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On this video, we’ll be doing a resistance band-only arm workout!
This workout can simply be finished proper from residence and can encompass three completely different tri-sets. The primary train in every tri-set will goal your shoulders, the second your biceps, and third your triceps.

Lengthy resistance bands with handles:
Lengthy resistance bands:

In fact, most significantly, always remember that your health objectives are fueled additionally by your diet, so at all times keep in mind to remain in step with each your diet & coaching.

RB-Solely Arm Exercise:
1) a. RB Shoulder Press | 12 reps
b. RB Bicep Curls | 12 reps
c. RB Overhead Triceps Extensions | 12 reps
d. Relaxation for 60 seconds
Repeat a-d for a complete of 3x.
2) a. RB Entrance Raises | 12 reps/arm
b. RB Dealing with Away Bicep Curls | 12 reps
c. RB Tricep Pushdowns | 12 reps
d. Relaxation for 60 seconds
Repeat a-d for a complete of 3x.
3) a. RB Lateral Raises | 12 reps/arm
b. Hercules | 12 reps/arm
c. RB Tricep Kickbacks | 12 reps/arm
d. Relaxation for 60 seconds
Repeat a-d for a complete of 3x.

You may as well take a screenshot of the workout diagrams included within the video proper earlier than the workout begins and on the finish of the video.


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  1. Hey, guys! 👋🏼
    Here’s an arm workout as requested! ☺️
    Feel free to screenshot 📸 the workout diagrams included in the video right before the workout starts & at the end of the video.
    ❎The workout is also written out for you in the description!
    Let’s have a great weekend! ✨✨

  2. Most of these bands are useless (to me) because they offer so little resistance I only use the black band, which is the highest resistance band. That being said, I think this is a really great set for beginners or for people just trying to increase their range of motion. Even when I'm scared that they're going to stretch or snap, they go right back to their original size. I think they will wear with time, but that's a given with any resistance band.

  3. I have 2 pairs of resistance band-only arm and I am doing this right now at night inside my house and this video really helped me out! Thank you so much for making this video you deserve a lot of love and a lot of SUBS!!

  4. Thanks for an easy to follow workout! I’ve done this workout twice so far! I just screenshot the pictures at the beginning of your video today and will try it that way next week!😊

  5. I really liked the routine, but I would like to share some constructive criticism. It seemed like you were in a rush, it was difficult for me to switch between each exercise in such a short time. Then on the other hand, the 1 minute rest feels very long. I ended up finishing the exercises during the 1 minute break.

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