8 BEST Dumbbell Exercises For THICKER 3D Shoulders

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8 BEST Dumbbell Workout routines For THICKER 3D Shoulders

00:00 Dumbell Shoulder Exercise
00:08 Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press
00:43 Arnold Press
01:17 Dumbbell Lateral Increase
01:51 Leaning Dumbbell Lateral Increase
02:26 Dumbbell Rear Lateral Increase
02:59 Dumbbell Rear Fly
03:34 Dumbbell Seated Alternate Entrance Increase
04:05 Dumbbell Shrug

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  2. Basically the same exercise as you see in every one of these videos if you want really huge shoulders like the professional bodybuilders have, bring along really excellent genetics and thousands of dollars worth of drugs.

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