Anconeus Improvement: The anconeus is a small muscle positioned on the elbow attaching the humerus to the ulna — it’s one of the crucial vital lockout muscle mass for urgent. The JM press goal is without doubt one of the few exercises that may assist instantly develop this muscle.
  • Isolates the Triceps: Attributable to your elbows staying up, your shoulders and chest are restricted of their means to contribute to the motion. This enables a extra direct concentrating on of your triceps if you happen to are inclined to compensate together with your shoulders and pecs throughout urgent actions. 
  • Elbow Well being: Since most urgent exercises use your pecs, shoulders, and triceps collectively, they typically enable for the dealing with of large weights. In case your triceps are a lagging muscle group, this could put lots of further strain in your elbow joint. By isolating and selling blood stream and muscle growth to this particular space, it may be a good way to deload from heavy weights and goal a weaker muscle group. 
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The best way to Do the Barbell JM Press 

The set-up for the barbell JM press is identical because the close-grip bench press. The one distinction is that your fingers needs to be barely nearer, at a shoulder-width distance. You additionally would possibly need to preserve your thumb together with your different fingers as an alternative of wrapping it across the bar, in a thumbless grip. 

Decrease the barbell with management towards your chin. Hold your elbows tight all through the motion. Squeeze your triceps and press again to the beginning place to complete every rep together with your arms absolutely prolonged. 

Banded Triceps Pushdown

Most CrossFit gyms don’t have a cable system, however almost all of them could have an array of resistance bands out there. The banded triceps pushdown is a superb substitute for the basic cable triceps extension, bringing a number of different advantages for joint well being and restoration together with it. 

The stamina you may construct with banded triceps pushdown will assist preserve your triceps contemporary throughout greater rep units. This turns into particularly vital when cardio strikes like burpees are paired with different urgent actions. 

Advantages of the Banded Triceps Pushdown

  • Muscle Endurance: Bands may be educated at extraordinarily excessive reps to failure. Because the band is extraordinarily low affect, it’s a low-impact strategy to goal the muscle endurance of the triceps and incorporate units to failure.
  • Thoughts-Muscle Connection: Because the band has constant rigidity all through the motion, you’re capable of really feel your triceps working in each the concentric and eccentric phases of the motion. When you management the vary of movement, this could result in higher mind-muscle connection together with your triceps, permitting you to activate them when wanted. 
  • Lateral Head Improvement: The triceps pushdown helps to develop the outer head, which is the horseshoe-shaped muscle you’ve in all probability seen on somebody who has a well-developed set of triceps. Growing the lateral head will make your arms not solely look sturdy, but in addition help in urgent exercises. 

The best way to Do the Banded Triceps Pushdown

Hook a resistance band to a pull-up bar by looping it over and pulling one finish by means of the center of the band. As soon as the band is securely on the pull-up bar, stand a number of inches again from being instantly below the bar and have the band in entrance of your physique. Seize the band in every hand at roughly sternum top so that there’s slack within the backside between fingers. This may guarantee there may be rigidity all through the complete motion. 

Set your fingers in a impartial grip (palms going through one another). Deliver your fingers as much as shoulder top after which absolutely lengthen your arms to a locked out place by your pockets. Be sure you preserve your elbows tight all through the period of the motion. 

Programming CrossFit Arm Workout routines

Planning your arm coaching doesn’t have to be an elaborate course of. Variation is a precept of CrossFit and it needs to be utilized to your arm coaching as nicely

CrossFit Arm Train Choice

Choose your exercises primarily based on what weaknesses you would possibly want to enhance on. Perhaps your lockout retains stalling, or perhaps your biceps give out method too early in pulling workouts.

You probably have obvious muscle imbalances the place one aspect feels stronger than the opposite, choose dumbbell exercises for a time frame to enhance limb coordination and muscle asymmetries. Select a biceps and triceps train and pair them in supersets to make your help work environment friendly

CrossFit Arm Train Units and Reps

The majority of help work is supposed to construct muscle and promote blood stream. Your accent exercises are supposed to make you extra sturdy to your sport — on this case, CrossFit.

rule of thumb is coaching within the eight to fifteen rep vary for 3 to 5 units, relying in your time, health stage and talent to get better. Bands are the exception for this, as they need to be educated with greater rep units (15 to 25 per set). 

CrossFit Arm Train Programming

In CrossFit, rotation of exercises is vital for continued progress. In your help work, strive spending a number of weeks with a barbell, then dumbbells, then bands. This robotically decreases the weights every week, as a barbell will at all times be loaded the heaviest. 

Do the lightest arm exercises in periods that you simply’re doing the heaviest essential exercises to maximise restoration. Rotate exercises each three to 4 weeks and ensure that is complimenting your CrossFit coaching, not changing it.

CrossFit Arm Coaching Suggestions

Implementing arm help work into your CrossFit coaching generally is a enjoyable and useful strategy to steadiness muscle asymmetries and convey lagging physique components up. Use the 4 suggestions under to assist get began. 

Use Supersets 

You may accomplish rather a lot in simply 5 to 10 minutes on the finish of a coaching session. Pairing a triceps and biceps motion back-to-back will let you get better one muscle group whereas coaching the opposite. 

This model of superset coaching builds muscle endurance and saves time together with your help work. When you’re going to superset actions, carry out the primary motion, then instantly into the following with no relaxation. After finishing the complete set of each actions, take a fast relaxation and repeat. 

Construct Quantity Via Development 

A fantastic methodology to make use of for help work is a three-week development of a given superset. For instance, if you happen to’re pairing dumbbell cranium crushers and dumbbell hammer curls, you may use the next development:

  • Week 1 — 3 x 8
  • Week 2 — 3 x 10
  • Week 3 — 3 x 12

This development could be executed utilizing the identical weight for all three weeks, whereas growing the whole quantity of labor from 24 reps to 36 reps. After three weeks you’d begin the development over with a brand new pair of actions. 

One other instance, could be:

  • Week 1 — 3 x 10-12
  • Week 2 — 4 x 10-12 
  • Week 3 — 5 x 10-12

For the sort of development, you’d additionally keep on with the identical weight for all three weeks. This time, although, you’ll be growing the whole quantity from 30 to 36 reps to 50 to 60 reps. This instance will take extra time for coaching and restoration, so experiment with each and see what works finest for you.

Hold It Easy

There’s no excellent components or one-size-fits-all method to programming. Apply the essential rules when placing collectively your help work and keep in mind that is meant to go with your coaching, not exchange it. Correct help work will construct energy and muscle in lagging physique components which may be holding your efficiency again in purposeful motion.

Construct Your Arms

Direct arm coaching is an typically uncared for facet of CrossFit. However by setting apart a while to focus in your arms, CrossFitters can construct energy and muscle in doubtlessly lagging areas. You’ll enhance your urgent lockout by growing these triceps and enhance your pulling and grip endurance with stronger biceps and forearms. 

When you’re trying to give your self a aggressive edge, don’t neglect your arms. Throw some arm coaching on the finish of your WOD one to 2 instances per week — and don’t overlook to have enjoyable with it.

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