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The bench press is among the hottest higher physique exercises that you are able to do. That stated, there are a lot of other ways to carry out the motion and many alternative theories on the easiest way to do the elevate for greatest power and chest dimension positive aspects. On this video, I’m kicking off a brand new collection the place we take a look at the broscience and recommendation you have got been given or overheard on the health club to see if there’s any advantage to what it generally accepted as reality.

We begin by trying on the bench press train accomplished together with your toes off the bottom and both held up within the air or supported on the floor of the bench. People who carry out this variation will argue that doing the bench this manner will enhance the instability of the train within the effort of creating your core stronger (as a way to stabilize your physique on the bench). Subsequent, they may say that it is a safer solution to bench as it’s going to flatten your decrease again and allow you to to keep away from overarching which may harm the again. Lastly, they may say that performing the bench press this manner you will note extra activation of your chest and get an even bigger chest from doing this.

Let’s take a look at them one after the other we could. The primary declare that doing the train this manner will create instability and extra of a requirement in your core to take care of your place on the bench is definitely 100% true! This does occur. That stated, it’s additionally 100 and fifty p.c silly! The bench press is just not an train wherein try to be excited by testing the bounds of your core stability. In case you are underneath the bar and attempting to press critical weight, making your self extra prone to tip over is just not very sensible and one thing that ought to be saved for extra particular core exercises that can do a greater job anyway.

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The subsequent factor is that by flattening the decrease again (by placing your legs up within the air), you might be serving to to extend the security of your low again throughout the bench press. That is truly reverse of what’s true. Lumbar stability comes from having the again in a barely arched place (as in performing deadlifts and bent over rows). Ignoring this when benching is the quickest solution to both wreck your again or extra doubtless, your shoulder.

By urgent with a flat again and your toes up or on the bench, you might be anteriorly tilting your shoulders on the identical time. This creates a nasty angle for urgent and may simply harm your AC joint in your shoulder on even one dangerous repetition. As a substitute, you need to preserve these toes on the ground and be taught to press with them to create a counter power on your press. You additionally need to discover ways to pinch the shoulders again and down whilst you arch to create a counter urgent floor on your chest. This solely turns into potential while you preserve your toes on the bottom and arch your chest.

Lastly, the bench press carried out this manner doesn’t have interaction the chest extra. Actually, it doubtless hits it much less. With out the pre stretch afforded to you by correct positioning of the shoulders within the toes on the bottom press, you merely gained’t activate as many chest muscle fibers and create the overload vital to securely stimulate extra pec progress.

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It’s ideas like these that may wind up beginning out useful however hurting you in the long term. This new collection was created for the only real goal of trying by way of every of the most well-liked bro-science tricks to see what’s reality and what’s fiction. For a whole workout program based mostly in nothing however science, head to and get your ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. I'm 65 years old and bench press nearly 300lbs, I do it all with my legs in the air, and my chest is pretty thick, I don't recommend this to anyone, but I beat all the other lifter who does it the way you say to do it. I've been doing it off and on for years. and at my age, I'm nearly stronger than most at my gym, and it's a large gym. those who beat me are way bigger than me and are not that far out of my reach.

  2. I only do this with light weight I just like it bc it takes more stress off my back. Ill flat back after a deadlift/squat day. I want a flat back that’s all, I don’t believe in “stability” training that comes with it.

  3. I love your shows mate big fan but i have to disagree with some of point, ive adopted a legs up press with light to medium weight it feels better with a more complete muscle mind connection, a leg down however is better for a heavier weight due to the fact u engage your legs for a driven motion, legs down approach uses leg and chest, legs up approach engages chest and abs

  4. I can guarantee you having both feet together on the bench is the safest way to protect your LOWER BACK, WHY? I have a bad back because of bad seat posture severe injury… and later my doctor accidentally punctured my sciatica nerve doing some "nerve testing" trying to figure out my back problem. Lifting while having legs on the floor causes my sciatica to flare up and back to strain and it will get worse after every set. SO having both foot on the bench ( NOT ON AIR) solved my problem completely, the pain dissapears and i can bench until content.

    I have a bad back and when you are not hurt or injured like i am… you will not be able tell what is BEST for you… but maybe in the long run a few years later you will start feeling the hurt & possible strain you are putting on your back.

    So i disagree on that.

  5. i just have to point out that i permanently ruined my back by doing benches this way 2:55 because this is what i was told to do. Now days, im hearing from gym owners that have college degrees, that arching your back is the worst thing to do. nothing was said about having your legs up though lol

  6. First you can do with your feet up and not have all the issues you claim with stability and shoulder pain. Two you contradict yourself with the arch from a previous video. Again false on the stretch because you can get the peck stretch if you do it right. You just don't like the way of the exercise so you point out all the negatives to seem as if its bad

  7. He said when u lift ur legs ur shoulders don’t make contact with the bench wouldn’t that mean a way to counter this is floor press (this is not hate pls don’t take it in that way) some one pls tell me

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