BEGINNER LEG DAY | Using Basic Gym Equipment

using basic gym equipment

BEGINNER LEG DAY | Using Basic Gym Equipment

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Using basic gym equipment

Right this moment, we’ll be doing a beginner-friendly leg workout on the gymnasium utilizing primary gear. We’ll be working our decrease our bodies from our quads to hamstrings to glutes.

Be happy to story screenshots of the workout diagrams included proper earlier than the workout begins and proper after all the workout ends.

Please see down under for the total written workout.

In fact, most significantly, always remember that your health targets are fueled additionally by your vitamin, so all the time keep in mind to remain in line with each your vitamin & coaching.


*This video and outline accommodates affiliate hyperlinks from which I get a small fee. This doesn’t change something in your finish, however permits me to maintain on making movies for you guys! All opinions are my very own.

– Tank Prime: TLF Attire
– Leggings: Alphalete Amplify Leggings
– Headphones:
– Footwear:


1) Dumbbell Squats: 4×12 reps
2) Leg Press: 4×12 reps
3) Seated Hamstring Curls: 4×12 reps
4) Hip Abductions: 4×12 reps

Relaxation for 1-2 minute2 in between every set.

When you’re undecided how a lot weight to make use of, I all the time advocate beginning with the lightest weight potential, and when you may comfortably carry out 12-15 reps with correct kind, then improve the burden.


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    Thanks for dropping by for today’s workout!

    1) Dumbbell Squats: 4×12 reps
    2) Leg Press: 4×12 reps
    3) Seated Hamstring Curls: 4×12 reps
    4) Hip Abductions: 4×12 reps

    Rest for 1-2 minute2 in between each set.

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  2. Just started going to the gym consistently about a week ago.. your beginner videos have been soooo helpful!!! It’s helping me get over gym anxiety because I actually know how to use the machines before I walk into the gym

  3. I've been working out at home with very limited equipment for about 4 years and tomorrow I'm finally going to a gym. Your videos are sure to help me quickly figure out the machines and help me come up with my own workout routine!

  4. naomi, your videos have definitely decreased my gym anxiety. i appreciate how thorough your videos are and allows me to be able to work out properly! tysm <3

  5. Absolutely love this! Thank you. After I perform all of these work out, what type of cardio should I perform after? Not sure how long I should be working out for

  6. I’m going to the gym tomorrow for the first time. This video is really helping me when it comes to getting prepared and knowing what to do.. thank you!

  7. Wow… just amazing! You make this workouts so easy to follow. Thanks!
    Though it was hard to avoid watching the guy next to you hurting his knees while doing the exercise the wrong way… 🤦‍♀️

  8. What's the difference with the seated leg press in this video vs the other leg press (the one where you're seated near the floor) where you're pushing your legs upwards on the machine?

  9. I love this workout, I’m new to the gym been going for about a month now, with these exercises do you recommend completing the set before you move on to the next exercise or should you do one set move to the next then move to the next etc ( hope I explained that clearly)

  10. will these workout make my thighs bigger or will it make it toned? I'm scared to try leg workouts because I have big thighs already and I'm scared workouts like these will make it more bigger. I'm aiming to tone my thigh or slim it down.

  11. Just subscribe to your channel! Love the content very helpful to a beginner like me but I have a mega huge question! 🙋🏻‍♀️

    I did this workout and I think I might have over did it because I’m very sore the next day to the point I can’t walk up the stairs in my house it’s very painful how can I get rid of this pain pls help ! 😭😭😭😭

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