8 Muscle Gaining Mistakes – Men Over 40 (FIXED!!)

There are muscle gaining errors that may have an effect on anybody of any age that lifts weights, after which there are these which might be even worse once you get to be 40 years outdated. On this video, I’m going to indicate you the 8 largest muscle constructing errors you could make and the way they’re amplified once you get to be a bit of older.

The primary is the warmup. This one is hard since many individuals neglect to warmup in any respect when they’re on the brink of carry weights. However, those who flip their warmups into workouts themselves are doing far an excessive amount of and it’s truly holding again the progress they need to see on their workouts. 4 units working as much as your working weight on compound exercises and a couple of units working as much as your working weight on single joint exercises is an efficient advice of what’s wanted. A basic complete physique core temperature raiser like leap rope or a motorcycle can be essential for general prep.

Relating to the precise coaching you may always remember to prioritize power coaching. It doesn’t matter what age your are, coaching for power by way of progressive overload on the large lifts ought to at all times be the bottom of your coaching pyramid. The difficulty comes when the pursuit of that power comes on the expense of accountable coaching. Which means that chasing numbers on the expense of your joints and muscle well being is a giant mistake. Be certain that you personal the burden you’re lifting by incorporating paused lifts at each alternative.

Not together with sufficient of a concentrate on creating your thoughts muscle connection (and sustaining it as you age) is the subsequent massive workout mistake for males over 40. It’s because the ego tends to get in the best way and specializing in getting the weights from level A to level Z turns into extra essential than guaranteeing that the muscle tissue you have been attempting to coach to get them there are literally doing the job.

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Since we concentrate on high quality of reps, the best way to develop this out to the complete set and the entire workout is to incorporate some metabolic coaching into your plan. That is truly essential for trainees in any respect ranges since metabolic stress is without doubt one of the three recognized drivers of muscle progress (together with eccentric muscle injury and progressive overload) however it’s significantly so for males over 40. The rationale this works so effectively is that it doesn’t go away you with the soreness that makes it powerful to get better between workouts and the joints are given a break by the lighter weights.

Subsequent you can’t neglect to do what we preach on a regular basis on this channel, and that’s practice like an athlete. This not solely means taking a scientific curiosity in the kind of coaching that you simply do however to really get on the market and embrace some athletic actions in your workouts. Issues like working, leaping and doing agility work are all issues that your physique will lose should you don’t use them. The outdated phrase of use it or lose it has by no means been extra true.

This additionally brings concerning the significance of doing corrective exercises. Issues like face pulls and band pull aside could seem to be small and pointless exercises however they aren’t. Notably once you grow old, these exercises have a excessive worth and mean you can get extra out of the extra generally carried out exercises just by ensuring there are not any imbalances in place to get in the best way.

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As you may see, there are lots of issues that you need to ensure you’re getting proper if you wish to look your finest not simply in your 40’s however effectively previous. That is what the ATHLEAN-X Coaching Techniques mean you can do higher than another program on the market. In the event you’re prepared to start out coaching like an athlete once more and look higher than ever earlier than, click on the hyperlink under and begin coaching with me at present.

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  1. Great video! As a disabled vet, are there any recommended "training like an athlete" exercises for us who have been warned by our docs/PT that jumping isn't recommended (bad back)? Thanks!

  2. I am 68 and really enjoy your post regularly. I have always maintained relatively good strenth and physical activity, however joint pain has been an issue for several years now. Particularly knees. The workout are wonderful and my upper body is still strong so general confidence on the ability to engage in physically challenging events is still quite high. However training legs can be cruel even with knee socks so my legs have lost much muscle mass and are not strong. In this video I see your simple cardio warm up which is good for fit bodies but jumping is perilous for knees for not strong legs. I generally do 5 min on a bike, stretch and no load movements before hitting the gym weights. I regularly see people over 50 in the gym struggling with leg work often working around knee injury or wear issues. I wanted to share with you and watchers of your channel , where the big change came in for me this year. On my days between gym workouts I began running up and down the pool between freestyle and breastroke laps. The swimming relieves any post training aches so the feel good happy body signals afterwards are wonderful. However the running up and back, forwards, backward and sideways has made a huge difference. Rarely do I have knee pain now providing I am smart and gentle with my leg workouts. Truly a huge incentive to keep doing so even though the improvement is measured in months not days or weeks. Even though I have much improvement to do yet the confidence in mobility is most rewarding. I hope this is an incentive tip for the people who are not having success due to pain. Do you ever do exercises in water to relieve joint stress ? If so I belive this would be a unique video to do. Many thanks , your tips have been inspiring for smart training. Regards from Rodoz 👋

  3. I am 50 and still building muscle. I think it's BS that you can't build muscle in your 50's. Age is just a number and provided you get your bloods done and identify and fix any problems anyone can build a great body.

  4. How do you fit all of those types of training in your week? How would you split them up? I don't have time to go to the gym 2-3 hours a day. Honest question. I really want to do all those things, but how do you do it if you only have an hour a day?

  5. Just turned 60, wished I had access to these videos 30 yrs ago; would've identified imbalances and learned how to avoid injuries that are haunting me a bit today. Cancer survivor and still pushing forward; in the best shape I've been in 40 yrs!

  6. First Thanks a million for all ur efforts, A question here.
    I used to be butterfly swimmer at uni at 23. I an 41 now, and started gym and cardio, raining & monitoring my heart rate in gym as I do extensive cardios (2 fitness trackers with allerts)
    I am just worried if doing butterfly with full power and getting ready for competition, may put touch pressure on my heart, butterfly shoot the heart rate to the roof.
    What do you suggest?

  7. Where can I find out more about metabolic training? Would that include a lifting complete with lighter weights? Or a circuit db routine with lighter weights but higher reps that could be done daily? Is it the same as metabolic conditioning? Any help is appreciated.

  8. I'm 52 and quit engineering due to low pay absurd hours (100+ hour weeks on salary constantly worries about offshoring, cheap H1B replacements etc) and now work a trade doing electrical lighting at a university.

    I regularly carry 14' ladders up stairs by myself and really need my strength to do my job.

    I cycle on weekends but need a workout I can do to help with the physical nature of my job. It's hard as I'm often physically worn out.

  9. I was running around 50 miles a week and ended go with an injury. (Imagine that) When I was seeing my PT, I told him that I couldn’t jump hardly at all and even though I was less than 5’ – 9” tall, I could dunk in my youth. He responded with, “When’s the last time you jumped?” That’s was 4 years ago. I’m 61 now (almost 62) and I jump on a box as part of my leg workout now. I’m only jumping on a 24” box but I’m about ready to try the 30”. I gained 40 pounds when I stopped running 4 years ago. Losing weight will help

  10. I live in England. I am big fan of your videos. I like your scientific approach to training. I am also very pleased that you concentrate on form and reps rather than one rep max training I am 58 years old. I started weight training with a personal trainer at the age of 49. My trainer concentrated on one rep max training. I made great gains I felt great and strong. Unfortunately 3 years later I suffered an Aortic dissection. This is usually fatal. my life was saved by a 9 hour emergency open heart surgery during which the root of my aorta and my aortic valve were replaced. I have since discovered that aortic dissection is very common amongst men With high blood pressure who lift heavy weights as part of their training. I would be grateful if you could do a program about this to ensure this doesn’t happen to other men.

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