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10 Awesome Alternatives to Dips for a Bigger Chest and Triceps

alternative exercise for dips

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Dips are a challenging-yet-effective train that may produce some severe higher physique video games. Nonetheless, not everybody has the shape and performance they require to execute the train accurately. Tools limitations additionally restrict one’s potential to carry out dips.

Luckily, there are many exercises to select from when searching for a substitute for dips. Listed below are some actions so as to add to your workout routine and important concerns for this train.

chest Dips vs. Tricep Dips

Dips are an train that bodybuilders usually use to construct larger triceps. Nonetheless, a slight shift ahead when finishing this train shifts the goal muscle tissue to the chest. If you’re searching for an alternate train for dips, it’s important to make clear what you’re attempting to focus on.

1. Single-Arm Resistance Band Extensions

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A resistance band is a must have piece of apparatus that you should utilize to do an higher physique workout from wherever. Resistance bands are versatile and highly effective, providing a singular bell-shaped strength curve when utilized in resistance coaching.

Band extensions goal the triceps muscle group, with an elevated deal with the lengthy head tricep muscle. Because the lengthy head tricep muscle makes up the majority of the arm, focusing on this space can successfully enhance your arm mass.

Find out how to:

  1. Stand in a staggered stance with ft at shoulder width. One foot must be barely forward of the opposite.
  2. Place the resistance band below the again foot, extending your arm upward till straight whereas holding the band.
  3. Preserving your arm prolonged and your core tight, slowly decrease the band behind your head till your elbow reaches a 90-degree angle. Preserve your higher arm and shoulder in a set place.
  4. Pause on the backside then prolong upward till your arm is totally erect.

Adjusting your footing on the resistance band can intensify or reduce the resistance.

2. Shut Grip Push-Ups

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Dips are a push train— a motion that causes muscular contraction when weight is pushed away from you. Push-ups, like dips, use this type of motion along with your physique weight and gravity. It’s this comparable movement that makes push-ups such an efficient substitute for dips.

Sustaining an in depth grip place ensures that the motion targets the triceps fairly than shifting to the shoulder joint throughout this body weight train.

Find out how to:

  1. Get in a plank place along with your arms simply outdoors of shoulder width, your toes stacked, and a powerful core.
  2. Preserving your elbows tucked near your facet, decrease your self till you might be about an inch from the ground, or your chest touches your thumbs. Permit your elbows to bend again to accommodate the motion— keep away from flaring out to the facet.
  3. Pause on the backside, then push up forcefully till you’ve returned to the beginning place.
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Permitting the elbows to flare will shift among the motion to the chest muscle tissue. Nonetheless, this could put undue stress on the shoulder muscle tissue. It’s higher to regulate your hand positioning fairly than permitting your elbows to flare out of alignment.

3. Shut Grip Bench Press

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The shut grip bench press operates equally to shut grip push-ups. Tricep dips and bench urgent have a complementary relationship, every serving to to strengthen the opposite in a coaching routine.

Just like the shut grip push up and dips, the triceps muscle group is the principle goal of this motion.

Find out how to:

  1. Lie on the bench along with your ft flat on the ground, and your scapular muscle tissue tucked and engaged.
  2. Seize the bar along with your arms at shoulder width and your wrists stacked below the bar.
  3. Brace your core and decrease the bar in a sluggish and managed movement, maintaining your elbows tucked to your sides.
  4. When the bar touches your chest, push upward forcefully till your arms are prolonged. Watch out for over-extending and pulling your shoulders out of engagement.

It’s essential to preserve your elbows tucked, and wrists stacked to forestall damage when doing this dips alternative train. Begin with a lighter weight than your usual bench press, because the shut grip reduces shoulder and chest engagement.

4. cable machine Tricep Pushdowns

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cable machine tricep pushdowns are a beginner-friendly train. You’ll be able to full this train with both a rope or a straight bar on a cable machine. The straight bar targets the lengthy head of the tricep muscle tissue, whereas the rope hits the lateral head extra successfully.

Find out how to:

  1. Stand in entrance of the cable machine along with your ft barely aside. The rope or bar must be at about chest degree— regulate as wanted.
  2. Seize the bar with an overhand grip, putting your arms at shoulder width in case you use the rope grip all sides in order that your palms are dealing with one another.
  3. Brace your core and push the bar or ropes downward towards your hips. Preserve your elbows tucked and your higher arms in a set place.
  4. Pause when your arms are totally prolonged, guaranteeing your again is straight, and your chest is excessive. Permit the bar or ropes to return again as much as the beginning place in a sluggish and managed method. That’s one rep.

You need to use a resistance band to copy this substitute for dips in case you don’t have entry to a cable machine.

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5. Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

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This efficient various to dips makes use of an extension movement to focus on the lengthy head tricep. These are finest carried out on an incline bench to make sure correct stability whereas working by way of the whole vary of movement. (take a look at our weight bench evaluations right here).

Find out how to:

  1. Lay on an incline bench at a 45-degree angle along with your ft firmly planted and your chest resting towards the bench. Brace your core and be certain that your backbone is straight and aligned.
  2. Holding two dumbbells, tuck your elbows along with your wrists resting towards your sides.
  3. Prolong and straighten your arms till they’re parallel along with your physique. Pause on the high of the motion.
  4. Decrease the dumbbells again to the beginning place in a managed movement. Your higher arms ought to stay in a set place all through the motion.
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Use a lighter dumbbell to get used to this motion, nearly as good type is paramount for getting the absolute best outcomes.

6. Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

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The decline dumbbell bench press is a incredible various to chest dips. This beginner-friendly train is definitely scalable with restricted gear. The decline place places the deal with the decrease chest muscle tissue, participating the pectorals as you push the burden.

Find out how to:

  1. Place a bench in order that it’s at a slight incline. In case you have a set bench, placing a plate or bumper beneath might be ample.
  2. Lay in your again on the bench along with your head on the decrease facet. Relaxation your ft over the excessive finish of the bench.
  3. Decide up your dumbbells with an overhand grip, positioning them simply above your chest along with your elbows tucked at your facet.
  4. Push up, extending your arms till your elbows are locked out.
  5. Decrease the dumbbells in a sluggish and managed movement till again within the beginning place. That’s one rep.

Don’t let the dumbbells join on the high of the motion, because the momentum can impression your shoulder joint. As an alternative, preserve them not less than an inch aside on the high of the motion, squeezing tightly to maintain your shoulders engaged.

7. Dumbbell Hex Press

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The hex press is a incredible various to weighted chest dip exercises. This often-overlooked accent motion targets the pectorals, in addition to participating the delts and triceps. The prolonged vary of movement all through this train makes it an efficient warm-up with lighter weights as properly.

Find out how to:

  1. Lie in your again on a flat bench and seize two dumbbells with an overhand grip.
  2. Press the dumbbells collectively along with your palms dealing with one another, holding them about an inch above your chest.
  3. Squeeze tightly and push the dumbbells collectively, extending your arms upward till they’re locked out. The dumbbells ought to stay firmly pressed collectively.
  4. Decrease the weights in a sluggish and managed movement, sustaining contact between the dumbbells. Pause simply above your chest earlier than transferring into the following rep.

This chest dip substitution is finest carried out with hexagonal dumbbells, therefore the title. If utilizing spherical dumbbells, be aware of bumping all through the motion.

8. Pec Deck Fly

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Because the title implies, the pec deck fly targets the pectoral chest muscle tissue. This machine-based train is a beginner-friendly various to full dips. Whereas the machine takes the onus off of type, sustaining sluggish, steady movement is crucial to get probably the most out of this workout.

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Find out how to:

  1. Alter the machine peak in order that the underside of the armrests are at chest peak.
  2. When the positioning is correct, sit on the seat and place your arms within the armrest equipment. You’ll be able to let your arms press towards the pads or grip the handles above.
  3. Bracing your core and sustaining a powerful again, carry your arms ahead in a sluggish and managed movement till the 2 armrests are virtually touching.
  4. Squeeze your chest muscle tissue then reverse the motion, maintaining a constant pace till you’re again on the beginning place. That’s one rep.

Don’t enable the 2 arms to the touch whenever you carry them collectively. Give attention to maintaining a straight backbone and engaged core with out leaning into the motion.

9. Standing Dumbbell chest Fly

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The standing dumbbell chest fly is one other various to dips that replicates the pec deck machine whereas focusing on the higher pectorals. This can be a helpful various for at-home workouts or when restricted gear is offered.

Find out how to:

  1. Stand along with your ft at shoulder width with a dumbbell in every hand, utilizing an underhand grip.
  2. Preserving a slight bend in your elbow, elevate the dumbbells upward and towards the middle, stopping at chest peak with the weights practically touching.
  3. Pause and squeeze your chest muscle tissue earlier than slowly decreasing again to the beginning place.

Remember to keep away from swinging motions when doing this various train for chest dips. Preserve your core engaged and your eyes trying ahead.

10. Ring or Straps chest Press

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Rings and straps are one other versatile piece of apparatus that bodybuilders can use to coach wherever. Not solely rings are an efficient various for a parallel bar dip, however additionally they open the door to different chest-focused dip alternate options.

Find out how to:

  1. Seize your rings or strap handles in an overhand grip, holding them away out of your physique.
  2. Lean into the straps, maintaining straight arms and stacked wrists to assist your weight. Keep a powerful core and straight again.
  3. Preserving your shoulders again, slowly decrease your self towards the rings or handles.
  4. When you’ve reached the boundaries of your vary of movement— ideally along with your chest degree with the rings— pause and push your self again as much as beginning place.

As you’re focusing on the chest for this motion, enable your elbows to return away from the physique. The strap size will finally decide the depth of this train. The longer the straps, the tougher the higher physique workout.


When searching for a substitute for dips, keep in mind to establish whether or not you’re focusing on the chest, triceps, or each. Many of those exercises might be tweaked to focus on the opposite space by tucking or untucking the elbows. Apply correct type to make sure you don’t trigger any accidents to the shoulder joint when doing these exercises— sluggish and managed motion is the important thing to success.

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