9 Best Shoulder Exercises You Need for Mass

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9 Greatest Shoulder Workout routines You Want for Mass

00:00 Begin
00:06 Arnold Press
00:33 Standing Barbell Shoulder Press
00:59 Plate Entrance Increase
01:27 Shut Grip Entrance Raises
01:50 Dumbbell Lateral Increase
02:17 Standing V Bar Cable Shoulder Press
02:47 Incline Dumbbell Rear Delt Rows
03:16 Seated Cable Rope Face Pulls
03:45 Seated Reverse Fly Machine

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  1. and also on traps and shoulder for begginer workout please gym body motivation ? And also could you do a video on all the best lower chest exercises to grow a bigger lower chest really fast and also on all the best inner chest exercises to grow an inner chest really fast and what food to eat to gain this part of the body muscles please gym body motivation ?

  2. Good morning Gym Body Motivation. Should you tell me when you are going to do a video on forearm muscle workout for begginer and a leg muscle workout for begginer, and abs for begginer and on chest workout for begginer and on forearm workout without weight please ? And also could you please tell at what time you are going to do your video and on what muscle are you going to do it today please ? Could you answer please Gym motivation ? Have a good day .

  3. हे भगवान सब्स्क्राइब करने वाले सभी भाई लोगो की हर एक मनोकामना पुरा करना हर राह मे सफलता मिले 🥰🥰🙏🙏

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